How To Squirt

In this article, you shall find out about ways of being able to squirt all by yourself, as well as while having sex with your partner. But before you begin, you need to know your anatomy well. Here is some information about the body parts that need to be focused upon:

The G-spot
As far as squirting is concerned, the G spot happens to play a key role. Located on the upper wall of the vagina, it can be found anywhere between 1 and 3 inches from the entrance. It can be hard to find if you are not aroused, because it only becomes enlarged when you are turned on. It can be differentiated from your vaginal wall by its soft, spongy and partially ribbed surface. 

The Skene Gland
As you stimulate your G-spot, you also happen to stimulate the Skene’s gland, located right above it. It is also known as the female prostate. Draining into the urethra, this gland is located around its walls. This is the gland which is responsible for the squirting to occur. As it is not present in the vagina, you can not directly stimulate it. It gets stimulated when you work on your G-spot. It is the size and presence of this gland that decides a woman’s ability to ejaculate.
As a majority of women are able to squirt on the basis of G-spot stimulation alone, this is not as important. The clitoris happens to be present right on the mound of your vagina and is the most sensitive body part due to all the nerve endings that meet over there. 

The first step towards getting yourself to squirt and gush is to get yourself completely aroused and comfortable. Different people require different things for arousal and in case you don’t know what works for you, here are some ways that you can try out: watching some porn or reading erotica, fantasising about someone, using a sex toy or giving yourself a massage. Do not be in a hurry and remember to take your time until you get worked up enough to be ready to give yourself an orgasm. As you get aroused, your Skene’s gland swells and makes your G-spot become more sensitive in turn. If you get the urge to pee, it’s completely normal because the Skene’s gland is present right beside the bladder and as it swells, it might apply some pressure on it. 

Now that you are aroused enough to be able to find your G-spot, try the following techniques that will help you squirt:

1) The hook technique
If you are keeping it hands-only, this is probably the best way to go. To begin, you want to lie down on your back and slide your hand down with your palm facing your body. Upon reaching your vagina, use your middle and ring fingers to penetrate your vagina while leaving your index and pinky fingers pointed downwards, forming a hook like position. With the tips of your fingers, find your G spot and massage it in the same position. You can experiment with different massaging techniques and find out what works best for you.

2) Pushing the button
Imitating the action of pressing a button, you can repeatedly push down on your G-spot. To make it more fun, try experimenting with the amount of pressure that you apply with each push. Find out the right amount and give yourself a treat. Some women can feel stimulated with slight pressure while others require a more intense pressure. 

3) Come hither technique
Try imitating a beckoning motion or a ‘come hither’ motion with your middle and index fingers around your G spot in order to give it more stimulation. Feel free to experiment with the amount of pressure that you apply and the speed of the movements as well as the exact spot where you apply the pressure. This technique can tire out your fingers and wrist quickly, but done effectively, provide a great deal of stimulation as well.

4) Arm shaker technique
It is just like a combination of the come hither and the hook techniques. The difference is that instead of using your fingers or wrists to provide the stimulation, you use your entire arm. It helps provide a lot more pressure than the other techniques. It is done by placing your fingers against your G spot and then using your arm to provide the pressure. You can so this by keeping your arm stiff as you push your fingers in and out.

5) Toys
You can always involve sex toys if you feel like you need something more than your fingers to do the job. Some vibrators are specially designed to stimulate your G spot. 

Squirting during intercourse
The main things that you need to focus on while you are with your partner are the angle and the penetration depth. Since your G-spot is located quite nearby to the entrance, your man only needs to penetrate you 2 or 3 inches in order to make you ejaculate.
Here are some positions that might help make things easier and more enjoyable:

1) G Spot Stimulator
Find a position where your vagina is angled in such a way against him that he stimulates your G spot directly with each thrust.

2) Launchpad
Have your man take you while you are cradled in front of him with your feet at his chest. It helps give you control over the depth of his thrusts. Shallow strokes usually get the job done. The more he leans backwards, the better the angle.

3) Jockey
Have him take you from the back with you lying beneath him, with your back towards him. He then needs to assume a sitting position right above your butt as he enters you. Instead of the usual thrusting in and out, have him grind against you. As he grinds into you, the tip of his penis rubs against your G-spot, stimulating it. 

Just remember to completely relax yourself and be prepared to let go when you feel close to squirting.