How to Improve Your Orgasm

The wonders and beauties of orgasm are nothing new to you, and this phenomenon does not need any advocacy from others as well. You know how it feels great and blessed when you get that big ‘O’. Apart from just getting you that tremor induced heavenly feeling; it ensures your emotional and physical beings as well. There has been enough research, which manifests to do many benefits to your wellness. The wellness of orgasm helps boost your immune system and also prevents stress and anxiety to impact on your health by releasing serotonin and endorphins in the brain.

So, why not try sex every night and achieve a heightened orgasm for an ultimate pleasure. It is true that every man is wired to achieving sexual pleasure during sex as compared to their female counterpart. But, do you think it is all to make the most of your moves to enjoy to the fullest potential? There are more to your moves and actions to multiply the degree of your pleasure. Let us get to know this step by step.

Activate Your Pleasure Muscles
Possess some great abs to woo your girls to the bed? Although they are great to help you appear as a hunk with sturdy physical build, but sexual performance needs more than these abs.

To make the most of your performance, you need to work hard on the muscles located in the pelvic floor called pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. This muscle helps every man control their peeing and climax during orgasm.
It is better to work on this muscle so as to exert a control on its actions so that you can restrict premature ejaculation and also improve your orgasm.

To improve the functions of this muscle, you better use various workout techniques such as Kegel. Using this type of workout form helps you develop PC muscles and its strength. For a clearer understating of PC muscle, you can assume it as the muscles linked to peeing. So, the technique you use to hold back your proneness of peeing will be the same for PC muscle too.

Crunch your PC muscle, squeeze it firmly inside and hold for two seconds. Release it once done. Do this for 20 times and three times a day. With times, try to hold it tighter for a long period of time.

Try Edging
Edging is the best applied technique to improve your orgasm capacity. Returning back from the point of ejaculation, and hold it for a little from there, rest and try it all over again. Do it again and again. Masturbation provides you the best result, when you pull your penis glans back to feel the excitement of orgasm, but stop when you are about to ejaculate. Hold your breath for a second and then begin the act again. Or else, you can work on your testicles and retract the penis tip to stop the urge.
Learn the tricks of edging, it is blissful and it helps you feel a contractile pleasure, without that messy fluid around. Plus, with a higher number of practices, you will be able to have multiple orgasms.

Raise Your Libido
Higher the libido, higher the chances to achieve a better orgasm is. It is possible only when you have a full volume of testosterone flow in abundance. Go for a run; watch something erotic like Fifty Shades of Gray to increase your testosterone level. Many studies have proven this statement too. So, try to increase your testosterone in your bloodstream and achieve a better climax.

Stop Solo Session
It is okay, you perform a lot of solo acts to improve your PC muscle functions. But, don’t push your limits too much as it does not give you the pleasure as much as sex does. With the release of prolactin, it ensures you achieve a better sex, which masturbation fails to release. So always go for penile-vaginal penetration, which releases 400% more prolactin to raise the degree of your pleasure.

Perform Breathing Exercise
In order to achieve full-bodied climax, controlling your breath is essential. This is so true with sex forms like Tantric or Sting. So, build a deeper breath, and it will pay off by giving an intense arousal and a satisfying orgasm later. When you are breathing rapidly, it helps build your sexual tensions and drawing you closer to the orgasm by supplying more oxygenated blood to the regions responsible for arousal. So, take shallower air in through your nose, and take the breath out through your mouth to release psychological and sexual tension. This way, it helps you achieve an intensified climax.
Involve Your Brain
Surprisingly, the brain is the biggest sexual organ and also stimuli, which activates the feeling of orgasm. The brain triggers a sensation in the genitals and regulates everything. It is for the somatosensory cortex region in the brain, that activates men’s physical sensations, upon which men feel a sexual urge. Therefore, to feel better orgasms, you need to guide your girl to focus more on your penis, while you need to concentrate on to developing sensation from the whole thing.

Become Heated
Relaxation ensures the achievement of orgasms. The highest level of comfort helps you stay relaxed, and you are likely to get a better sex. Scientists at the University of Groningen claimed men who had warm feet because of socks on their feet were more likely to feel aroused than men without socks. Staying without socks makes you have cold feet. This is a downer for a heightened sex.
Do pay attention to what women like. They love to see you without anything except a pair of socks on your feet. So, just stick to it, and enjoy a better orgasm.
Don’t just use that old tactic to achieve an intense orgasm. Aim at following all these things so that every night remains lustful and memorable for you. Just get going and stick to your mission, with time you learn every skill to be sexually complacent.