What its like to have a huge penis

It is one of the dreaded questions, which has been haunting men since the existence of the manhood. Every time we want to delve into it, we get to receive some queer and mixed responses from everyone. Some say, penis size matters, some say otherwise. 

And for the substantial majority of women, they have nothing to do with men’s penis size. What matters the most to them is how the man is endowed with fun elements, warmth, kindness, and carefulness for women. They are less bothered about the men with a schlong like a python inside their trousers. However, there are other women too, who think differently about the size of the penis, especially about a huge penis size.
We had a study from UCLA and Cal State LA, which shed light on various outlooks of women in regard to their choice of men’s penises.
Nearly 84 percent of women are way too satisfied the way their men’s penises are built. A little larger than the normal size had been a preference of 14% of women, while as little as 2% thought it looks fine if it comes in a smaller package.

While the most of the respondents are in support for natural penis makeup without putting too much stress on the penis size, they like their men’s penis. Hence, their statement is enough to reach a conclusion that size actually does not matter to them. Since, the respondents comprise matured women aged between 18 and 65 rather than those undergraduates, the finding has some validity.

Based on the overall view of the study of women and men, women seem to be more satisfied than men. The survey also recorded man’s statement about their penis size. 
Two-thirds of them call their penis average, as same as women said. But no women were observed saying their men’s penises were small or too large as men.
It is a proof that men seem to be more apprehensive about their penis size.

Different Views On Penis From The Ancient Era
It would be quite interesting if we see how the penis size had been observed since the times of ancient sculpting periods, which saw the incredible of Michael Angelo and Aristophanes.
In those times, possessing a huge penis was like a curse in contrast to these days. One of such examples can be found from an unabashedly comedy creation from Aristophanes. In his humorous comedy play, one of his characters was seen reprimanding some young men to behave properly, or else their penises will grow huge as punishment. However, if they repudiate and do good deeds, their organ would not change and would remain as they should be, small.
Another example advocating for small penises can be traced out in a Roman novel, Satyricon, five centuries later. The novel went on to criticize one of the bathers while bathing for having a large penis and regarded it as ridiculously as oversized shoes of circus clowns. Over the centuries, we continue to see the same reactions of the Greeks and Romans regarding the penis, and they thought small penises were the most attractive. Extending from the Roman era to the Renaissance, the classic view remained encircled to small elements as a mean of a true beauty.

Why not think of those nude sculptures of Michelangelo or other sculptors of that era. 
On being a comprehensive observant, you would eventually discover all the sculptures with small penises in a surprising manner. This is what how they were used to be or conceived as that way. It was the time when masculinity did not depend much on the size of the penis, but the scrotum. And hence, having a full volume of scrotum signified potent testicles with traces of successful reproduction capabilities.

However, this does not match the perspective of today’s men. They have different ideologies about the penis size, and take pride in possessing a huge penis. At the same time, on the flip side, big penises sometimes bring a lot of troubles for men, who possess it.

After meeting several guys to know about their experiences regarding their possession to bigger penises, it is uncovered that not every man is overwhelmed with their huge penis size. And not everyone seems happy with their big penises.

Just check out what big penis can mean for the guys with the same, and how it sometimes slashes them up. Let’s have it from three men on earth- Willie Jordan, Jonah 

Falcon and Todd- the owners of huge penises.
All of these guys have problematically large penises with 11 inches, 10 inches and a whooping 13.5 inches when erect respectively.

Jordan: Whereas sex is considered, guys look at me from a sexual and alpha-male perspective. But, how long can you use your penis for sex? It has you developing other problems in life and, sex in that view looks quite minority.
For say, while riding a bike, it turns out to be a nightmare for me. I get to keep my legs closed to avoid frictions, but it still bruises my schlong with redness and inflammation.

Falcon: During my job hunt, my manhood comes in my way to create a hurdle. The 
employment background check revealed my identity of possessing a huge penis. And people think I am not eligible for whatever job they would offer me. They think that I am going to hit all the women there wearing a short. However, no one tell me the real reason after it, as I can sue them. At the same time, people assume that possessing a huge penis just aptly fit me into a gonzo biz, and I am meant for that profession only. I have been offered by many producers to do porn. But, if I once do it, that is the end for me. I can get nothing, but porn.  

Todd:  Thinking of using the restroom is equally aching for me. I get to be careful all the time while using a public urinal. Being little careless increases my probability to end up touching the urinal or water with my penis. Since, I am a germaphobe, I prefer peeing sitting down to avoid any kind of contamination.
In sexual front, when I pull my pants down, it brings a ‘wow’ on my girl’s face. And this is a huge confidence builder in every regard.

Despite having all these problems in their lives, these trios do not complain about their penis size. Rather, they want to adapt to whatever situation they are going through their lives. So, the same should be your perspective too.