Simple Strategies for Stronger Erections

The most erratic part of a man’s body is a penis. You know how it reacts to the substances which are too provocative or illicit. Sometimes, it does not need anything to get excited. It can show its prowess when there is no need, and on the other hand, it withdraws to perform when you really need it. And this is quite disheartening.

However, this is a fact about which almost every man seems to be aware of. According to a study reported in the American Journal of Medicine, about 85% of men aged between 20 and 39 can achieve erections whenever they want. This means the rest of 15% cannot achieve hard erections. At the same time, it focuses that men aged between 40 and 59, only 20% of them can get a healthy and firmer erection.
When you cannot be sure, how your penis is going to react, you are always keen to get hard for a perfect sexual pleasure.

When it comes to holding some ambitions for your penis, you always want your flaccid and inactive schlong to transform into a larger and engorged erection. Before we jump off to discover the ways to make your penis healthier and stronger in the years to come, let us get to know science behind the erection, so that you can use this process for your penis.

How The Science Of Erection Works?
It is not an easy task to get hard, and the process requires different inputs from the nervous, hormonal and vascular systems. And let us not forget that firmer sexual urge too. We can classify three different stages, which trigger a flaccid penis to achieve a formidable shape.

You can exert two ways to get hard by applying direct and indirect approaches of stimulation. When you try out a direct way, it constitutes reflex erection, and you can achieve it by stimulating your penis and the region below the nervous system.
While you try indirect way, it pertains to psychogenic erection, requiring visual or sexual arousal. It triggers a signal to your brain, which transits to the lower region of your spinal cord and finally to the region of your genitals. This is what you can blame for both morning glory and nocturnal tumescence.
The Engorgement
The sexual arousal releases nitric oxide to your urethra and smoothes the penis as triggered by the nervous system. This results in the engorgement of the penis head known as corpora cavernosa with blood.

The Collapse
As soon as the effects of the stimulus are removed, the activity of nervous system plummets. The process of two stimuli subsides, and the penis returns to its normal position.
Now, it is clear that if anything comes in the way of these systems, you can lose your ability to achieve an erection.
Now, let us find the way to keep your erection firmer and healthier.

Work Out Regularly
Cardio workouts are great to trigger a good amount of blood flow to the region of your penis so that you can get hard easily. To maintain a healthy blood flow, perform cardio. Not only do they help you maintain a good shape, but they increase the release of nitric oxide for a better erection.

Do not assume that you can get help from tight shorts for a firmer erection. In addition, adopt running as the best means for your purpose, and do not stick more into biking. In a study, it is found that cyclists who spend more time on their bikes are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunctions.

Kick The Butt
You know well that cigarettes produce toxin, which accumulates to the blood vessel of your penis. As a result, it blocks the path for nitric oxide to travel to the region and triggers a healthy erection.

At the same time, a study has confirmed that smoking shrinks the size of your penis as compared to nonsmokers. In addition, excessive smoking can result in impotency. What are you waiting for? Abstain from it.

Caffeine Does Wonders
You can have an engorged penis if you try out coffee. Yes, this is true. Coffee contains caffeine, and this component is good for the right size of erections. As per the study carried out by the University of Texas Health Science Center, confirmed men who sipped coffee as much as 2-3 cups per day, did not show any sign of ED. However, men who did not opt for this beverage and preferred caffeine free beverage could suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Vasectomy Is The Key
If you consider not having babies any more, you can opt for permanent contraception through vasectomy. This would remove your concern and dilemma of birth control failure. And there will be no more any anxiety leading you to have problem with your erection.

Be Loyal
Sometimes, infidelity can lead to problems with erections for you. If you are having multiple affairs, it can affect your ability to achieve an erection.
It creates a sense of guilt in you when you are with your wife unless she approves your new sexual life with another partner. And guilt can result in anxiety, which can kill an interest to get an erection.

Lose Your Weight
Diabetes is the leading cause of impotency for many men. It brings with it arterial infections, which in turn can affect the stimulation process around your penis. As a result, you are likely to have a numb penis.

So, prefer losing your weight. Men those who show a slower rate of improvement, are likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

Avoid Vigorous Sex
Don’t exert too much pressure, when you grind through her vaginal cavity. This is because a vigorous pressure can rupture the corposa cavernosa running through the penis. If you cause your penis damage, it needs a surgery within 24 hours to stop the bleeding. Sometimes, the damage can lead to a permanent impotency. Be careful and avoid ‘women-on-top’ sex positions more often.
These are some of the useful tips to make your penis healthier and stronger so that you can achieve a firmer erection every time you want.