Is your penis the normal size Or should you try male enhancement pills

The credible or expert sexologists would say, there is nothing as an abnormal penis size. But, it is so, why then the half of the men’s world goes crazy about their penis size, assuming theirs not in a perfect shape to yield them the pleasure they want from an intimate sexual performance. Besides, many men doubt their manliness as they possess a shorter penis size, hindering them from going to exhibit their penis to their girls during a sexual affair.

However, the size of your penis should never come in your way to obstruct your performance and hinder your capability to enjoy the pleasure out of the sexual act.

Lest you suffer from performance anxiety due to a small penis size as per your belief, let’s have some clear idea about what an exact size of your penis should be and should you use penis enhancement pills to enhance its size for better performance and pleasure?
Although penis size does not matter for a greater sex, for many men it matters.

The size of the penis
Lest you not get confused about your penis size, it is better you know different penis sizes of ward off your confusions and frustration that makes you perplexed.
So many people around the world do not have the right idea about what makes the accurate and exact measurement for the penis.

Since men have always been anxious about their performance whenever it comes to their penises, they think their manhood is not enough longer to satisfy their girls, and this is where various scientific studies have been there to explore the right truth behind an accurate penis size.

Let’s first explore why men are so obsessed of possessing a large penis? It is just to satisfy your ladies or have access to an intense pleasure during a sexual session?

The first thing that comes into the foray which takes men by storm is the pornography. It’s the influence of the free access to the internet that has been advocating so much for a bigger penis using some devices and tools along with creams and male enhancement pills. And this is what has kept men driving crazy about possessing the longer and bigger penis sizes with the unnatural male genital length and girth.

However, how much truth is there to enhance the manhoods for men is sensitive to studies and only perfect studies can bring about the truth behind the exact size of men’s penis.
What Size Makes The Average Penis Size?
Let’s have some ideas about an average penis size, which is valid for most men all across the world.

While men are not satisfied and sure about what size should their penis be made up of, women seem to be satisfied with their partners’ penis and its proportion during sex without any frustration regarding its maneuvers.

Almost every study has focused on the average penis size and suggested the same length for penis. Based on the inputs as provided all the studies, the average size of the penis when flaccid ranges between 7 and 10 centimeters (2.8 inches to 3.9 inches). On the other hand, an average flaccid penis circumference measures at an average from 9 to 10 centimeters or 3.5 inches to 3.9 inches.

The average length of the penis when erect ranges from 12 to16 centimeters or 4.7 to 6.3 inches, while the erect penis circumference measures at 12 centimeters or 4.7 inches.
Despite the average penis size conforms to the standard penis size for all men,  about an average of 45% men are not satisfied with the size of their penis as they believe they possess a small penis, leading to the sexual frustration in their lives and equivocal impression about themselves.

When the size of your penis is too small for you?
Well, no penis is too small unless it requires the process of penile augmentation as believed by the doctors. The assumption involving the penis size can fetch you distinct understanding from a data derived from a scientific study by the researchers at the University Of California School Of Medicine, San Francisco, USA, which is later published in the Journal of Urology.

The study examined 80 sexually active and physically normal men to measure their penis size before and after the administration of the penile augmentation procedures.

At the end of the study, the researchers came to a conclusion and suggested some accurate inputs about the penis size of those participated men.

A man requires penile augmentation or the penile lengthening when his penis measures less than 4 centimeters or 1.6 inches when flaccid, while his erect penis ranges less than 7.5 centimeters or 3 inches.

The study further suggested some key inputs regarding the normal and average penis size of men.
Normal and average penis size
First of all, we must know that after a certain age, the penis does not grow. During the puberty, all men’s penis testicles grow followed by the penis.  And when the testicles finally stops growing and develops fully, the penis also gets its full term of growth within the 4-6 years. The development of penis in men takes place between the age of 18 and 21 years. Hence, there is no way out to get an enhancement of the penis naturally, except the surgical or augmentation process.

According to the study, you cannot find any correlation between the erect penis size and the flaccid penis size. At the same time, age does not influence on the size of the penis after a certain age.
However, as different studies have suggested different penis lengths, the inputs are more or less the same.

According to the Journal of Urology Study, an average penis size is 3.5 inches when it is flaccid. And an average length of an erect penis is 5.1 inches.

Another study regarding the penis size included the Turkish men was conducted by the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Turkey. The researchers of this study described the accurate functional penile length instead of using any proper measurement procedures in young men.

This study was concentrated highly on the flaccid length rather than the erect length of the penis size in the Turkish young men.

There was another study, which observed 1,600 American men to measure their penis size the similar way and they gauged the data as provided by the participants’ own observation. 

However, as the men measured their penis without using condoms, the inaccuracy in the data may be there and may not consort to the standard measurement of the penis size.

Nonetheless, both the studies reported the similar penis length data and they are as follow as below:

An average penis length when erect is 5.6 inches, while an erect penis girth is 4.8 inches. In addition to this, the self-reported penis length may be incorrect as it depends on the arousal effects that put an impact on the penis size including its length and girth.

Why the ideas of having smaller penis pop up in the mind of men? 
When it comes to the exact penis size and its ability to stimulate sexual pleasure, it is widely dependent on the maneuverability of men during sex rather than the penis size, this is what women believe.

The infused assumption about your penis length and its size does not help you much as you view your penis small as compared to others.

It is an automatic effect that your penis looks smaller when you look down rather than viewing it from front or other side. Hence, if you are intended to take a measurement of your penis from this posture, and are wired to compare it with other, this will never help you get an exact idea about your penis length, and you always have a false idea.

For the majority of the women, the length and girth of their penis sizes had never worry them in terms of sexual pleasure and they appeared to be quite satisfied with their partner’s penis size. But, their men were unsure about the capability of their penises. Averages of 85% of women have accorded to this finding, as per the reports published by the British Journal of Urology International.

While 45 of the participated men in the study believed to have small penis size, the researchers of the study confirmed small penis rarely exists. So, you can be rest assured about your penis length. You do have a normal and not a small penis size unless it is less than 3.5 inches.

An undesirable concern for enlarged penis
Despite no studies validating the overestimated view of small penis, as many as 45% of men all across the world are worried about their small penis, and hence there is a considerable amount of interest for penis enlargement, which automatically advocates for penile enlargement products and various procedures.

Since most of the men do not have a definite and an exact view of what a normal penis size, they are influenced to go for penile augmentation using various illicit methods.  
A study was recently carried out among the men, who were complaining of their short penis size, but it was found later that no one had small penis. The concern is that the number of men seeking for the penile augmentation is increasing rapidly.

Should you ever go for penile augmentation using male enhancement pills?
Are you among those freaks, who seek penile augmentation for heightened sexual pleasure or self glorification? If you are really after this undesirable concern, you must know some essential facts about enlarging penis length with the help of male enhancement pills.

The market is full of male enhancement pills, among which the prescription one is safe and useful in case you have erectile dysfunctions and other sexual dysfunctions.  The prescription one is FDA approved and designed to stave off the hurdles that inhibit the process of a successful penile erection for a successful intercourse till the climax. Besides this key activity of the prescription drug, ED pills as they are popularly known as for such as sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil are designed to enhance sexual pleasure, boost stamina and endurance. However, none of these pills is designed or even devised as to enhance the size of the penis length.

As with many nonprescription male sexual enhancement pills, they claim to enlarge the penis length as well as its girth for heightened sexual pleasure and performance endurance. The untrue claims of the manufacturers about these male enhancement pills are fast catching up and finding a connection with men looking for penis enlargement as they believe they are all natural products and do not cause side-effects like that of prescription male enhancement drugs.

But, there you need to be careful about your choice if you really get hold of these penis enlargement products or supplements as they contain hidden ingredients and illicit product compositions without any strict guidance under the FDA. Since natural supplements do not need any approval from the higher health experts or authority like the FDA, there is no monitoring in the operation and making of these products. This is the reason why these supplements or male enhancement pills are easily distorted with tainted or illicit ingredients and build a real connection with men seeking enlarged penis size.

Remember, these male enhancement pills are a great scam and illicit methods to woo you for big bucks. The prescription drugs do have some side-effects, but they are mild and can be overcome within a few hours, whereas the nonprescription drugs can have lifetime complications on your health as they are easily available without any doctor’s prescription over a dozens of retails outlets. Since, no regulatory interference is there in manufacturing these drugs, they are easily counterfeited and fake drugs are doing the rounds in the most outlets.
Most male enhancement pills can bring life risks, and even put negative impact on your male sexuality as it may impair natural sexual responses.

It is better you talk to your doctor and find a better way for sexual pleasure. A penile augmentation using male enhancement pills is not a sole way to your sexual solutions. Be physically active and your sexual pleasure will double no matter what exactly if your penis size.