Ways You Didnt know you could stimulate her clitoris

How to stimulate all her hot spots

Sex can be one of the most rewarding thing of all the great things in life.

Regular sex can improve your relationship and sense of wellbeing when done correctly. Not to mention it feels pretty darn good. There’s one thing you’ll need to master before you can achieve the highest levels of sexual pleasure if you’re a man who has sex with women. 

Things can get complicated fast when it comes to the female reproductive system. It can be delicate and complex and also, by the way, tough to deal with the vagina — which is actually the vulva, but people address as vagina. 

His love life can be dramatically affected by man’s understanding of the vagina. Basically, if you’re well-versed in vag, chances are your partner will want to get randy more often, thus leading to a slew of health benefits for the both of you.


Such people who have sex at least twice a week have better heart health and lower risk of cardiovascular disease as per studies. Endorphins, as released after good sex can reduce stress and improve sleep for everyone. They don’t magically happen overnight to be having better sex and foreplay every time. Men should know the 7 following things about vagina so they can master the fine art of good sex. That’s why we put together a list of 7 things 

When you say “vagina,” you probably mean “vulva.”
The muscular, elastic canal which leads to the cervix and uterus is vagina, technically speaking. This is the “hole” where the penis or fingers are (usually) inserted and through which babies pass during birth.

All of the external organs that make up female genitalia is “Vulva” as the term describes. What you’re down there basically, it’s everything you’re looking at. The vulva includes the clitoris, the opening of the urethra (the pee hole), vagina, labia minora (the smaller, inner folds the pubic mound, )and the labia majora (the outer folds of the vulva).

 Women have four hot spots. Did you know this? I didn’t. Up until a week ago, I thought there were only these three, the clitoris, the G-Spot, and the U-Spot. Ladies also have an A-Spot well, lo and behold. It was actually through research, while I was reading about the other three I’d like to say I discovered this hot spot. Where each of it is located and how it can be stimulated through foreplay, sex and toys without further delay, here is a description of what each hot spot is. 

1. Clitoris
Most sensitive spot on the female body is clitoris. Where the inner labia join at their upper ends It’s located at the top of the vulva. It is partially covered by a hood, the visible part is the tiny, nipple-sized, female equivalent of the tip of the penis. When aroused, it becomes swollen and erect. It extends down to the vaginal opening and part of the clit is hidden beneath the surface. It is less sensitive than the tip, which can be stimulated through foreplay and intercourse though this can be stimulated through a vibrator (the deep vibrations are able to reach underneath). Foreplay: Rub your thumbs in little circles around the clit while licking the head with a pointed tongue. (See “How to Give Her the Best Cunnilingus“)

Position: In the missionary position, she can do a downward roll of the pelvis while you thrust inside the woman. This will provide direct friction to the clit.

Toy: Cyberflicker vibrator

2. U-Spot
This tissue is located just above and on both sides of the urethral opening, this is a small area of sensitive erectile. In other words, just above the vaginal opening. Finger, tongue, or tip of the penis can be used to stimulate it by gently caressing it.

Foreplay: The inner part of the vaginal lips right above the clit is licked. Right above clit, the inner part of her lips get licked. Lubricated fingers in and gently move them horizontally and vertically, or in circles, slip well. 

Position: Play around her vagina with the head of your penis (which doesn’t need to be erect), where the U-Spot is located. Toy: LayaSpot vibrator 

3. G-Spot
5-8 cm in from the vaginal opening, this is a highly sensitive patch located on the upper wall of the vagina. It is a primary erotic zone, perhaps more important than the clitoris. It is a bumpy patch that is, according to Grafenberg. Foreplay: Inside the vagina, insert the first two fingers 5-8 cm. Position the fingers at 12:15 and make a “come hither” motion.

Position: The woman lies down on a table (or bed with many pillows) with her back slightly angled. Her legs are up and slightly toward her breasts. Enter slowly by standing in front of her. Go deeper after keeping the thrusts shallow at first. Alternate.

Toy: Orchid G-Spot vibrator

4. A-Spot
It is known as anterior fomix erogenous Zone or the AFE Zone. It is also known as female degenerated prostate as it is the female equivalent to the male prostate. It’s located at the innermost point of the vagina just above the cervix. Located between the cervix and the bladder in other words. Foreplay: Halfway up the vaginal wall, slide the fingers. Position: it’s the advanced version of missionary style again, only this time. The woman has her legs drawn to her breasts. You hold her legs apart with your arms and suspend yourself. This way, you’ll be able to get in deep.

Toy: AFE vibrator

A word about female ejaculation…
Some women are able squirt liquid from their urethral opening when they experience a powerful orgasm. Don’t worry, it’s not pee; it’s a seminal liquid, not unlike the male spooge. The difference between male and female cum lies in the consistency and volume. Female cum and can range from a couple of drops to almost two cups and is more like water. Women feel like they are about to urinate, but that’s just the muscular exertions of their orgasm for them who experience ejaculation (God love them). One man thought that his wife peed on him every time they had sex. (Every time!?) and actually divorced his wife. Don’t make the same mistake. Instead, feel proud of yourself. Female ejaculation is a rare and beautiful thing (and something I have yet to experience).