How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Many men think that they really need a bigger package to have a heightened sex. And most men ponder over their penis size thinking that they are too small. However, researches show that penises are wired to offering the same functions and they are average in size irrespective of the height and weight of the man.

Do you have a concept that bigger schlong is necessary for a reinforced sex? This is not so true. And for an ecstatic sexual pleasure, you need to have a combination of the trio like deep kissing, oral sex and genital stimulation to help your girl orgasm. 

If that is a matter of fact, why do you need to worry about it? It is deep rooted in your thoughts, and you are likely to pay heed to this misconception. Keep it in your mind that your penis is just alright and perfectly fine. But, still if you want to desire to have a bigger penis, there are ways for you.

Thank to the cosmetic surgery. Yes, according to the study, cosmetic techniques for penis enhancement have been increased by 200% in the last two decades and the demand is growing. They are injectacbles, including implant to enhance your penis. 
Beside this, there are other ways to increase the size of your member. They are awful, expensive and maybe they cannot function properly, still they are desired by many men.

Opt For Penis Implant
The penis implant is as similar as the breast implant. This surgical process is effective for enhancing the size of your penis. Don’t confuse penile implant with penis implant as it aims at improving the physical look of the male genitals, while the former advocates for improving erectile dysfunction.

The penis enhancement procedure developed by Dr. James Elist, a plastic surgeon in the U.S is a possible treatment for your problem.  This silicone implant is useful for increasing both length and girth by 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches respectively. He has credits of more than 1000 successful operations. Now, he is awaiting the approval from the FDA to use his product globally.

To be considered eligible for the implant, you should not be on blood thinner and have diabetes. Another condition may be a huge concern for you as you need to go for the circumcision. However, this implant is too costly and brings some risks.

You can dangle your penis a little further by going under the knife. Some surgeons use to slice the ligament of the penis to make it larger. However, the procedure cannot come to your expectations as it roughly adds only half an inch to your penis. These surgeries are not without risks, including painful erections, scar tissues, and malfunction.

Other than this surgery, there is the latest penis implant called Scrotox. This is a nonsurgical implant procedure, which is a type of Botox shot. The name itself is a clear indication of the site to receive this shot- into the scrotum. The process of the implant requires the prunes of a man to reengineer it into plums. Why does this involve the scrotum to be shot to increase your penis?

There are three reasons why should you go for this nonsurgical process. Your scrotum would not perspire. They would look bigger and they would achieve a more rejuvenated look.

If you are less aware of Botox, you should first know what does Botox do? The technology removes wrinkles and makes your skin smooth. The same applies to the skin of your scrotum too. By undergoing Botox for your scrotum, you can gain testicles as young as a 12 year-old boy.

Injectables With Fat
Fat injectable is a procedure equivalent to liposuction. The process involves collecting men’s fat and injects that onto the surface of the penis using a syringe. This helps you achieve a heavier member with penis length increasing by half an inch while girth increases by over an inch.

But, do you think they are effective in increasing your penis size? Of course they do, but the penis size returns to its original size over time. With that, you cannot overlook the risks of side-effects as well. The penis enlargement surgery could result in deaths too due to a breathing distress.

Plasma Injection Infused With Platelet
You can call this process absolutely a new one, which requires collecting your plasma by isolating it from the platelet, and injecting it back into the skin of the penis.

This helps the penis to appear bigger as the process triggers blood flow to the penis region. The whole process of the penis enlargement has been developed by Dr. Charles Runels, who is associated with sexuality issues. In addition, the plasma collection procedure is named after the Greek god of fertility the Priapus, and hence this surgical procedure is known as the P-shot.

We can witness the same process to fix ruptured ligaments in athletes as well.

Another study published by the Journal of Urology, confirmed that using vascular growth factors for neovascularisation is effective to correct erectile dysfunctions in animal models. Hence, the process can also bring effective results for enhanced penis as large as the size of horses.
However, it is yet to get any approval to be applied for a long-term use.

Penis Extenders
You can find so many devices out on the market to use for enlargement of your penis. They help enhance your penis by increasing your length or girth. The oldest ever product for penis enlargement are still available on the market such as the Andro-Penis and the Golden Erect.
Maybe, you can get an effective result from these devices, but experts believe the former increases only half an inch of the total penis size. In addition, you cannot absolutely overlook the side-effects like scarring and discomfort linked to these devices.
There are very little chances of usefulness of these extenders, plus the devices need to be worn throughout the day.
We should not worry about the penis size as it does not affect the sexual performances and pleasure. However, if you still have a concern over your small penis size, you can opt for any of the clinical processes. Forget not to take your doctor’s advice.