Is your penis too small

One of the things that are bound to have crossed a guy’s mind at least once in his lifetime is about the size of his manhood.
While porn is one of the major reasons behind this thought, given the kind of body image it promotes for men and women alike, there is more to penis size than having a perfect one.

Preconceived notions that come as a result of early sightings say in adolescence or teenage lead one into comparing their size with someone else’s.

For starters, you need to stop looking at it from up above because that is not what she is going to see. You can try measuring your penis instead of straight away underestimating it.
Now go grab a tape measure and check it out yourself.

How to measure
Most men think the state in which a penis is necessarily measured is the erect state. However, this is a wrong belief.
The most accurate way to measure a penis is by using SPL- Stretched Penis Length. The longer this length is found to be, the longer is the erect length of the man. In order to measure the SPL, it needs to be done when the penis is in the flaccid condition. You need to place the ruler at the very base, without missing any centimeters of your length. As you do this, stretch your penis as far as it allows. Now measure the length from the base to the tip of the stretched penis.

Most men are 5.24 inches as an average or around that. If you have a smaller measurement, that is absolutely fine as you need to keep in mind that there are as many men below the average length as there are above it. So there are many more men out there, who have a penis just as long as yours. It’s completely natural.

Your standby length
In order to check your unerect length, quickly undress and measure yourself. The room’s temperature can cause you to shrink so you need to be quick and precise while making this measurement. Measure by placing the tip of the ruler at the point where the shaft meets the abdomen. Work your way towards the length. An average figure found out from studies is 3.43 inches. You can relax now.

Your erect length
For this measurement, you will need yourself to be erect. Perform the act as soon as you get yourself to your fully erected state. Now measure the side furthest from your testicles and check the measurements. An average length for this is 5.03 inches.

Your erect girth
In erect state, measure this by wrapping the tape measure around the base of your penis. An average here would be 5.14 inches.

Your erection angle
In order to estimate your erection angle, stand with your back against a wall and a mirror sideways. A 90 degree would mean straight away from you, while 180 degrees is right up toward your chin. The average figure here is 105.7 degrees.

Now that you are done with checking, you’ll actually find that you are actually doing pretty well so let go of those insecurities and breathe a sigh of relief.
If you still find yourself thinking that you have a small penis than most men, here are some things that you can do about that:

One popular and found to be the effective way is by using male enhancement supplements. There is a large number of products available out there in the market. One of such products is Invigo, which not only helps increase the size but also helps tackle other issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It is absolutely safe to use and the results speak for themselves.

Going under the knife is never free from risk.
Instead of making things better, they can even cause harm to the functioning of the penis. These are not that effective and it is better to stay away from getting penile surgery.

One way to get the job done is by performing workouts for the penis that help flex out the muscles down there. You can do this by doing Kegels and stretches that have proved to show results in a matter of weeks.

To be completely honest, “The bigger the better” is a myth. Bigger girth or length does not only mean more pleasure, it also brings with itself the added factor of pain. The vagina of the woman being entered would be stretched out more and sometimes to even unpleasant extents where she would actually be wishing that it wasn’t that huge in the first place.
Ever seen pornstars genuinely gasping in pain? That is probably so because of the male pornstars and their gigantic sized dicks which they continuously ram into the female costar making her suffer alongside the pleasure that is shared.

At the end of the day, what you need to remember is that for most women what matters more than your size is how dedicated you are towards her and the relationship you share. Loving and making her feel loved is more than enough to make her happy and while you get your penis length increased for the sake of yourself, just know that what you need to do to make her happy has more to it than giving her sex. That being said, there still are other ways to make sure that your partner is satisfied with the intercourse that you are indulging in. Namely, foreplay and sex toys, trying new things, all these things are a way of keeping that spark alive in the bedroom. Communication is key here. Ask your partner about how they feel and let them tell you and relieve you of all your insecurities because in most cases the man just assumes he is not being able to give his best due to some sort of size or performance related inferiority complex. So don’t assume, just ask.
Explore these ways and see how everything works out just fine.