Sex Positions Every Couple Needs to Try

Your bedroom affairs with your partner become a known fact, as you are going to exhibit the same repeated acts. It seems tedious and monotonous to your partner, and she prefers going asleep as soon as you embark on the act of getting busy with the romp with you. As the days pass, she loses all the interests and keeps conforming to your maneuvers only to see you happy and avoid hurting your manly qualities.
Now, it is time to observe this sudden change of her showing absolutely no interests towards getting away with you, and find ways to improve your performances and encourage her to go wild with you at the same time.

Hence, you need to take unprecedented steps to spice up your regular sex life, abolishing those predictable moves behind the walls of your bedroom.
Go beyond those traditional standbys like doggy style, cowgirl, spooning and others. Try out many steamier and raunchier inventive sex positions to enhance the level of orgasms in both of you.

All of the listed sex positions are designed to heighten the sexual pleasure and help you last longer with your partner between the sheets. Every couple can rest assured to get something very luscious for themselves. So, get ahead and try them tonight to up your boring sex life. Just get going.

Sex Position: Waterfall
Also referred to as Head Rush, this sex positions brings a lot of acrobatic skill in you, and inspires you to go at it at your best.

How to perform it: Go straight to the edges of the bed, and hang half of your body down on the floor with your head and shoulders touching the foot of the bed. While your partner straddles you, it sends a sensation down your head as the blood flows down to your head. This ups the sensuality of the orgasms in you, and you are likely to experience a mind-blowing climax.
Sex Position: Cat
This is also known as Coital Alignment Technique, is a bit closer like the missionary sex position result wise.

How to perform it: Unlike getting connected chest to chest, you need to lie on your one side to touch her shoulders, while she bends her legs to tilt her hips to form a 45 degree angle, your shaft can cuddle with your clitoris and raise her clitoral stimulation.
It is much more effective than missionary positions for many women.  In a study, it was reported that women who cannot reach the climax through straddling in a missionary position, CAT appears to satiate that sexual requirement.

Sex Position: One Up
You can call it by the Hamstring Stretch and Over Your Shoulder. When you know it, you will discover why it is referred to as these names.

How To Perform It: Have her lay on the edges of the bed, while you kneeling down in front of her. Lift one of her legs and ask her to hold below her hamstring to offer extra support. With her hips raised to one side, it is easy for her to guide you as per your pleasure level and help you move to reach the exact spot.

You can guide her to move according to your instructions so that you can maintain a good rhythm.

This position works better for those women, who prefer clitoral stimulation to one specific side of their vagina.
Be remembered, this is the best position, which allows you to give your partner a greater level of oral pleasure. So, when you are at it, be sure to apply both the sensation of your tongue and fingers at the same time. The combination of the soft flesh of your tongue and the sturdy knuckles of your fingers increase her physical tensions and let her feel the ecstasy to the fullest.

Sex Position: The Cowgirl
This sex position is commonly known as ‘women-on-top’.  

How To Perform It: This sex position is one of the best moves to get access to many interesting things and sensuous sights all at the same time. While she is on you, you can have a full view of her luscious breasts and you can cuddle her bum as well. This is enough to raise your sensation, and go for a deep penetration.
The best thing about this position is that she can enjoy a good control while you thrust her. So, move between a shallow and deep penetration to raise the level of her sensation.
When you stimulate her manually, she can feel the arousal quickly. At the same time, let her squat over your face so that you can give her an arousal with an oral stimulation.
This works best for G-spot stimulation and the climax.

Sex Position: The reverse Cowgirl
This is a position which is referred to as the man chair and the love seat.

How To Perform It: Sit on the edges of the bed or you can sit on the chair. Put your feet on the floor and let her sit on you with her back to you. Now, she can stride you to give pressure onto to your groin region with her buttock. This works as close as doggy style, so you can exert a better penetration to her clit, while she enjoys her clit stimulation.
This provides a better opportunity for G-spot stimulation. While she can stimulate every part of your manhood, you can excite her and arouse her by stimulating her nipples.  

Sex Position: Stairway To Heaven
You can call it as Step Heavenly. 

How to perform it: You sit on the seat of the staircase, while she sits on you. This is a good variation of the position the Hot Seat. You can get extra support benefits from the stairs as well as from the handrail. You can hold her properly and get off without any need to go to your bedroom.

So, these sex positions require you to release some extra bit of physical strength while you perform them. However, if you think they are too tough to carry out, do not try them. You can use another position, which appears to be easier for you, yet quite sensuous.