How to Orgasm Every Time - For Women

It is not easy for every woman to orgasm whenever they want it to happen to them. While men can reach orgasm quite easily with some strokes of stimulation, women remain far behind from this.  In fact, study suggests 18% women can orgasm through a penetrative stimulation only. As the rest does not reach the climax through an intercourse, they need to depend on various techniques of stimulation like oral sex, foreplay and others.

So, lest you do not miss your chance of the orgasmic bliss, you can try out several things to up your changes to get off every time you like. You can get off easily with the climax-inducing tips. Let’s learn them.

Important External Influences To Increase Your Chances Of Orgasms

Exercise Is a Key
It is reported that exercise boosts the production of testosterone in men, responsible for boosting men’s libido or sex drive. The same techniques work for women too.  It is better you participate in some type of competition-maybe a game of tennis or some marathon competition. 
Anything which refers to the competition can boost your level of testosterone. Besides, you can take different types of workout regimens to improve your sex drive.

According to the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, exercise does improve a women’s sex drive; it always creates a win-win situation for you during sex with your partner. At the same time, exercise has the potential to lift your mood by supplying the blood to your genitals and increasing your desire.
Raise Your Temperature
Lest you not miss every opportunity of the climaxing, you can head toward the shower. Be mindful to take a hot bath. Maybe, you do not have enough time to take a hot bath. In that case, you can put a warm cloth on your vulva, and keep it there for a few minutes. Know it that warm compress actually stimulates the bloodflow to the vagina. When you do it, it makes your place lubricated and raises the sensitivity.

Master The Skills Of Delaying Gratification
Nearing your way up to the edges of the climaxing, and then taking a reverse is worth building an exhilarating sexual experience. So, never try speeding towards the orgasms too fast. Use the process of edging as it works fruitful for men as well. Look when you are approaching the climaxing, you can stop and get back to the point of orgasm all over again. This helps you achieve a better and stronger orgasm.
Accelerate The Process Of Foreplay
According to the journal “Hormones and Behavior”, a surge in intimacy-improving drug ‘oxytocin’ can help couples achieve a stronger and an intense orgasmic taste. And due to his reason, you do not need any supplement to boost your sex drive. Instead, you can ramp up your foreplay tricks to boost the intensity of the whole game. Cuddling, kissing, hugging and other foreplay activities are a booster to help you orgasm in the most erotic way. You can even try to improve the techniques and methods of foreplay to enhance your sexual performance. They are a great way to up your physical tensions and increase the intensity of the sexual activities.

Best Tricks To Train Your Mind
Don’t think penetrative sex is an only way to orgasms.
Be sure not to assume this as it really does not help you to achieve orgasm through this process. So, when you leave this unnecessary thought behind about having a penis inside your vagina makes you super satisfied, you can actually let the stress go away from you.

Go For Oral Sex And Nothing Else
Train your partner to master the adeptness of oral sex, while this is the only medium to make you sexually happy. Surprisingly, almost 40% of women prefer oral stimulation for an intense orgasm to penetrative stimulation and other techniques. It is better you do it in the evenings. So, set aside some important time for this important agenda, and get your partner to work for you, and allow him to give you a mind-blowing clitoral stimulation.

Masturbate With Varying Techniques
Maybe, it does not always work for you when you tried masturbating and having achieved a failure. But, don’t let it hinder you from trying multiple attempts. You will soon discover that it actually helps you to masturbate in a proper manner. It is better if you try different techniques like tapping motions, a slow circular movement, and rapid pressure in your clit.

Use A Vibrator
Sometimes, the process of manual stimulation and rubbing against your clitoral hood does not work, and results in failure only. If you can invest some cash, it is better you buy some electronic aids to assist you in this work. Many times, it does not require you to buy these electronic gadgets as you are surrounded by a wide range of dildos in your home. Just be creative in order to use them.

A Vibrator To Give You An Oral Stimulation
Everything is evolving, so is the technology. And the vibrator technology is also going from old to new to offer a new sexual sensation. Using them ensures you a new peak in orgasm. Find them out. There are great to get a clitoral stimulation when your partner is absent.

Go All Ears To Erotic Collections
Yes, it is true. If you find it tough reaching the climax every time while you try, it is better you explore some hot or erotic stuff to raise your sexual tensions in every muscle of your body. So, get going and read some spicy novel, watch porn and listen to some erotica music.

Develop Sexual Fantasy
When you think you cannot get to the heights of sexual peak, feed your imagination to think about something hotter during sex or prior to this. Think of it throughout the day to build your way up to high sexual tensions.  And when the time finally arrives, you can have a raunchier and spicier sexual tryst with your partner.
Since female orgasm is a mystery to most men, you should not leave the big task on your man. Rather, you must be careful to do it with precision. If it takes longer, do not think too much. Have patience and keep practicing, it will pay off and you can orgasm too every time you try to get at it.