How to Find Your G-spot

Women empowerment is everywhere. However, when it comes to achieving an insane pleasure, a lot hinges on the secret spot, about which many of the women know nothing.

These days, the advancements of technology along with that of drone powered product supply techniques at your doorstep alleviate the harassment of getting a pack of condoms from the nearest local stores. It helps you avoid the inhibitions too.

So, the progress is ever growing and undergoing to transform in a large scale. Despite this, a large number of women remain ignorant about the route to their mind-blowing vaginal orgasms. This leads them to distract their men, and restrict them from even having a good end-result.
Do you know why this happens so and most often? It’s all because of your inability to find that high intensified orgasmic pleasure through a secret spot known as G-spot. It is no secret that elusive G-spot has been driving so many nuts, but many of them taste nothing but failure. It is possible to spend your night with the hottest and sexiest man in the world in your bedroom, but pleasure inducing spot remains a big secret for everyone, even for your crazy partner.        

Now, while a new research has shed a light on it confirming that every woman is destined with this secret spot, you are at least aware of that some small area laden with intense orgasmic forces exists in this world for every woman.

Along with this, MRIs and medical biopsies confirm the existence of this G-spot, a very true part of women’s anatomy. It is the secret spot that enables to yield more focused sexual pleasures with powerful orgasms. The whole insights about this can be found in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  

Despite this, if you are unaware of it and do not know how to cash on it to get the maximum pleasure out of it, you must find your G-spot. So, let us not waste time and jump straight to the primary topic.

What G-spot is?
Let’s start with its functions at the very first phase. It is a highly sensuous organ, which for many women results in more intense sexual pleasure than received through clitoral stimulation. At the same time, G-spot brings about a more intense flushing feeling which runs past your whole body evenly.

However, the spot from which the sexual feeling arises has some disagreement regarding its size from different corners. It measures quarter to a few inches along the upper vaginal wall, while it approaches the vaginal opening; it measures an inch to two inches. Beneath this area, exists a highly sensitive tissue, which generates sexual pleasure.
Provided its makeup, it is too intricate too. Many of the experts were unsure if it is made of too many nerve-endings stemming from underneath the clitoris or it is a distinct gland in the vagina.
Although they are uncertain about its makeup, its make is as similar as those of men’s prostate. 

Since, G-spot is an independent entity and resembles some of the characteristics as similar as a male’s body, it is made of so many tissues which produces chemicals that of sperm.
At the same time, it shares a huge similarity with the male’s prostate. When aroused, it produces fluid like wetness in their vagina and even some odorless fluid after climaxing.
The whole process of finding your G-spot is a little tricky and time-consuming. And hence, it takes lots of your patience to hold onto lest you fickle out. Patience is a key to finding the secret G-spot, and no matter how elusive it is, you will be successful to find it and receive that much awaited G-spot orgasms and finally be complacent with the big ‘O’.

Location Of The G-Spot
It is close to the vaginal wall. About two inches underneath the vaginal opening, it is located. Inside it, there is a small bean with textured of a walnut. This is made up of thousands of sensitive tissues, which becomes aroused and swollen on being touched.
However, it is not all to know about this pleasure point. When you really get to have some little idea about it, you can now extend your radius to explore about this intense orgasmic bundle of tissues.
Now enrich the feeling of orgasms by exploring it at the furthest level.

How To Locate It
Lie back with your two legs bent for a smoother access to your vagina. Use the front texture of your palms to support the Mons pubis for a perfect balance. Now, insert two fingers inside your vagina and put pressure on the front wall with your fingertips. As said earlier, in this area, you can find a bean shaped pattern with ridged textures just like the roof of your mouth. It feels just as soft as sponges.

A few minutes of exploration seem ineffective to let you locate that pleasure spot. Hence, you need to be creative and need to arouse yourself sexually. All you need to become turned on, to feel its existence. So, when you are aroused, this spot swells up with blood and becomes larger. Now, you need not any further explanation, where is your G-spot. Remember, exploration of G-spot is easier only when you are aroused.

How To Bring About That Orgasmic Bliss?
You need to be patient while exploring your G-spot for the maximum benefits on the orgasmic pleasure. Use different level of speeds and pressure to find out which fits your preferences. A constant friction in the area leads you to nearing the orgasms. Don’t be surprised by this feeling. 
You need to maintain a balance with every stroke and touch so that your feelings can receive that ecstasy.

Sometimes, maneuvering with fingers may irritate your muscles and discourages you from trying this.

Do not fret over it. You can use a dildo to increase the intensity of the solo act of G-spot stimulation. While incorporating a sex toy in combination with your finger, it ensures you achieve a blended orgasmic bliss. On being stimulated on your G-spot, you can achieve that most awaited sexual feeling.

Amid this, when you are busy exploring your G-spot for the perfect stimulation, it triggers an urge of peeing. When this happens, it may instruct you to rush to the bathroom. But, do not remove your attention from your mission; it will ebb out within a few minutes.
Your lesson on G-spot exploration and stimulation will be complete when you engage your partner to do it. Use being- on- top sex position to maximize the ecstasy of this true orgasmic bliss.