The Astonishing Truth Behind Penis Enlargement Pills & Techniques: Do they Work?

The online marketing industry is awash with blogs, websites, and advertisements that promote everything from pills and penis extenders to exercises, tips, and techniques that claim to increase the girth and length of a male penis. The shocking fact is that men's anxiety about the size of their manhood has given birth to a multi-million-dollar industry comprising of clinically unproven 'magic' pills and tools that promise you an overnight-miracle! However, do they actually work? It's a million-dollar question. Read on to know how you can safely increase the length and the girth of your penis.

For centuries, the men have pondered, discussed and fussed over the size and girth of their penises. The standard length of an erect human penis is 12.3 cm (4.8 inches) whereas the average girth of the non-flaccid penis is 4 cm (1.5 inches). A majority of men feel that their penis is too small but scientific researchers reveal that most male specimens have an average-sized dick and they needn't be worried. According to Sexual Medicine Consultant and Professor Mr. Kevan Wylie, men who worry over their manhood tend to have body issues. They usually force their poor body image on their penis and consequently, suffer from low self-esteem.
While counseling can help boost their self-confidence, but improving their overall body image and learning ways that make them look attractive can improve their sexual performance in the long run. Yes, there are clinically proven ways to increase the penis size, but men need to consult a seasoned health expert before experimenting with penis enlargement treatments, especially the ones that seem too good to be true. Most of them are expensive, ineffective and cause harmful side effects, which is why you need to assess the effectiveness of penis enlargement treatments available in the market.

Find the Truth Behind Penis Enlargement Treatments!

Penis Enlargement Pills - Penis enlargement pills contain herbs, hormones, minerals, vitamins and extracts that claim to improve the size of your manhood. Nonetheless, after the experts at the University of Maryland, US analyzed a few samples, they found traces of E. coli bacteria, pesticides, lead, animal feces and other harmful products. These products were a complete waste of time. The reliable ones do content helpful ingredients like Ginseng, Ginkgo, Epimedium, Piperine, Folic Acid etc. that improve penile blood circulation and stimulate the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) to cure erectile dysfunction. However, these herbs do not produce long-lasting benefits, unless coupled with a proper diet, elongation exercises and healthy lifestyle.

Lotions and Oils - Lotions and oils again have no proven benefit. Applying them to your penis may help you become more comfortable with your tool and make penile exercises much easier, but they certainly won't make it thicker or bigger.

Extenders - Extenders or traction devices are basically small extending frames with a weight. The idea is to place a small weight on the flaccid penis and use the device to stretch it. The device has produced positive results in the case of men with smaller penises. The evidence suggests that a few people have reported a noticeable increase in the size of their penis by 1 to 2 cm, after using the traction device for six months. Nevertheless, they didn't experience any noticeable increase in the overall girth.
In addition, the devices need to be used under the supervision of doctors to prevent any permanent damage to the penis.

Penis Pumps - These vacuum devices involve a tube, which is placed over the penis and then the air surrounding it is pumped out to create a vacuum. Creating the vacuum around penis draws blood into the penile vessels, making it swell. These devices provide short-term relief from impotence but overusing the pumps to increase the length and the girth of your penis may damage the internal tissues. If you're using pumps, make sure that you do not use them for more than a few minutes every day.

Jelqing - Jelqing is an effective exercise wherein the user repeatedly pulls and strokes his flaccid penis with his thumb and the index finger to increase its size. The exercise involves the use of thumb and index fingers that are joined together to form an 'O' like symbol. The penis is forced into this O and the subject strokes the foreskin to increase the blood capacity of the erectile tissue. Practicing this technique on a daily basis can cause a noticeable increase in the overall length and girth of the penis.

Invasive Surgeries - The plastic surgeons advocate surgical treatments to increase penis girth by injecting fat extracted from the other parts of the body into the penis. These operations enhance the circumference of the penis by 1.5 to 4 cm. However, if conducted poorly, it may cause infection, lumpiness, scarring or permanent disfigurement. Another downside is that when fat is injected into the penis, the body may re-absorb it after a while thus, returning the tool to its original size.
A few cosmeticians are working on another method, which involves pulling back the foreskin and wrapping the shaft with a tube-like biodegradable frame comprising of tissue cells but the method is still in its experimental stage. It is similar to plastic surgery wherein the doctors cut the ligament attaching the penis to the pubic bone. Thereafter, the perform a skin graft at its base and around the shaft to allow for the extra girth and length. This can boost the size by up to 2 cm but then, the erect penis won't point as high as before, after the operation as the ligament that offers support to the turgid shaft is removed in this method.
The long and the short of the story is that herbs and exercises seem better options as compared to chemicals, pumps, surgeries and shady-looking devices, but you have to follow a dedicated regimen in order for them to produce concrete, long-term results.

It's all In your Head!
Most of the times, it's not the size, but the psychology that affects your sexual performance. Professor Wylie believes that pills and exercises may give you a confidence boost, but in order to accomplish long-term results, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are alternate ways to improve your performance in bed.
  • Lose Belly Fat: Belly fat hanging over your manhood makes your manhood appear smaller. If you cut back on daily calories and concentrate on losing fat on your belly, waist, and thighs then your penis will look bigger.
  • Trim Your Pubic Hair: Hairy balls are not just unhygienic but they also make your penis appear smaller than it is. Remember to trim the unwanted growth on a regular basis.
  • Do Exercises that Promote Endurance: Stamina-building exercises are not just good for your body, but also your sex life.
  • Find the Right Posture: If you've read the Kamasutra, you would know that there are many different postures that you can comfortably try to please your partners. The size won't matter if you're providing them earth-shattering orgasms with your secret techniques!
While it is good to work on your body parts, ensure that you do not overwork your body and exhaust yourself. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and consult your sexologists to get best results. Do not try random pills, exercises or techniques that may cause you a greater damage!