New Sex Positions to Try

It’s no secret that sex has the power to make you happier. Based on research from the University of Colorado, sex makes you happier by 44% if you do it once a week than those who do not indulge in it at all. Like any other workouts, sex involves lots of acrobatic performances to help cause the climax, and make your efforts work. So, isn’t it a better choice to stay fit, while feeding your sexual appetency? With improved and advanced sex positions, you can rekindle your old sex relationship and urge your partner for more. Make it a point to try each every month so your sex with your partner looks fresh and rejuvenated, without being so much of tediousness.
Become a master lover using the techniques of varying sex positions to pleasure your woman. Check them out.
Coital Alignment Technique Or CAT
This is a makeover of a much conventional type of missionary positions, enabling you to give your lady a much needed clitoral stimulation. Most often, it is observed that women fail to receive stimulation through their clitoris while being in missionary positions. However, the CAT ensures the fulfillment of your purpose of hitting the climax without fail as it happens mostly with missionary sex positions.
All you need to do is to start from the missionary position. Then slowly move upward to take a position on your one side. Don’t put so much of force while penetrating her. Instead, go back and forth slowly to make a contact with her clitoris.

The Chair
Penetrating from her behind during doggy styled sex positions seems quite tough for the clitoral stimulation. Use the chair position to ease your movement and increase the length of your flexibility for a deep and an intense penetrative move.
Have your back supported by the walls while you are doing the chair. Bend your legs; keep them closed at the right angle. This helps your lady to straddle you properly.
It requires you to have a lot of strength to maintain a good grounded balance, while holding your woman on your lap. However, you get your hands to work to excite her by stroking her breasts, her back during a thrust. Maybe, it is too tiring holding onto her for long, and it can be discouraging for you if her height forces her to keep her legs on the floor. You can let her keep her one foot on the floor to form a tripod to make it easier for the penetration.

The Maypole
No, you are not up to dance holding the vertical bar. Instead, you hold her near your hips and encourage her to rub against your pubic bone. So, when she gets a clitoral stimulation, it feels quite pleasurable for her.
Use the chair position at first, and let her clutch you with her legs. When she leans back, lift her up using your hands underneath her bum. From there, you are now standing on your legs. Bring her to your penis for stimulation. Since, it is a tough sex position, it saps off your energy. Stand with leg slightly bent to avoid any exhaustion.

Cradled Cowgirl
For a twisted blend of proximity and intimacy, this sex position works wonders by letting you give her a perfect clitoral stimulation. This helps you come in close contacts with your partner in a face-to-face manner.
It does not involve that conventional cowgirl position, which has your partner straddling you. But, it should be an elevated position, enabling you to get hold of her into her neck. By holding her closer to you, you can give her a direct penetration for an intense stimulation. Don’t forget to touch her erogenous zones such as her anus, hips for added pleasure.

Backdoor Oral
How about going different while giving your girl an oral pleasure rather than those traditional oral stimulations? This sex position urges you to get at her from her behind.
Let her lay on the bed with her face downward, and lift her hip placing a pillow underneath it. This elevates her butt and gets you a direct access to her vaginal opening. As it is open to you, you can play it as you like with your one or two fingers.

Doggy Angle
It is close to the traditional classic doggy style, but it does not require extra strength from both of you. The added bonus of this position, not only just you, but also your partner can have direct access to her clitoris to stimulate manually.
Have her bend down with her hip slightly raised to get an easy access. Get in between her legs with your legs closely attached together. To achieve a perfect balance of support, place a pillow under her hips, or let her place her forearms ahead of her shoulder to support her neck and head.  Place your hands on her hips or back to penetrate her more intensely.

The Galley
The position is simply awesome to watch her get wild with herself. This enables her to have anal sex as well, and you can also use your fingers on her clitoris.
Lay down with your legs straight on the bed and lean back. She on the other hand, will lay herself onto you, facing your feet. While there, she can straddle you at your hips. 

When she is busy putting pressure on your pubic bone, you can caress her butts and other erogenous zones from there.

The Duet
You go for a solo session, so does she. It is a pleasure to see your partner getting raunchier with her. If she is shy at first, get her close to your chest and make her sit on your lap. From this position, you can touch yourself, while she can do the same. This makes her feel comfortable. So, when she takes the charge of pleasing her body and yours too, you can do the same as well. In the end, both of you will end up doing mutual masturbating and please both of you.

These are some essential guide to making everyday sex exhilarating like never before with so many twists and newness.