Ways in which you can Make Their Orgasms Better

It takes a little time to share your incredible achievements out of your new workout regimen with your friends, or you are likely to take to social media to post those high octane muscle gain poses. The sharing gives a sort of mental solace as well as complacent about your exercise results. However, the reverse is the effect of your sexual approaches about how to make the most of your bedroom performance with your girlfriend as no there are no liable trade tips from your friends’ end. In the end, failure peeps through when you do not get enough help to have powerful and intense orgasms for you and also for your partner.

Difference Between Female And Male Orgasm
At the same time, it is important to know that the feelings of orgasms for girls and guys are always different from each other. For girls, there can be a long and intense sexual orgasm or sometimes some smaller sensations, which takes place frequently. Maybe, you can harbor a wish for the smaller ones; there are many shades to pleasure to experience too. It is important as well to discern between female and male orgasms, which are a different phenomenon. For girls, it takes as much as 20 minutes to reach the climax, and stays for only 0.8 seconds. When there is wave of sexual contraction or orgasm throughout the body produced by the stimulation of G-spot or clitoris, the sensation passes through the various parts like uterus, cervix, anus and vagina.
For guys, they take only 3-5 minutes to feel the orgasmic bliss with ejaculation heightening the sensation of their orgasms.  While they have it, the feeling of heightened sexual pleasure is felt through the contraction of the pelvic muscles, penis, perineum and anal.  In addition, orgasms and ejaculation are two different physical processes as ejaculation is not always required for orgasms.

Since, it takes a lot of comprehensive insights into female and male orgasms; it makes sense to know the tricks to enhance the male orgasm. Get those essential tips and tricks.

Get Your Perineum Into Business
One of the best tricks to heighten your sexual pleasure is to stimulate the region which connects your anus and balls called the perineum. Most men in their life do not have enough knowledge to use this region for their purposes. However, if you can stimulate it, it can be too much pleasurable and sensuous, as it contains too many nerve endings. For experts, they know how to trigger a sensation by applying pressure on the skin of the perineum, which in turn help stimulate the prostate gland. So, have your partner to create pressure on this area until you feel the right amount of pleasure.

Kegels Are Ultimate
Do not assume that kegels are meant only for women who perform them only to improve their vaginal orgasms. You can ask for a few more tips from your female partner and use them to improve the performance of your pelvic muscle floors. Having to contract your PC muscles, it helps you have a greater control over your sexual performance. Try a few steps like moving your penis in different directions with your muscles and write letters with your penis.

A Change To Your Diet
Your sex life can be boosted by the great shape and this is possible only with a better diet.

First, make sure to improve and increase your libido. Eat eggs to reduce the level of cortisol in the brain to ease your stress and helps you achieve better orgasms.

Forget not to add green and leafy vegetables to your diet, especially spinach. It helps enlarge your blood vessels, which brings blood to your genitals. To improve the reproductive health, choose cabbage, kale, and bok Choy as they are rich in folate.

Enhance the flow of testosterone to your bloodstream by switching to a diet of oatmeal. 
The higher the level of testosterone is, the more intensified is the orgasm.

Do Not Hold Your Breath
It is a general tendency to hold back onto your breath while feeling an orgasm, which is practiced by almost everyone.  You tend to do it thinking it helps you get an intense orgasm. But, when you release a slow breath while having an orgasm, it intensifies and multiplies the intensity of orgasm. Take a deep breath when there is a wave of climaxing to the count of four, and breathe out slowly to the same count out of your mouth. If you can master the art of control over your body, it helps you spread the feeling of orgasm to each part of your body.

Keep On Experimenting
Practicing some experiments during sex with your girlfriend opens up too many opportunities to have the kinkiest and steamiest sexual experience. So, don’t feel shy to try some behind the door games with your partner and push your limits and boundaries. When you finally do it, you can double the sensation of orgasm.  It is more than just being playful with your penis. Involve your partner to stimulate each other’s body parts by exerting various techniques like touching, licking,    and biting the thighs, belly, and nipples and not to mention - his entire penis.
Try these to go beyond the usual trait of sexual play to expand the territory of sex and heighten the sexual bliss.

Can anyone hold back the feeling of gratification? No, it is not that easy. However, it pays off when you exert the skill of holding back in case of orgasm. Edging is actually a well defined method to delay ejaculation as well as orgasm to have a more intense climax. A report in the Journal of Sexual Research also fosters for this practice to intensify the feeling of your pleasure. It is as easy as ABC. When nearing the edging, stop it and slow down the process and start all over again. Keep practicing it two to three times.

Hit Your G-Spot
Yes, stimulate your own prostate by applying pressure to the skin of the perineum, which is as equivalent as a woman’s G-spot. Ask your partner to do the business for you.
Apply all these tactics to heighten your pleasure. They are twice as effective as you can imagine.