Three Moves to Spice Up Your Sex Life

When it comes to sex, women seem to become too tired and accept the whole thing as a tedious kind of work while indulging in it on a regular basis. According to a study by University of Southampton, women tend to become quite disgusted of sex with their partner rapidly as compared to their male counterparts.

 Women are four times more unlikely to pay heed to the sexual needs within a year of relationship with their partners, and it takes them no time to preferring sleep to sex in the first place. As a result, men need to plead for them to involve into a sexual affair.
It happens quite often that you have no desire or there is a drop in your sex drive. This is no serious issue until your partner complains about it just because every human being has a different physical expectations and sexual ambition. As a whole, lack of sex drive in women can send relationships on a roller coaster ride.
If you find your sexual relationship to go through ups and downs, it is crucial you rekindle your sex life all over again, at least to improve your health.

There is enough evidence, which advocates for sexual activities to gain a range of health benefits. Many studies prove that climaxing helps you stimulate your immune system to produce natural shields in abundance so that attacking foreign invaders to the body becomes smooth. An improved immune system also ensures that you can achieve some abilities to fight cancer stem cells.

Amidst everything, we should not forget about an essential hormone called oxytocin released during sex, which is believed to improve the bonding between two people, including boosting your moods and improves sleep by preventing stress levels. Hence, both of you should try out things to rekindle your romance so that you can spice your sex life. If you do not know how to do it, there are various ways. However, one of the best methods to bring spike in your sexual activities and encourage your girlfriend is trying different sex positions.

But, do not forget trying the same old technique does nothing, but making the whole experience a big boring and tedious. So, you should try something kinkier and steamier, which keeps your energy alive and encourage your girl to return the same amount of love she receives from you. To make your sex heightened and soaring high, and make her feel enthralled, try sex positions of variety, rather than those old fashioned and boring styled positions.

Here’s guiding you to use some of the guaranteed temperature raisers for your girl to spruce up your sex life in no time.

The Courtesan
Get her on the edge of the foot of the bed. Allow her to sit on the cushions, resting her back on the bed. This way, you get her to elevate from the floor level and maintain an upright position in alignment with you. Now, kneel down with your face facing her on the floor. As she is elevated by a few sets of cushions, she finds it comfortable, while resting her legs around you. With a firmer grip onto her, you can rise up on your knees and enter her at ease.

While there on this position, you can hold her tight in place without disrupting her position. Now, exert a slow and sensuous penetration while remaining in this position. So, holding her by her waist, you can avoid trips, while allowing both of you to make the most of the cuddling and kissing opportunities.

Remember, the courtesan position is one of the best sex positions for intimacy.

Lover’s Snake
This position is what your woman will be looking for long to rekindle that sexual flames in her and let her enjoy a sensuous level of pleasure, which she was deprived of for many times now.

With you facing her, while she lies on her back. Let her bend her legs and rest them on your hips to make an angle. Try to get a better position until it makes an angle, enabling you to give a good thrust to her at a slow motion. Pull her hips closer to you to increase the intensity of penetration.

While being at sideway position, you should try to exert a penetration, but do not put so much pressure. Give a slow thrust. From this position, you can earn a great access to stimulate her various intimate parts discreetly and sensuously. At the same time, this position allows you to stimulate her clitoris for a heightened sexual pleasure using your hand, draw her closer to climaxing.  As you know, penetration alone is not suffice to please her sexually, the lover’s snake is just the perfect position to find her clit and give it stimulation without losing your grip on her.

The Monkey
Want to add some adventurous feel to your sex life? Get into action the moves of the monkey sex position.

Lie on your back with your legs bent close to your chest. Now, allow your girl to sit on you facing away from you and help her enter you. She can place her hands behind her onto you, so that you can hold her in place. In order to get an added stability, place your legs on her upper back.

However, unless you have a good abdominal and lower back muscles, you should not try this position. At the same time, you must have strong arms as well. Being assured of your strength and stamina, you can please your girl as well as yourself. Having a strong grip does not constitute, that you are free to exert pressurized penetration to your girlfriend. Try to make it gentle and sensuous for your girl.

Learn these tricks to spice sex life, no matter how novice you are.