Will a Bigger Penis Make You a Better Lover?

Men have been thinking about their penis size and whether they are able to satisfy their partner in bed from time immemorial but the more recent thought has been how to correct what was not naturally endowed to them. With the advent of different penis enhancement pills, creams, traction devices and even cosmetic surgery, there has been a rise in their more than any other thing.
Have you ever thought at any point of time, “ Is my penis longer or smaller than average?” or “Am I really as much good in bed as I think myself to be?”. Well if you have, you are definitely not alone. The Porn industry has roused this question in the mind of men a lot more in the last decade and modern science has got to work to come up with some solutions, but all of them costs a fortune mostly.

Does the size of dildos give us an idea?
Here is a question which can be answered in a varied type of ways. Firstly the truth is, women obviously prefer men with bigger penises than the ones with small penises. The average length of penises is 4-5.5 inches when erect. Smaller than 4 inches will more likely to cause her a bit of disappointment, even more so if you are doing a one night stand.

Having a BIG penis is like hitting the genetic jackpot. Only 1 out of 20 men would have a penis size that is bigger than 6.5 inches. The average size of penises in men all over the world is 5 inches. 6.5 inches which are not ‘very’ large is already more than most men can offer, more than 95% men. The really large penises are about 7.5 inches long but it is possessed by only 5% of all men. 

Research from the University of California and the University of New Mexico gave a choice 33 penis sizes to women for different types of relationships. For long-term relationships, women preferred lengths of approximately 6.3 inches. But for one night stands, women generally preferred the longer ones.

But the real question is – will a BIGGER penis make you a BETTER LOVER?
The general belief is that it does make you better suited for a relationship. Though highly debatable and arguable, this belief does have some logical explanation. While most men are not that big and still they often stay in happy relationships is true but a man with a bigger penis will certainly hold an unnatural bug advantage over anyone else. Those who are not big enough use oral or manual stimulation to make up for the lack of penile intercourse. But a large penis has always an upper hand over them. The visual appeal of a large penis is enough to turn on a woman and make her want you to your bones. Not only does excitement, anticipation and the visual aspect of sexual teasing gets women into the cravings for the act faster, a bigger penis will ensure more contact with the numerous nerve endings and it will make the sex a more of erotic overload.

That is why men with large penises are so hard to find for women. Not only they comprise a very minute population of all men, but also women tend not to let them go. So finding such available men is a big achievement for a woman.

How Do You Get A Bigger Penis?
Unfortunately, none of this would ever matter if you do not have the big penis that women are looking for. A decade ago, the idea of penis enlargement was a completely insane talk for most people and discarded by most with rational senses. Then, with the advent of the internet of knowledge– those malware-addled pop-ups on saucy sites, and the constant stream of spam emails flooding in front of our eyes everywhere online- people would think everything has changed. But the sentiment driving men towards this still remains the same as that a decade ago. In 2017, big penises are a serious business.

While there are several surgical procedures promising great penile elongation, most people would be afraid to go under the knife for their manhood. Penoplasty is, in most cases, a simple operation. The surgeon firstly snaps the suspensory ligament which is like slackening and resting the tent on a pole. It is then re-attached to the pubic bone around 1-2 inch lower than before. The operation does provide some precious inches of flaccidity.

Meanwhile, a little amount of fat is sucked out from your lower stomach. The fat is saved so that it can be used later. This procedure is where you can gain another 1-2in extra girth. The surgery may not bear the expected results if you do not take proper after-care of it. Massage your penis 3-4 times, in total for about 12 minutes everyday for a few weeks. Ignore this routine at your own risk and you will run the risk of having an unshaped distorted or squat penis.

So what do you have to show for your six-grand clinical bill? Ultimately, it’s  a penis that looks longer than it used to. No extra flesh is added and their original potentials are maximized. Whereas breast augmentation offers women elastic criteria to alter the size and shape of their chests, men spend more than £5,000 for – at very best – a measly 2in of growth.

But such male enhancement pills like Invigo provide a very efficient and absolutely result bringing formula made from natural products which can make your penis longer in a matter of weeks and not months or years. It also helps your penis to reach its maximum potential of erectness and hardness and prevents immature ejaculation. Invigo is safe to use and without any side effects. How would you like never to be anxious about your performance in bed ever because you are confident about your sexual skills? With some good market-surveyed and user-approved products like Invigo you can achieve just that and your sex life will never be the same again.