Penis Enlargement Products Do they really work

Owning a bigger penis is like possessing the most expensive asset in this world. Being an owner of this rare feat sets one apart from others, and makes sure all those sexual riches and bliss is your compatriot    only. This is not only a single guy’s wish; almost every guy is driven by this bizarre desire and wants to get a bigger penis by any means.

And there are those tempting product ads that set your nerves running after it when they promise to increase your penis size.

A plethora of penis-enlargement products and procedures including, pumps, pills, creams, exercise and surgery is there. These are enough to make one wish for a penis to be one or two inches longer.

To be honest, for guys there does not exist any non-surgical methods to enhance your penis, or even if you try, they tend to be lunatic attempts of yours that end in no fruitful results.  Yes, there are lots of options as claimed by some dubious companies including some devices, penis stretching surgeries, but none of them can work. To add to your worries, if you are adamant, you can have some serious consequences. Yes, the severity could be as terrific as erectile dysfunctions.

Well, you must know, no reputed companies ever attempted to endorse such products to make any wrong claims about the penis enlargement products. Anything related to penis enhancement product is absolutely absurd and they can be damaging for your penis. You need to take a smart decision while determining to own such product.
Perspective About Your Penis Size – Is It Normal or Not?
When it comes to performing during sex, your penis size interferes with your performance and increases your apprehension as you have some exaggeration about the size. The problem does not comprise you alone; it is the major problems of the majority of the male counterparts. And hence, the fear looms over your head that your small penis is going to make the sexual experience a bitter one for your partner.

Know that penis comprises two components including corpora cavernosa and a single corpus spongiosum. Their sizes are predetermined at the genetic level.  Studies also have proved that no penis is actually too small; they are well-endowed with the perfect size in reality.
There is some important measurement data about the penis size, and you must know that the penis in its flaccid form does not match the length of the penis when it is actually erect, meaning the length of the non-erect penis and erect penis is different. Your penis is normal when it measures about 13 cm or 5 inches) or more than this when erect.

A condition of the penis, in which the penis cannot grow normally and its growth is restricted to about 7.5 cm or (less than 3 inches) only, is referred to as a micropenis. And this is what occurs to someone due to genetic or hormonal imbalances.
Studies also prove that most men looking to opt for penis enlargement choices are actually average penis sized. It is a psychological problem that makes them think otherwise, and they think they have a penis below the average size.
Penis Size In The Eyes Of Your Partner
Studies prove that for the maximum number of women, the penis size does not matter much to them. What really matters is how you really work your way up to get her that maximum pleasure with your creativity involving your brains, your mouth and hands and everything else. That is what that sets your bedroom on fire for both of you. And hence, it is all about your performance, and your penis that does the magic.

However, the penis enhancement makers do not focus or encourage you to improve your performance, but they want to present the whole thing otherwise, making it look as if it is your fault to not able to satisfy your partner due to your small penis. Instead, they encourage you to buy their penis enlargement products to improve your sexual performance.
Remember, if you are concerned that enlarged penis size can help you with your performance, it is not like that. It is not that your partner is looking for a grueling penetrative thrust that tears apart her vaginal wall or brutal oral sex that gives her a gag reflex. This is what is likely with a bigger and larger penis. It is better you talk to your partner to know about her preference and needs, and based on these you can better your steps to making sex a better experience for her rather than looking for penis enhancement procedures.

Don’t Get Carried Away By The Hype
Be smart when it pertains to your health and life. Yes, a little negligence and ignorance can be life-threatening for you. And who knows the greed can bring a permanent impotence in your life while trying to enlarge your penis.

However, the way the companies and marketers use skewed data, testimonials and questionable before-and-after photos to make their claims trustworthy about their penis enlargement products, it can turn anyone blind. It is often supported and endorsed by untrue scientific researchers to promote their non-surgical penis enlargement products.

Be a close observant, and when you look at the packaging, you can find no safety and effective data. Provided the supplements, they do not require any approval from the Food and Drug Administration, therefore ensuring the product safety is not the concern of the manufacturers.
Penis Enhancement products are up for sale for you in the market. Most of them are unproven and unscientific penis. They are widely advertised and hyped to the greatest length. Be careful as they can be damaging for your penis. Now, let’s find those products.

Vacuum Pumps
So, there are vacuum pumps, which are largely used for erectile dysfunctions. For ED, it is effective to some length for maintaining a firm and good erection. But, it can be damaging to your penis as it can cause tissue damage, if it becomes a permanent choice for you to fulfill your penis enlargement purposes.
A vacuum pump is a cylindrical device, which fills your penis with the blood when it is stuck inside it removing the air from inside. The penis engorged with blood looks plump and a little bit larger as long as the ring is in the place to clamp it from leaking blood back to the body. After removal of the ring, the penis gets back to its normal appearance.

