Secrets of Female Masturbation

None of us is engineered to share how the ecstasy of masturbation feels to each of us. It is a taboo and everyone wants to keep it under wraps. But the way women are exerting the self-pleasuring act is entirely different from men in many ways.

Many women think the self pleasuring act is natural and also a breather. On the other hand, for many, it is an evil act, but still they want to explore it. But the fact is every woman masturbates, no matter how they do it.
Masturbation is definitely a personal activity and at the same time, what seems the most pleasurable to one may not trigger the same amount of satisfaction to others as well.
Many a time, we envision a masturbation act like how it is depicted on the screen in which a woman is pleasuring herself on a king-sized bed or in a bubble bath surrounded by the illuminated candles.

These film scenes do not constitute the ambience and feeling of the solo-session in a real world. For every woman, it is a different feeling and they use different techniques to satisfy themselves.

However, when we compare the act between women and men, there is a hell and heaven difference.

Men need a bottle of lubrication, videos of porn in front of their eyes, and a firm grip with all of their fingers to trigger an orgasm. But, women take a different approach when they embark on it as female masturbation is a complicated process. Simultaneously, the venue is important for them as they cannot perform it wherever they want it. Since, female masturbation involves too much secrecy; it is worth unraveling the mystery how they love to do it behind the doors. Here go those secrets of female masturbation and the differences of their execution of the act.
Female Solo Act Is Faster Than Yours
Well, the female orgasm is no secret for us. Many sex experts suggest that woman takes as long as 15-20 minutes to get off through the foreplay. This happens late as the nerve endings need to be stimulated to trigger the blood flow to the genitals and help arouse orgasms.
But, while she is on her way to self-pleasure, she is quicker than when she is with her partner. This is because she is more concentrated to satisfy her own sexual needs, or she prefers doing what she wants to do to her. As per sex experts, during a solo sex act, women take less than two to three minutes, or some take ten minutes for the climax, while others do not reach their climax at all when they are with their partners.

She Engages Herself In Fewer Numbers Of Self-Pleasurable Performances
It is almost natural for men like you to give your schlong a pampering touch just to get off at the break of dawn. As per the statistics, about 25% of men love to masturbate thrice in a week, while as much as 55% of men involve them in solo sessions at least once a month. However, this statistic falls short in case of women. They are not likely to explore these sessions as much as men do. Only 10% of women love to get off through masturbation thrice a week and only 38% of women practice this solo act once a month.
We can cite many reasons for women not practicing the act anytime as men do.

They consider this act as a delicate and elegant repertoire, which they think should not be done in a hurry.
Men are wired to doing this act anywhere they like, maybe in dirtier places. But for women, they need to focus on the sanitation of the environment. She needs to cleanse herself before the solo session. And even a small distraction could be an end to their solo act.

Simultaneously, social stigma could be another reason which trails them even in their adulthood. But, this is totally different in case of males as many men are found to explore their sexuality at a very tender age as little as 10. However, on an average most women get to explore this once they enter their 20s.

She Releases Softer Touches
When men are in action, they are aggressive and they exert tough and rough hand motions to get off. However, women prefer softer and gentler motions of fingers to stimulate their nerve endings on clits, which are higher in numbers than male genitals. 
These nerve-endings are super sensitive, and react better to softer touches.

At the same time, women love to use all parts of their bodies to trigger a stimulation, which men highly miss. Before they jump to their genitals, they love to explore their inner thighs, breasts, nipples, arms and labia.

While men are only focused on their penis all through the act, women love to concentrate only on self pleasure much before orgasm takes place. This draws the biggest comparison between the male masturbation and female masturbation.

For women, orgasms are not everything. But for men, their goal is encircled around the penis to build sexual tensions in the pelvic muscles and reach the climax.

The Final Act Does not Subside soon
When the moment of climax finally comes to you, the ejaculation takes place and you achieve the blissful orgasmic pleasure. It takes a lot of physical activity to get to the climax.

Men need to use a greater level of energy to release the fluids from their prostate, testicle tube and finally the penis. So, when they are done, they are tired and they feel like taking some good amount of slumber.

The process of female masturbations also involves the same physical hardships; but they do not achieve the same reaction as men do. So, they can try multiple rounds if they wish. With that, this is clear that many women do masturbate, but their climaxing is not their only motto, while others are determined to achieve it no matter how many rounds they need.