Kamasutra positions to try

The same old and repeated sex position like missionary is over exhausted and taking your interest away from maximizing the fullest from your sex act. Sex being a normal part of life, should be performed almost every day to build a rewarding and fruitful relationship with your partner. So, when you find that your sex life is gradually becoming too boring and loses its interest over the time, you actually look for something interesting and exciting.  The best thing to bring spice to your sexual life is to add kinkiest sex positions to your sex act taking cues from the Kama Sutra. Why should you take instances from this ancient sex anthropology full of erotic and bizarre sex positions? They are the kinkiest and steamiest kind of sex lessons, which is there for about thousands of years. Every couple should try Kama Sutra sex positions in their life at least once if they are yet to discover it. They are not difficult to master also.

It is to remember that every sex position from Kama Sutra is bizarre though, yet they are extremely hot. Get charged with high energy and stamina to perform this sex position. Believe it, when you perform them they are just too hot and fun to give your girl that much needed pleasure.

Like many of the Kama Sutra sex positions, you might have not tried this one. Although it is one of the easiest ones, it fails to steal your attention in recent times.
To feel an excitement and a heighten sexual pleasure out of the deepest penetration, you can go for this sex position.  In this particular sex position, your girl needs to support her back on the wall while her legs widespread enough to allow you to enter her at ease. This advocates for an eye-to-eye contact to feel a passionate and romantic sensation of the pleasure.
Sammukha needs you to bend a little, and shorter women may have it little difficulty to adjust to the position of their partner. It is awkward a little in the beginning though, it becomes quite easy for you with time.

Want to show your manly super prowess and exert all your dominance on your girl? Janukurpara is just the right kind of sex position to accomplish your desire. It seems Janukurpara requires some skills and deftness from your gym tactics, but it is well worth it, when you get its benefit.
In this position, she has her hands around your neck to hold onto, while you bring her closer with your hands, placing them under her knees and having a firm grip over her butt. This kind of posture allows having a greater control over your girl and getting an extra deep penetration while keeping your eye contact deeply rooted; as if you are spellbinding your magic upon her and she seems to get carried away in the dominance.

Maybe, the name is little stranger and bizarre, but you have comprehensive insights about this sex position. Yes, the “Reverse Cowgirl” is another name of it.
The most tried sex position in porn videos, but most overlooked position in every day sex life. So, why not give it a try to experience a lot of sex. Being a ‘woman on top’ sex position, it rests your girl on you with her back at you. In this position, she feels sexy and allows you to keep her in your tight control, while you can get a sensuous visual pleasure of her butt.
Although the name sounds too simple, the act is not so easy. You need days of practice to master it.

Get immersed into her by exercising Piditaka position. To experience the auspiciousness of the Kama Sutra sex position, it is best to exercise this position, which allows you to draw her closer to feel her mouth and forehead. Your devotion and humility towards your partner is best expressed through this as well.
In this certain position, she lies on her back with you kneeling in front of her. She keeps her knees bent and closer them to her chest, while resting her feet on your chest. The position opens up an easy access to raise her hips to give her a deeper penetration. 
Two of you will achieve a better motion of control, while she feels comfortable having you gripping her tight with your legs around her both hips. Simultaneously, you can exert a good amount of pressure during penetration as she narrows her vagina while her legs are rested up.

The position allows both of you to enjoy the ecstasy of sexual pleasure.

When time is really scarce, and you are in a hurry; but still enjoy the sensuality of casual sex, quickie is the best form of sex act for you. And when you want to relish the richness and opulence of sexual bliss, it can be best exercised through Tripadam. Try this for a fast and fun infused sexual intoxication within a few seconds.
To try out this, stand in front of each other. It works better if both of you share the same height. You lift any of her knees off the floor by putting pressure under it and draw her closer to you. And the posture of you two looks like a tripod or as it is said tripadam, providing a better access to enter her.

Alike most of the standing sex positions, both of you can receive a good blood flow to the erogenous zones, which stimulate your nerve endings and near you to the climax.

This position is intended to facilitate a vagina open, and make way for a perfect penetration. Called as the “Queen of Heaven” or Indranika, this requires a man opening his female partner’s vagina with his hands using force and gripping around her thighs with his legs.
This is something, which can be achieved with a great deal of practice to master it. So, if you really need to add spice to your boring and tedious sex life, you can add a zing of Kama Sutra to your sex performances.