Is Penis Surgery Worth it

Having a micropenis seems something like a curse. But according to the sex therapist, being shorter in the leg may not be such a bad thing. The micropenis which can be described as being around 2 and a half inch when erect may screw your relation as they will not want to stick around. In such circumstances, you might have to learn good oral skills to stimulate your lady and to give her full satisfaction. Only good oral skills can make you much more popular than having an 11-inch dick.
According to American sex therapist, Stephen Snyder, the man with the smaller penis can be a better lover than the man with the bigger penis. All you need is to focus on foreplay rather than the act itself which is far more loved by women than getting an orgasm. However, you also have an option to undergo a surgical process for getting the bigger dick. With the advancement of technology, latest penis enlargement surgery is in existence to helping out the poor micro penis man. There are several kinds of surgeries that are operating for providing big cocks as their serious business.

Penoplasty Overtaking Breast Enhancement
Get rid out of unlicensed pills and risible pumps that have been supplemented by the operating rooms of London’s Harley Street Clinics. The people are observing out the ads that promise big results by trained artists with highly remunerated plastic surgeons who are experts in their industry. For David Mills, the Managing Director of Mills Medical Services, Penoplasty or penis enlargement is a booming business. He said that penis enlargement is the most popular operations that they perform. He added that this kind of plastic surgery is now effective and affordable. In terms of demands, it is now more popular than breast enhancement. In 1980s women were the first to embrace plastic surgery of their breasts. In 2016, men are overtaking them for their penis enlargement. With the easy to afford surgery, penis enlargement is changing the male attitudes for getting the dick job.

Know Penoplasty
Penoplasty is a simple cosmetic operation. The classic package of penoplasty can be easily affordable for £4,000-6,000 that involves simultaneous lengthening and thickening of the penis. First, the surgeon strategically snips the suspensory ligament which is a lot like slackening the supporting line to the tent pole. After loosening, the canvas droops and can be re-attached to the pubic bone around 1 to 2 inch lower than before. In general, the operation offers minimal improvement in erection size but does provide a few precious inches of enlargement.
The penoplasty package can be combined with liposuction. A small amount of liposuction is performed on your lower stomach.  The fat is saved and the underside of your member is sliced lengthways in order to remove fact which can be re-injected to the penis for making it thicker. After this process, it is possible that you can gain another 1 to 2-inch extra girth in your penis. Although the augmentation process can be ineffective, the newly injected fat must be massaged around the penis for more than 12 weeks post the surgery. Yes, every surgical intervention has its own risks. Here, there are risks of your misshapen, distorted or squatted penis.

Things to do Post Penoplasty surgery
So what will you have after spending six digit clinical bill? You will be impressed with the ultimate result as you will be having a penis that looks longer than it used to. No extra flesh, no artificial elements, still you will have an extraordinary potential that you never had before. It will be thicker but could end up looking like something out of 70s grindhouse flick. Your doctor will advise you to conduct regular penis stretch exercise to keep it in shape post the surgery. Also, your cosmetic surgeon will guide you to treat the wounds reopening due to involuntary erections. But it suddenly feels like a very big deal indeed.

Risks to Consider Prior to Surgery
As all the surgery comes with numerous risks, so do the penis enlargement surgery. Before you underwent the penile improvement and unbuckle your pants, please consider these risks of lengthening or widening the surgery. There are no well-studied approaches and no major medical organization approves such kind of surgeries, you can even have to travel to other countries like the UK for getting the liable penile enlargement treatment. And you also need to talk to your doctor about the risks you would be taking.
The side effects of enlarging your penis through surgeries include nerve damage, infection, reduced sensitivity, and difficulty in getting an erection. But the most disturbing party is the scarring that can leave you with a penis that is shorter than what you had. Besides, widening and a lumpy and bumpy penis can e even worse.
According to the European Urology study which had conducted the survey of 42 men who had undergone the penile enlargement process. The process includes cutting the suspensory ligament in their penises. The study found that only 35% men were satisfied with the final results and half of the men went to get more surgeries. It is a game of inches. The process also includes considerable financial and emotional risks.  “There are men who, by adulthood, sense that their penises are smaller than they should be.” According to Mills, this means men who fall short of the 5.6in UK average (when erect); men for whom a centimeter or two can mean the difference between hiding behind a gym towel and full body confidence.

Key Thoughts
Some guys like big breasts, while some like small breasts. Similarly, some women like big dicks while a majority of women prefer 5 to 6 inches dicks. The vaginal canal has its limited length. So the big dick might end up stroking the cervix resulting in swelling of the cervix and embryo which is extremely painful. So, you must have a real intention of getting the penis enlargement surgery. Getting bigger penis might be a fantasy and you will not be popular on account of your size of penis amidst the majority of the women.