Reasons You Should Masturbate Tonight

Nobody wants to talk about this taboo topic, but solo sex gives you that much needed self pleasure, which needs to be addressed with care no matter if your partner is there or not. If you really enjoy the solo act, it reaps you health benefits too.

Despite this, in a poll carried out recently by a sexual and Wellness Company confirmed that 88% of 1,200 Americans involve themselves in a solo pleasurable act, while 1/3 of those participants denied masturbating.
Masturbating has in store a wide array of health benefits, which fosters a better health development for you. Even this heavenly pleasurable act has a validation of the science itself. In addition, this practice is followed by 27% of Americans once or twice a week.  
The statistics are really low, even if the science has confirmed its health benefits.
It helps improve your own sex life, so it should be a part of your life just as brushing does to your life. So, forget not to cleanse the urethra running through the penis with a regular practice of masturbating. As long as you take a smoother and softer approach towards having pleasurable solo sessions, it does reap you health benefits. 

Masturbation contributes to improving your prostate health to boosting your mood to preventing deadly disease.

Do not feel guilty to explore your sexuality as it helps increase your self-confidence and make you healthy. There are as many as 8 reasons why you should make it a part of your life. There you are.
1.      Improves Mood
As busy as you are in every sphere of your life from your friends’ community to family to even daily commute, it is evident that stress would drive you insane at some point of time.
However, science proved that the feel-good chemical in the brains called neurotransmitter helps curb the effects of cortisol hormone so as to fight stress. Twice as much as you involve yourself in a solo sex act, the neurotransmitters get charged up and make you feel good.
Masturbation actually performs as a de-stressor and an anti-depressant. So, when you perform masturbation, it secretes endorphins in your brain, which trigger the sensation of feel-good effects, and improves your mood.

2.      Boosts Sleep

Maybe, you have little knowledge about masturbating improving the sleeping quality. Just like restraining from some specific foods could help you get a better sleep, the same can be achieved once you have finished self-pleasuring.
In addition, there is a link between orgasm and snoozing as both the process requires calmness and relaxation for effective results. As per Science Line, it suggested that once men release the seminal fluid as soon as they reach the climax, they release a large amount of compounds like oxytocin, prolactin, and vasopressin- all of them work together to put you to sleep.
At the same time, masturbation works a sedative helping you combat daily tensions and stress.

3.      It Prevents Cancer
A 2004 Harvard study confirmed that men who ejaculated more than five times a week through masturbation is three times less likely to develop the symptoms of prostate cancer. Another study confirms that releasing those thick old fluids from the tract help build new semen and prevents the chances of this disease. In addition, men not associated to perform this on a regular basis are twice as much more likely to develop prostate cancer. Although the link between masturbations and its effects on prostate cancer is unclear, but it helps gush out carcinogens from the prostate and reduce the chances of cancer.

4.      It Makes You Stronger
 Science has confirmed that as we become older, our muscle tends to shrink and lose its elasticity and flexibility over time. The same effects can be experienced down there. However, keeping yourself toned through performing a regular sex or masturbation offers you a good reason to get your pelvic muscles into action. As you do it, it contributes to the prevention of erectile dysfunctions as well as self-gratification. In addition, when you really pay attention to the whole job, it makes your penis harder to achieve more orgasms than you could imagine. So, always make sure to hit down there three-five times a week.

5.      Masturbating Helps Last Longer
It is a common problem for many to not have a control over their ejaculation, which hinders them from enjoying a longer session in bed with their partners. Well, when you get your hands busy in stretching your sack, it helps you have a greater degree of control over your pelvic muscles.
Before you embark on your date, you can try your hand at your schlong so that you can retain a good control. In addition, the process helps you delay the ejaculation so that you can enjoy an intense and heightened orgasm.
Perform it at regular interval if you still gush out after 50, then aim for 60.

6.      Improves The Immunity
As we all know that hormone cortisol is associated with reducing your feel-good factors and increasing the level of stress. However, the secretion of cortisol triggered by ejaculation offers help to some extent to regulate and maintain your immunity. And at the same time, you can achieve a good number of cortisol to intensify your immune system.

7.      Cures Cold
Suffering from an extreme cold? Have the goodness of self-pleasure, which aims at reducing the effects of the cold soon after you reach the peak point as per the study in the journal Neuroimmunomodulation. The recorded blood sample of the masturbators from the beginning till end proved that heightened sexual pleasure through masturbation can reduce the number of killer cells leukocytes. And therefore, it makes your immune system healthy and combats the cold and flu.

8.      Increases Your Lifespan
It is well known that a good number of physical exercises are likely to make you look young and healthy. Simultaneously, sexual activity, especially solo sessions also helps you achieve a younger look as well as a long lifespan. So, while you can free yourself from disease, and improves your sleep, it is likely that you are going to make your lifespan longer.