Pills, Creams And Lotion
Pills, lotions and supplements contain some natural ingredients including other compounds like vitamins, minerals and also hormones, which are believed to enhance the penis size as claimed by the manufactures. Many websites and companies, who own these brands, claim that, guys can get bigger penises by taking these supplements, pills and creams. Some even go a few steps further to claim that they work just wonders and affective results can be achieved within a few months of use.
Some of the supplements even contain ingredients like amino acid L-arginine and maca root.
Remember, none of the products are proven to enhance size and there is no such evidence that can enhance the size of your penis, not even the over-the-counter pills and creams.
Sometimes, use of these products can be harmful for you.

Penis Workout
Exercises are believed to be effective for any health related matters. But, whereas penis enlargement is concerned, it can do nothing to enhance your penis size.
But still, there is a penis workout called jelqing, involving the technique of hand-over-hand motion, aiming at increasing the length of the penis size. It is almost like milking your organ. You need to hold your penis base with your thumb and index finger. And now slide the shaft down to the base and then pull it up to the top again. Repeat it for at least 20 minutes.

There is no scientific proof if the technique works or not, but it makes your penis look fluffy with the blood into the erectile chambers, resulting in a semi erection of your soft penis. However, over the times with repeated frictions, your penis can go out of shape, get scarring and even painful.

Be mindful that your penis is not a muscle so that you can enhance its size by stretching or extending it by using a stretcher or an extender device onto it. Referred to as penile traction device, it is used to extend the penis size.
All you need to do is hang a stretching device off your flaccid penis for about eight hours, and it may stretch your penis by half an inch to two inches in length.

However, heavier weights on your soft and tender penis can damage it with ruptures of tissues, including the blood vessels.

At the end, we really need some robust studies to prove their effectiveness.

Surgeries and their risks
Now, when everything fails, the only way out for you is the surgery. But, is surgery effective and can really lengthen your penis size? There is little evidence to support their effectiveness, and patients’ satisfaction.

The suspensory ligament surgery may add a few inches to your flaccid length, but the actual length of the penis remains the same. It has some drastic reactions to surgery, resulting in scarring, infections and numbness in the penis.

Penis surgery is not a widely used method for everyone. It is meant for those who have congenital penile defects, resulting in non functioning of the penis.

Many cosmetic surgeons offer penis enlargement processes, but they are controversial and 
ineffective and unnecessary.   

Currently there are two types of penis enlargement surgeries available. The most popular one is lengthening the penis using suspensory ligament surgery that involves severing the ligament connecting the penis to the pelvic bone. The ligament is extended up to the abdomen. After removing the ligament, the penis appears larger as most of its portion hang outside. The procedure sometimes involves removing excess fat from the pubic region.

Another type of procedure that makes the penis look plump using fat onto the penis shaft can be damaging. It makes the penis drooping and unstable.
The procedure makes use of tissue grafts and fat onto the penis shaft to make it appear thicker. It is controversial as it uses silicone, fat and tissue grafts.
Remember, none of the procedures has any approval from the higher health care authority; therefore they are unsafe and ineffective to opt for. Stay away from this type of penis enlargement surgeries that can pose a threat to your potency and erection maintenance.
Things You Should Do To Make Your Sex A Satisfied One
A quest for bigger penis can lead you to only disastrous sexual affair with your partner as you could end up with bruised and painful penis, hindering you from achieving an erection. Stay away from even thinking of this disastrous procedure. Things what you can really do to improve your performance and satisfy your partner is to open up. Yes, communicate with your partner. 

Discuss your difficulties with her and know her preference about her sexual desires. Maybe, it is 
tough in the beginning, but once you communicate, it removes all the confusions and indispositions, and at the end you will have satisfied sex life.

Another effective way is to exercise to lose weight. When you have a beer belly, it hides your penis underneath your big belly and penis looks smaller. Work up a sweat. It helps you achieve a toned and good physique by helping you reduce excess weight. Plus, it increases your endurance during sexual activity; hence you can enjoy more intense orgasms.

If nothing works and if your apprehension about the penis size keeps deepening, you should consult a psychiatrist. Their advice about improving your performance without thinking too much about your penis size can help you.
So, do not resort to cosmetic surgeries, they can only add to your woes. Getting in shape and constant communication with your partner can help you overcome your worries.