Want a Bigger Penis

We are always hearing that we could be having extraordinary sex and better orgasm which could ultimately contribute to a healthy relationship. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? It is the confidence issue. Most of the women are simply more inclined to be happy with what they have got and these are the men who are usually more relaxed in bed and more fun. So, all you need is to free adequately and not self-conscious and that shows during sex. We have enlisted few sex tips that might help you out to get the fullest enjoyment during an intercourse with your lady. Here are our tips for getting the maximum sensation when you are having a smaller penis.

Do not stress out
After all, having a smaller size penis is natural and not a big deal. Here is a fact that will put you and a lot of small penis guys out there at ease. The majority of the nerve endings in the vaginal canal are in the other third area. So as long as you can fill up the outer third, you are going to get plenty of stimulation. Besides, penetrating into the vagina is not the main enjoyment for most of the women. There are thousands of women who love to enjoy oral, anal sex or even manual stimulation more often than orgasms. So, if you are not confident about the vaginal penetration, you don’t need to stress out.

Obey the rules
If your new friend constantly monitors the size of his penis, don’t say anything that disparages him. Keep the golden rule in the back of your mind and there is at least one part of your body that you are feeling self-conscious of. So all you need is to think of how you would want him to respond if you tried to ask if your thighs were too jiggly or your boobs were too small. So, don’t mess with anyone over the size of your penis.

Get the best position
Anytime whenever you are intercourse with your lady, you need to find the right position for your particular stimulation. There are many positions that might help you to get the perfect stimulation to penetrate into the vagina of your lady love. In several positions, you can hold your legs close together to maintain a nice, tight fit. If it is not helpful to find the position where your genitals stay close, you just need to figure out what works best for you and your partner. Standing sex positions are tricky since there tend to be a fair amount of distance between the bodies.

Work out on PC Muscles
Getting the PC muscles into the shape is the best way to get the self-confidence and self-concision of your body. PC muscles are the vital part as they help you to maintain a tight fit during sex. Your PC muscles for a hammock around your pelvis and it helped a number of different roles, but they cannot help you enter the vaginal walls and their contraction and feel tighter. Like any other muscles in your body, Kegel exercise is designed to strengthen the PC muscles.  Conduct kegel exercise for three or four times a day. Kegel exercise is a simple exercise where you need to hold your pee and release it after a particular desired time. The holding of pee helps you to hold your climax and maintaining a long-lasting orgasm.

Add more clitoral stimulation
As we mentioned above, the outer 1/3 of the vagina is the most sensitive area of the women. But the amount of nerve ending there is pale when compared to the number of nerve endings in the clitoris. You can enhance your lady love’s clitoral stimulation manually. As we discussed in a major number of our articles that you can get more clitoral stimulation during intercourse by touching, rubbing, kissing and massaging the clitoris of your lady.

Try out Anal Sex
There are many more options to enjoy and to give the fullest orgasm to your lady love. If you are not feeling confident about having a smaller size penis, then you can try out different forms of orgasm including anal sex and oral sex. You can even stimulate and satisfy your lady love manually by stimulating her clitoris and by stroking hard into her vagina. For anal sex, most of the women have reported that anal sex is too painful if the guy is having the larger penis. But you are far less likely to have this problem. Your lady will love doing anal sex, as your smaller size didn’t bother her much. So, think about exploring the joys of behind. Just keep in mind the basic hygiene such as not entering vagina just after having an anal.

Use Sex Toys
Sex toys are amazing. If your lady love is a big fan of intense penetration, then there are definitely toys out there that you can use. We don’t recommend suggesting these options unit you guys have more fun with an established relationship. Since there is a high risk that you might hurt her feelings. If you and your lady love want to try out some sex toys, then it would be a great pleasure for both of you. You can try having a penis sleeve or penis extender. Or you can even get a vibrator that helps you for the perfect stimulation. There is also the option of having a strap-on dildo, in case you aim for double penetration.

Stay clean
Shave your pubic hair as it is another cloak that hides your pride and joy. All you need is to trim your hair around the base of your penis. Trimming your pubic hair not only will expose you more the shaft, but you will make it more enjoyable for your lady love. You can even invite your girl to get an oral pleasure from her.  

Have Fun!
The size of the penis doesn’t matter until you discover the true meaning of intercourse. All you need is to embrace your body and enjoy with your partner. Share your thoughts and feelings with her and request her to share the wildest sexual fantasies ever.