How to Make Yourself Squirt

Your sexual excellence pays off when you really become successful by making yourself squirt.  
Yes, female ejaculation or squirting can be one of the highest degrees of compliment in the bedroom. So, it gives you a performance complacence as well as heightened sexual pleasure, when you release fluids during sex.

This female phenomenon has been a subject of interests for more than 2000 years, and researched by so many, but the subject remains mystifying still today.
When you do not feel to be wet, it kills your libido as well as your partners and dampens your sexual behavior too.

As you know female ejaculation does exist there, but you probably do not know how many of the women actually possess special skills to squirt?
Much to your surprises, among so many banned acts, in the most recent times, female ejaculation has been banned from pornography online as per regulations of the UK government.

What Female Ejaculation Is?
Let us have two real facts about the female ejaculation- one it is surprising for those who do not know about this mechanism, and the second one are the liars. Yes, the liars who make a false statement about this rarity of female characterization.

Female ejaculation is not a myth. It does happen. When a woman is highly aroused in the right way, it triggers a release of fluids from their vaginal cavities, marking that her arousal is skyrocketing and making her to squirt.

We all know when both men and women are wired for ejaculation.  And there is a preceding feeling of orgasm, the process of ejaculation does come in and happen. Provided male ejaculation, it is quite different from that of females. It is not a hidden surprise for us that men do not take longer to reach the climax. They just need some shots of stimulation and they are about to do the fireworks. However, female counterparts have the different aspects for ejaculation. 
Science has proved that women take longer times to orgasm, so does their ejaculation too. So, while they use multiple ways to reach the climax, they release different types of fluids during ejaculation.  
How Woman Climaxes?
It takes as little as a few minutes for many to orgasm, but sometimes it goes beyond an average of 12 minutes for most women to climax. In many of the cases, it takes into account different matters such as psychology, emotions, comfort play and also mood to feel aroused and get an orgasm. When it comes to orgasm, many are of the opinion that women can have varying types of orgasms, but science has something different to say about this female phenomenon.

They point to only two sides to orgasms- 

i.     clitoral and vaginal stimulation by penile penetration,
ii.    external clitoral stimulation either by tongue or fingers

The female orgasm is a tough subject, but when they reach the climax, a fluid based liquid is released. However, it is not relevant for every female orgasm.
In terms of male orgasm, they tend to ejaculate every time they orgasm and this is how they express their pleasure, which releases a flood like water sparks. Provided women, only about 10%-40% of female counterparts are likely to squirt, weighing only 30-150 milliliters of fluid at the times of release.

So, while this feat is so rare, how you can make yourself squirt at your will and whenever you want. All it takes a few lessons and good skills to maneuver it. Just check it.

How Does Squirting Happen?
For many women, squirting is like peeing. Although it is possible,  it is rare in many cases.  The fluid you are releasing is actually coming out of the Skene’s gland, located right above the G-spot and adjacent to the bladder.

A high degree of arousal is good to help you release fluid from the Skene’s gland. Hence, you need a good amount of stimulation. And when you are about to ejaculate, it passes through the urethra, the same passage from where urine passes. This is the reason why you feel like peeing, even though it is not urine. So, the first thing which you need to learn during sex is to identify the difference between an urge to pee and ejaculation. So, when you identify it, it feels normal.
It needs to be relaxing and comforting to release that fluid from the Skene’s gland, otherwise you cannot squirt. So, don’t hold yourself back, instead let yourself flow with the fluids in ecstasy.

Prepare Yourself
Get plenty of fluids so that you are properly hydrated. And before you go for the deed, just empty your bladder.
Now, just become relaxed and make sure to be not disturbed by anyone. Prepare to get aroused by reading some of the erotica or get some raunchy scenarios in your mind to feel an arousal. In order to squirt, you need to prepare yourself for a perfect arousal in about 20-30 minutes in the beginning. Don’t try to climax very soon, but keep trying to near the climax. Don’t penetrate yourself too much; instead try to focus on your clitoral stimulation.

Bring Attention To Clitoral Stimulation
Bring your focus on your G-spot. If feels very soft and tender, wet and slightly dimpled. This is where your G-spot is located. Now apply a different motion of pressure to realize how it feels to different levels of strokes. Direct your pressure as per the pleasure level.

For many, it feels ecstatic while applying different pressure levels. So, go ahead and apply pressure to your G-spot.

Sometimes, it pains with too much application. In that case, you can use sex toys to stimulate the G-spot. When the frequency of pressure is high, you are closer to climax and you are exerting indirect pressure to your Skene’s gland for the maximum level of stimulation. With repeated pressure, you are able to push yourself to ejaculation. From this point, it is important to feel that you are squirting. But, if you think otherwise, it makes you pee. So, keep on embracing yourself, and soon you will see the actual fluid of pleasure or that gushing flow is coming out of your urethra.

In most cases, squirting and climaxing may not happen together. So, just pay attention to the process of squirting only even if you do not climax.
Remember, ejaculation does not happen as it happens to men. For some, it is just a drop of fluids, but for some it is like a gush of fluids. It is based on practice. So, keep trying until you become successful.