Incredible Anal Sex Positions

Isn’t hetero sex incredible? But what makes this heterosexual tryst a tedious affair is those repeated sex positions. If you can be a little creative, you can add your butt in the foreplay and make your romp more enticing and raunchier. Yes, using anal sex positions, it is possible to make every day sexual affair more exciting and enjoyable. This also ensures you make a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, and encourages you to go to the furthest level in your sex mission.

Before you go ahead with it, you need to make sure that it is full of fun, and it is equally pleasurable to both of you. So, while you make it a point to make your sex life hot, it is worth trying various anal sex positions to add some newness to your boring sex life. Let’s walk ahead and explore them.
Rear Entry
This anal sex position can share its steaminess and pleasure quotients with another similar kind of sex position spooning, but posture is its difference. It can be executed while you lie on your stomach. So, it is almost like Jockey position, which insists you to lie on your stomach too. No matter how you can position your legs, keeping them together or apart.

You have your man on you while him facing you in your back head. From this direction, he enters you. Sometimes, rear entry position can be a little tough for you as it makes you carry your man’s weight on your entire body if he has a large belly. In this case, he has to be a little cautious about it.

High Chair Position
This position is some kind of interesting sex position, which no one has even tried or imagined. In order to perform it, you need a chair, which you sit upon it with your bum bulging out. Now, your man can choose any of the positions like squatting, standing or kneeling down as per the height of the chair.

This position is just too great to enable him to thrust you in and out from your back. For extra length of support, he can get hold of your shoulders and waists too.
While performing it, you need some flexibility too to stand the high pressure of thrust as well. Hence, it is better sometimes to bend over a kitchen top. It gets you an extended support to stand your man’s thrust.

Leap Frog
This is similar to that of doggy style. It resembles every detail with the doggy style. But, you need to arch your back while resting your chest on the bed. So, it is another good position to transform your regular doggy style into a more intense sex position to up your sexual tensions. When you want to add some spiciness to the doggy style, you can transform it to leapfrog from or even bulldog position.

It does not advocate for anything vigorous. Teaspooning is an easy maneuver to reach the climax, but in a steady and easier way without approaching any tough techniques. In this particular sex position, your man needs to kneel instead of standing on his feet.
While trying out Teaspooning, you can even venture into doggy style and again back to teaspooning. This is what the raciness of this anal sex position.
In case, you want an aggressive sex, you can balance out yourself on the wall for a direct stimulation of your clit against your man’s penis, while he stimulates you anally.

When your man controls his balance while entering you, it feels good to you. Piledriver is something that offers your man such charismatic strength to get himself a great control and helps execute the whole job beautifully.

However, encourage your man to perform this if you are sure that he has a flexible muscle and strong back bone.

Lie down on your back, while your partner follows a squat position. Stretch your legs above your head. Your partner can help you do this. So, when your man grabs your legs and pushes them back over your head, it exposes your anus to him. It eases his thrusts and facilitates him to slide in and out quite smoothly. Although, it does not offer you to be creative with your moves, it makes him squat properly and do it to the fullest potential.

However, the position also increases the vulnerability. Hence, you need to be careful while executing it.

This is an exciting sex position for you if you have flexibility.  Simultaneously, it works better and creates magic for you when you love to experience submission or bondage from your partner.
So, by following the turtle position, you need to kneel down and pull yourself closer to your thighs. This makes an upright position of your butt and elevates it to your man. While it opens your anus to him, he gets an easy access to your butt for a great thrust.

Burning Man Position
This anal sex position is equally similar to that of the previous sex position, which encourages you to have dominance of your man and let him be in a greater control over you.
The most interesting thing about it is that you would really love it when he hovers over you.

Get a table to lean upon this so that your man can enter you from behind while managing his upright position. The aggressive thrust really feels amazing and exciting to you.
To remain on the safe side, you need to use something soft so that no cuts or injuries puddle your moves.

Pump Position
Really keen to execute this anal sex position? You need to deal with lots of adversities and touch challenges while performing it. So, gather your flexibility and strength to unleash during this position. Forget not to perform it on the couch or even bed.
This could be another good example of a rear entry anal sex position. Just stand on the edges of the couch or bed and bend over it. It exposes your butt to him so that he can thrust you in a quite easy way from behind. To get a good grip onto you, lest he misses his flexibility, he can hold onto your waist or hold by your thighs.

These anal sex positions are quite exciting and enticing. They are just apt to take your whole sexual fantasy to a different notch.