Premature Ejaculation, a Problem? These 3 Methods Prolong Erection!

For men, regardless of how competitive they are, the bedroom is one place where they do not want to finish first. According to the sex experts, nothing makes a male more insecure than climaxing before their partners. If you too are troubled by this sexual shortcoming, just relax: you are not alone. There are plenty of ways to boost endurance. Here are 3 ways to last longer in bed.
Sex expert and former editor of a British men's magazine, Mr. A.L. Harper believes all men follow their own technique for prolonging the erection timing. Some count backward in their heads while others try to distract themselves by thinking about their favorite sports. Although this technique may seem effective yet, it is detrimental to your relationship in the long run. By distracting yourself during the act, in a way, you are neglecting your partner's pleasure, which is a mood killer!
If you are searching for ways to last longer in bed, without killing the 'mood' just follow these tips. Trust us, you won't need Viagra.

Control Your Anxiety: If this fails, then Masturbation and Sprays are Your Back-ups!
Performance is one of the prime killers of erection, according to clinical sexologist Patti Britton. Males, who are worried about their performance are more likely to lose confidence before they climax. If you are among them, you need to distract yourself by getting rid of the self-debilitating mindset. Shut out the worried inner voice and substitute it with a more confident inner voice.
When you start feeling anxious, just stop and take a breath. Shun negative thoughts and focus on the pleasurable feelings produced by your body. In case this doesn't work, you can try masturbating. Ejaculating at least one or two hours prior to the main act makes it harder for a man to come quickly the second time. If you do not wish to masturbate alone, you can have an intimate and prolonged foreplay with your partner where you can satisfy your excitement by ejaculating first and then pleasure your partner until you are all charged up again. This way, you can take some time and sync up with your partner's rhythm.
If the issue of premature ejaculation still persists, you can consider using a 'delay spray'. Delay sprays are endurance enhancers that desensitize the penile nerves for some time. Lidocaine—the active ingredient in the sprays is clinically proven effective by the FDA, which means it is safe to use sprays that use this ingredient. You will still experience the sensations but in a subtle way. It will prevent you from coming soon.

Slow Down and Wait for a Minute Before Going Back at It!
When you are about to orgasm, try controlling yourself. Wait a minute or so before going back at the previous pace. According to sex researcher Dr. Ian Kerner, 'everyone has an orgasmic point of no return.' Edging helps prevent this by delaying the orgasmic point so you can spend more time on the edge (hence, the name). To put it in a simple way, every time you feel like jumping down into the sea of pleasure, you should stop yourself at the edge in order to experience the thrill again.
You can do this by diverting your mind elsewhere or simply grasping and squeezing the base of your penis to prevent it from leaking. Just grasp it firmly or use a cock ring to prevent ejaculation.
Alternatively, you can go at a slower pace. Rather than following the jack-hammer style that many males are used to, take your time and try having sex at a slower pace. This is way better for the both of you because it makes you feel more connected with your partner. Also, you get the time and opportunity to caress and explore your partner's body. Spend time kissing and exploring her body. This will prolong your erection.
For those who're interested in Kama Sutra can try Harper's "7 and 9 technique." According to this method, you practice 7 fast in/out strokes and 9 slow in/out strokes. Repeat this over and over again to set a rhythm. It is good for the men since it prevents ejaculation, and good for the partners because it stimulates them better.

Try Something New and Out-of-the-Box!
Sometimes when you keep repeating the same sex positions, again and again, your body gets habitual of it and anticipates orgasm. Thus, it comes a lot sooner than expected. However, when you try out newer positions, it will keep your body and mind distracted. On a positive note, you don't have to ignore your partners!

You needn't always try a new and complex sex position in order to experience pleasure. Rather, you can throw in a few surprise elements. For instance, apply 9-10 strokes and then take your penis out. Rub the head slowly up and down her labia. In case you did not know, the vagina comprises of nerve endings clustered near the vaginal canal. You can turn her wild by rubbing and pinching her clit. In short, it will not just be an enjoyable experience for her, but it will also prevent an early discharge on your part!
If she is in a cowgirl position, you can ask her to glide back and forth along the length of your shaft. Try this in a spooning position to make it more enjoyable. The underside of the male penis, just like the female vagina, has nerve endings that catch all the sensations. When you are not actually entering her, but she is rubbing your cock, it will keep you excited enough to stay erect, but not too excited to experience an earth-shattering orgasm. This would prolong your erection for quite some time.
In some cases, the male penis is too sensitive and slightly rubbing against it will cause you to leak like a hose. If this is the situation, then you must ditch your regular rubbers and go for condoms that come with an extra layer. Using thicker condoms will dull the sensations for you. Nonetheless, do not double-up condoms. You may end up losing both of them in your partner's vagina, which is a threat to your long-term family planning goals.
So, keep trying new things, learn to control the inner urges and focus more on pleasuring your partners—all this will definitely help you last longer in bed.