Things You Didn't Know About Your Orgasms

So, you think you have every insight into the secrets of the orgasms- which happen to you after you reach your puberty. Orgasms happen when there is a coincidence of ejaculations. Yes, when these two phenomena take place, the heavenly pleasurable sensations rush through your body. However, the big ‘O’ factor isn’t always a result of ejaculation, and there is more to it. It involves a lot of biological processes along with some of the odd and queer habits of men.

Here are a few facts to explore about the secrets of the sexual bliss.

It Shoots You Higher 
The ventral tegmental area is a region in the brain which becomes highly excited influenced by the climaxing processes. This is how it has been expressed through a brain scan on men experiencing an orgasm. This area is built with neurotransmitter receptors, which pays off once excited by orgasm.
The region lights up the same way once it comes in contact to the heroine. However, the pleasure of heroine is no match to orgasms in this region of the brain. Since, ejaculation triggers a sexual pleasure as well as introduces the baby making process in the female reproductive tract; it is the most rewarding behavior for humans.

Orgasm Is Cherished When Done With A Partner
Self pleasuring acts are good to satiate your sexual appetite. But when you do it with your partner, the excitement and fun doubles up and the ecstasy multiplies in a greater number.

You can have a better answer to this fact as well.   
After you achieve an orgasm, your brain is supposed to release a hormone called prolactin. This is a one big reason why you feel bored and do not feel like engaging in the act once again for up to an hour. And shutting down the porn site as soon as you are getting off is another reason to support this theory.

However, the same is not the case with a sexual act when you do it with your partner. 
According to a research, 400% more prolactin is released through an intercourse between men and women as opposed to orgasms achieved through a solo act. And unlike masturbation, you love craving for more post-sex activities and enjoy spooning with your partner.

Men Fake Orgasms Like Women Too
Yes, the fact is absolutely true as you think only women are supposed to fake it. A research by Kansas University carried out a study and confirmed that 28% of guys who attended college faked an orgasm while being with their partners.
The reasons behind faking an orgasm for those men were being too much drunk and sleepy.

At the same time, it is crucial to note that most of the men in the survey seemed to be committed to their relationship. So, they did not want to hurt the feelings of their partners.

As every one of us knows that male ejaculation is integral to orgasm, it is tough for everyone to deceive their partners. However, by exerting the techniques of moaning and accelerating the process of thrusting, you seem to fake it. In addition, you tend to hide and throw your condoms to make it appear as natural.

You Can Have Repeated Orgasm If You Wish
The refractory period- the session between the last orgasm and moment to get back to it once again, can start within a few minutes or an hour. This is natural for most guys.
However, a study showed that a German guy had a built in mutant in his body, which enabled him to have sex with an interval of every three minutes after an orgasm.
It was found that post orgasm through a solo act to some adult content; he did not release a single count of prolactin. This was what helped him achieve multiple orgasms.

Sex May Not Satisfy You
Is it possible to achieve all the features associated with orgasms, but without any pleasure? Yes, it is when you are having ‘sexual anhedonia.’ It is a medical term that expresses genital stimulations, muscle contractions and also ejaculation- but no orgasms.

This is a medical condition, which is not rare amongst men, but it can happen to you due to the use of antidepressant drugs like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). However, the bad news is that the effects of these drugs may persist even if you stop consuming them.

Your Belly Is The Hurdle
That too much belly fat could hinder you from achieving a greater level of orgasm. This is because if you are overweight, you are less likely to secrete as much as 3.4 millimeters of seminal fluid during ejaculation as fit men do. According to a research, overweight men with a BMI greater than 30 were engineered to release a little amount of semen amounting to only less than 2 ml.
However, the study was unclear to state if excessive fat causes you to secrete less amount of semen, or it is for the poor diet reducing the volume of your semen.

Impregnation Is Possible Without Orgasming
The release of pre-ejaculate much before the occurrence of the actual ejaculation can help in the process of baby making as they contain as much as 40 million sperms.  Yet, you need only one to produce a baby. About 41 percent of guys tested, produced sperm through pre-ejaculate as per the research in the journal Human Fertility.
You tend to release pre-ejaculate during foreplay, so as to lubricate your penis to ease the intercourse and help pass the semen through your urethra easily.

Orgasm Cures Your Headaches
When an orgasm takes place, it releases endorphins into your brains, known as neurotransmitters.
In a study, it confirmed that 1/3 of patients successfully achieved orgasms despite having an unpleasant headache. And 60 percent of them confessed to win over their pain right after their orgasms.
Since, endorphins work as a better pain blocker, researchers are on their way to find if the climaxing can aid in the treatment of nauseating pain. In addition, athletes are well aware of the fact to release more endorphins, and hence it is believed that they can easily suppress the symptoms of migraine with orgasms.