Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Who doesn’t want to blow the minds of their women during sex and relish every moment of the entire romp? Indulging in a longer sex play is always preferred by most men. However, this is the most unfulfilled sexual desire of men that go unnoticed by either due to their imperfections or some inhibitions pertaining to their penis size. If stats are to be believed, most men do not get enough courage and remain insecure about their sex and the penis size. These two factors trail them in the field of sexual courses with their partners and deprive them of the real ecstasy of the whole thing sex. Most men from every sphere of their lives take a pride in having a well-endowed penis size and performances they exhibit during sex with their partners. They believe it is possible to give their partner an out-of-the-world sexual bliss with their so-called average penis size and sexual actions. While a premature ejaculation comes your way to hinder you from experiencing a longer duration in bed, you get to do nothing with the size of your penis. 

However, by discovering little unknown facts, you can act to delay your ejaculation and boost your sexual performance for a longer stay in bed.

Want to crack every test of life quickly and early? That sounds simply great and encouraging. 

While this motto works high in every aspect of life, it does not suit the romp of sex any time. It is quite frustrating for almost every couple, who face the issues of premature ejaculation, looking to extend their rough sexual play in bed for a longer possible of time.

Studies say that an average duration of sex is 7.3 minutes. However, a median of 45% men is likely to finish the entire job as early as two minutes, while an average woman takes the longer time to orgasm in 12 minutes.

Do you fear what the statistics are showcasing?  Remember that sexual performance is highly based on your physical techniques and athleticism. Hence, just like athletics, you need to improve some of your key shortcomings to upgrade your sexual performance and energy. When you really do the core job of sexual activities, you can delay your ejaculation; enjoy a longer duration between the sheets with your partner.


Using The Best Of The Best Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

Kegel Exercises To Boost Your Pelvic Floor
The pelvic floor exercise is absolutely ideal to strengthen your pelvic muscles, responsible for improving your sexual performance. It is the muscles, which decide how you want to have a control over your muscles, triggering a signal to your brain to urinate. The muscles that help pause and let go the flow is actually pelvic floor muscles. The best effective physical exercise is to use Kegel exercises. This is a unisex workout technique, which help build an arousal in both of you. So, when your girl is done, do not forget to do your part of kegels. Studies have already established that kegels can help men get an improved erection as well as preventing premature ejaculation.

Be Active
Staying in shape help maintain your sexual performance in checks. When you perform different forms of exercises on a daily basis, they keep your blood streaming in the necessary parts of the body to build your arousal. So, when you feel healthier, it is good for you to make use of the compounds endorphins and stamina to boost your sex play. Keep doing it, you are likely to see a good weight loss, improving your sex drive.

Quit Smoking And Alcohol
It is a repeated warning message, which you know by now. However, you must know that each of the puffs has the capacity to degrade your vascular strength, which is essential to exert a greater sexual performance in the bedroom.  The same applies to drinking alcohol too. Since, it works as a depressant; it can ruin your performance and hinders you from going hard.

Ways You Can Mesmerize Her To Last Longer In Bed

Improving Your Sex Tonight
How can you be left behind from wanting more of a sex? Invest all your hard work to set the scene. Don’t forget to set her mood for the romp. Be in your best attire and go beyond the trail to savor the juiciness of the event. Go for it and make sure to make the most of the pleasure.

Use Girl-On-Top
Let her get on your top. Your penis remains numb until any sensation is created. However, being on top does not mean you have to go aggressive with a fast thrusting. If you apply it, it wrecks havoc on your endurance, and you end up ejaculating prematurely. Just penetrate your partner without applying any thrust so that you can adjust your penis to her wet pussy for some time.

Encourage her to send you on the edges of orgasm with a heightened sexual tension, and then ask her to stop. It takes only 15 seconds to ebb down the feelings of extreme sexual ecstasy. You can use the numbering technique to perform start-stop to elevate your sexual tensions and delay the process of ejaculation.

Breathe From The Bottom
Breathing actually helps with premature ejaculation. Take a slow breath and then release the air from your mouth. Get your belly to take in the air so that you release it before your chest can rise. Sometimes, yoga methods help you master the techniques for staying longer in bed.
Go With Your Foreplay
Use oral stimulation to heighten her arousal. Do not jump to penetrate her by now. Just rub your penis glans against her vulva, and give her a clitoral stimulation. Keep doing this for a few minutes. Now, give her a good friction with your penis near her clit to stimulate her nerve endings.

While going for intercourse, only stick to two-three inches of the vagina, and avoid a full penetrative move. So, when you see you are nearing the ejaculation, you can pull your penis away. Pause for a few minutes, and then go for a penetration all over again.
You can even try different position to delay your orgasms.

Don’t Focus On The Climax Only
You can blame your brain to trigger an early ejaculation. So, try to move your focus from the core thing. Just pay attention to her luscious assets, her hips, butts, and other pleasure points to arouse you. When you do it, you can build an amazing pleasure throughout your body.
Be firm on your move only and pay heed how you can improve your performance to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed.