Sex Positions You Should Stop Trying Right Now

When you are an adult and it is not acceptable to come around with a bouncy castle, then the discovery of new and exciting sex status can be the greatest happiness of life. Sometimes the right sex situation makes you feel that you have made some brave, important, new and completely sexy scientific breakthroughs with your body.
But another sex status can be high, how can we say, quite depressed? There are some traditional sex situations, we are people, and we think that we love. We are here to establish a record by revealing the status of the top eight castes, which every woman secretly hides or, at the very least.
Chances are, sex staples are in your arsenal because you bought your first condom, men have relied on longtime missionary mental movements because they look simple, efficient and great - but as soon as they emerge, women silently complete them Has captured over time. To determine the source of depression, we have advised with top experts that why five of your favorite places have not yet been harvested - and should be upgraded to meet your sex drive.

Doggy Style
If you are looking for a deep penetration, then dog style is definitely the way to go. But many women will have to remove the dog style because of this condition because older Pierce males can be very fast and difficult and it can be uncomfortable. In place of your penis, there is also the pleasure of blowing your own breaks on the spot. To stop the collision and to be less painful, keep your little and shallow deep and fast. Rebecca Rosenblatt, doctor of the sex therapist and siding your man, says that the Odyssey stimulates the third part of her vagina, which is the most sensitive part. Proceed through your hair on the spiritual factor, under his spine, and occasionally kissing on his neck and rushing on it to proceed. And do not forget crystal stimulation, Dr. Gottfried recommends because you are focusing on his back, this does not mean that you should ignore your most sensitive places.

Missionary is a hot sex situation. If you are really looking for a connection with intimate eye contact, but the missionary position for most women is putting the equation together. If you love intimacy but cannot increase orgasm then try to keep a pillow under your hips. This change in an angle can make it easy for both clitoral contacts. Try using the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) - Do not say it on the bed. This situation is like a missionary unless your body is away and on one side. (Therefore, instead of chest, she has shoulders in your chest.) Her feet take about 45 degrees to move the legs on her hips, which keeps her in constant contact with her cortex due to her shaft base.

The cowgirl is the best sex situation for a woman who wants to be in control. You say how deep it is, you say how fast and how hard you say. But if you are tired (which is not?!), this situation is very destructive one or two humps and you can feel tired. If you are looking for it, then switch the dog. This fit is more practical, and you can reach the sexual intercourse of her orgasm, says Dr. Lunda. But if you still want an antitrust factor, then put the dog in bed. Do this: Stand up, move on to it, put your hand on a frozen mirror, then enter it later, you still have it You will be able to excite yourself, but now you can use both a mirror in your own benefit

69 is one of the sexual poses that is not liked by everyone, but everyone thinks to give it a try, especially at the college or at the beginning of their sexual career. The problem with 69 is that you are concerned about moving your right to your partner who does not pay attention to the head given or received by you. Oral sex is a pleasure, 69 makes it worse. If you want her to get the greatest pleasure of oral, then you should stop this position. Many women claim that 69 look worse because they want their partner to be able to see their eyes and see connections.

Up Against the wall
It's a romantic and hot idea that we all have seen in films and are desperate to try for them. But here's the reality, no matter how "delicate" you are, ask your man to move from the wall and knock them in your heart's content. Unless you are an Olympian, this sex situation has a lot of work with very few awards.

Sideways, it seems as if someone took a mental class. Okay, the advantage of surrounding sex is that it is good, it is a spoon position, but an excellent kick is soothing and intimate but it depends on the torque. When you are trying side-by-side, you are having very little torque, which can make repeated thrust impossible. Apart from this, a woman always fall into the delusion that what should her feet go?  Switch between side-by-side mode like "Spark" lie on his back, and lift his right foot. Slap yourself in the 90-degree corner of your feet and rest in it. In this way, his feet will create tunes of a spark pot

When both sides see each other and can enjoy sex face to face, it is romantic, but it leaves very little space for movement or encouragement of the stroller. And as we know, sex without thrust drives the woman crazy and she hates her.

Legs to Head
Every guy is a big fan of this sex situation, it works fine for the woman too, but you can see why women have disrespected it on a large scale. In this situation, she is on her back and you move her feet on her head or behind her ears. Best wishes, if she is not farting on you.