How To Finger Yourself

Down below is a guide that will help you learn how to finger yourself. Girl or guy, if you want to show yourself or your partner a good time, the following tips and tricks should be of help. 
The very first step into masturbation is to get yourself aroused. You do not want to drive right into fingering yourself, without even getting aroused, because in that case your orgasms are not going to be even half as intense. If you are stressed out and tired, you won’t exactly be able feel sexy or turned on. So you need to relax yourself. Also make sure to find a private place where you won’t be getting disturbed anytime soon, it could be your bedroom, a bathroom, any place that suits you. Getting turned on is a two way street: you need to arouse yourself both physically as well as mentally. In order to get yourself there physically, you need to caress yourself, focusing on your erogenous zones. Feel free to go ahead and include a sex toy. In order to turn yourself on mentally, you can try lighting some candles, listening to music, watching some porn or reading erotica- whatever works best for you. 
Here are some fingering techniques that might help: 
1) The Basic Way
Slide your hand down your breasts and your stomach slowly until you reach your clitoris. The fleshy fold of skin present on either sides of your vagina, right below your clit are called the labia. You can begin by gently stroking your labia and this will work to get you wet and lubricated. As your finger gets naturally lubed up with your wetness, press your fingertips into your vagina and as it gets covered with more of the lubrication, take your fingers deeper inside. Fingering is not about how deep you go, but about what feels most pleasurable. If you find yourself unable to produce lubrication, consider alternatives such as artificial lubricants or coconut oil. 

2) Stimulating the G Spot
While pushing your fingers in and out of your vagina, you might find that pressing up or brushing against some regions feels better than the others. Once you start fingering yourself, try curling your fingers in a manner which makes them press against the upper walls of your vagina, forming a hook-like position. That is where your G spot is supposed to be. You can differentiate it from the other surfaces as it will feel much like the back of the palate of your mouth, or like a wet raspberry, soft with slight ridges. You want to concentrate on the G spot in order to have the most intense orgasms. Keep in mind that in order to find your G spot, you need to be turned on. Since it is located right beside the bladder, stimulating it might make you feel like you need to pee, so you might want to take a leak before you begin fingering. 

3) Pressure Pressing
This works best for those who find it difficult to have vaginal as well as G spot orgasms. If you have difficulty in reaching the spot, or applying required pressure using the standard technique, you can try applying pressure from the other side. This can be done during intercourse as well. You need to go about fingering your G spot normally while placing a hand on top of the mon pubis, which is located right above your pubic bone and then just push down until you can feel it getting stimulated.

4) From behind
Another method of fingering is by taking yourself from behind. Putting your hand down your back, over your ass and into your vagina. Once inside, curl your fingers and press inside to stimulate the walls of your vagina lying opposite to your G spot. It is not as stimulating as reaching out to the G spot, but is definitely worth trying.

5) Double fun
This technique requires you to use both of your hands. With your first hand, you need to finger yourself as you normally would, and use the other hand to rub, caress and massage your clitoris. It makes it easier to reach an orgasm. 

6) Up the ass
If you are curious about anal sex, you might want to start off with some fingering first. All the nerve endings present in this area make it all the more pleasurable. However, you might want to prepare yourself for it by filing your fingernails and applying some lubricant. As the anal canal does not lubricate itself like the vagina, you can either use artificial lube or your saliva. Once you are done lubricating your finger, reach out from behind your back and insert your finger into it. You need to take things slow as the muscles down there require quite some time to relax and allow penetration. Once inside, mimic the standard in and out stimulation or just leave your finger inside, whatever feels good to you. You can even combine anal fingering with some vaginal or clitoral stimulation using your idle hand. 

Now that you have an idea of where you need to be putting those fingers, you might want to know more about what you can do with your fingers once they are inside. One of the motions that might help is stroking, which can be done by placing your finger against the wall of your vagina and then just dragging it back and forth coupled with a little bit of experimentation with the pressure that you apply. Pressing the G spot is another thing that will take you closer and closer to the edge. Rubbing is another helpful motion that your fingers can perform, just like stroking, but with more pressure and circular motions that help concentrate on a particular area where you seem to enjoy it the most. 
Well, now that you know all that you need to know about fingering, go ahead and get yourself or your partner a ticket to the world of mind blowing orgasms!