How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

An erectile dysfunction is the inability to reach orgasms due to failure of successful erections for rigidity of the penis.

So, when it hits you, it impairs your strength to get an erection and reach the climax, meddling with your sexual life heavily. Facing this problem, it raises two concerns for you- “is Erectile Dysfunction permanent”? and “Can this problem be fixed?”
Well, this men’s health issue is not common and it is referred to as one of the common sexual problems of middle aged men between 30 and 50 years of age. According to the Urology Care of Foundation, around 30 million men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.
In some cases, lifestyle changes may bring some relief, but if the problem is serious and adamant, the prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction in men cannot be resolved with simple lifestyle changes. As it involves too many factors, you need to talk to your doctor to solve the issues.

As referred to as impotence, Erectile Dysfunction pertains to many causes, which need your attention so that you can take appropriate steps and get back to your normal sexual life.

Causes of ED

Mental Health
As with many factors contributing to Erectile Dysfunction, the mental condition is one of the foremost reasons to blame for.
According to the Mayo clinic, for many people sex is not as satisfying as it should be for them.  While sex itself is a stress buster, Erectile Dysfunction makes the sexual chores a stressful affair much before it takes place with disrupting mental feelings in the brain influenced by different mental situations like stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and sleep deprivation.
Sometimes, differences in relationships leading to arguments and miscommunications between the couples can turn the bedroom affair into a suffocating mess for them and it turns your bedroom an uncomfortable place for you. However, you can bring flexibility to your relationship and make your sexual affairs better by exchanging better communication tactics and being open about your thoughts and perspective about your sexual preferences.

Bad Habits
People with constricted blood vessel cannot achieve erections as the blood supply cannot reach the genitals and make it engorged with, hence the feeling of arousals remain at the bay. This is more common among the older men. According to a recent survey in the UK, half of the young men aged 30 years cannot maintain or get erections due to Erectile Dysfunction.
Hence, the problem is quite relevant among younger individuals because of their bad habits, who use tobacco and alcohol.
This bad habit tends to constrict your blood vessel and wrecks havoc on your sexual health as reported by the National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse. This worsens or results in Erectile Dysfunction.
Obesity leads to the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction in men. Many health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular disease can combine obesity with Erectile Dysfunction. The conditions are really a huge threat to your sexual life and hinder your sexual performance.
Sweat it out with various cardiovascular exercises so that it can help you supply the blood properly throughout your body, including your penis. Hence, you can perform better behind the walls with a well structured and toned physique and muscles. Added bonus, it boosts your sexual confidence as well as your performance.
Aside from only obesity and obesity related health risks, there are many health factors resulting in Erectile Dysfunction, including low testosterone level, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and clogged blood vessels. Along with it, the consumption of certain medications can trigger the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction.

Peyronie’s Disease And Surgery
Having a curved penis during erection is referred to as Peyronie’s disease. The disease causes the development of fibrous skin underneath the penis, leading to Erectile Dysfunction. It is coupled by painful erection during the intercourse.
Besides, if you take medications for prostate cancer or possess enlarged prostate, it alarms the trigger of Erectile Dysfunction. Injuries or surgeries in the pelvic floor region have a direct connection with Erectile Dysfunction. While these causes a tremendous mental jolt as you fail to achieve a successful sexual affair with your partner, every night bedroom scene is disheartening and aching for you.

Your physician can help you with Erectile Dysfunction with a range of medical and surgical treatments available at your disposal. As they are a serious and costly affair, you can try some easier and simpler techniques as long as the matter lies in your hands. We can find different natural/Ayurvedic methods to address the men’s sexual issue, aiming at curing Erectile Dysfunction from the grass root and helping with an improved sexual and quality life.  
One thing to remember is that upon not paying attention to the Erectile Dysfunction, the issue can foster the occurrence of permanent impotence, which can be a real trouble for your partner and a permanent source of unhappiness, keeping you away from experiencing parenthood.
Natural And Ayurvedic Treatments For ED

There are many treatment possibilities that include natural and Ayurvedic remedies for positive results for Erectile Dysfunction. However, it is important you take a cautious step while using these natural remedies, as the use of the natural herbs and medications may add to your risks.
We have very little evidence or proof that supports their efficacy on impotency, but still some herbs and plants have been in use for many centuries as a method to stave of Erectile Dysfunction despite having mild to severe side-effects.

Erectile dysfunctions occur due to narrowed blood vessels that hinder the blood flow to the genitals for a perfect arousal and an erection. Different studies have proved that the higher doses of L-arginine are effective in dilating the blood vessels to maintain the blood flow in the genitals so as to cause an erection.
However, this natural remedy should not be taken along with Viagra that is known to treat Erectile Dysfunction itself. It causes a number of side-effects including mild abdominal cramps, diarrhea and sickness.

Dehydroepiandrosterone  (DHEA)
For an improved libido and escape from Erectile Dysfunction, this compound is believed to be useful in increasing desires in women as well as keeping the Erectile Dysfunction issues in checks. Take a low dose as the higher doses of the medication can lead to the development of acne.

You can find different types of ginseng out there, but while choosing the perfect and suitable one for you, you need to be careful. It is believed that Ginseng has a positive impact on Erectile Dysfunction health. However, you cannot avoid its side-effects like insomnia.

Getting aroused is all about having enough blood flow to the penis to make it engorged for a perfect erection. And gingko is believed to bring the blood supply to the groin region to increase the libido and also improve Erectile Dysfunction. Be cautious while opting for this as it increase the risks of bleeding. Hence, individuals taking blood thinners or suffering from bleeding disorder should take an advice of their physicians.

The supplement blended with propionyl-L-carnitine is an enhanced natural remedy for Erectile Dysfunction. It can offer better results in improving the health of Erectile Dysfunction than Viagra alone. There is no such complication associated with this supplement if consumed with a doctor’s supervision.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)
This natural herb improves sexual performance by correcting the issues of Erectile Dysfunction. There has been no testing on humans, but it is recommended that this herb can cause cardiovascular complications.

So far, all natural remedies offer health benefits for Erectile Dysfunction to some lengths. However, these natural ingredients sourced from an African Tree bark appears to be one of the elusive herb. Some research suggests that yohimbine offers the same functions as provided by a drug used to improve depression to cure sexual dysfunction.

Although it is an effective remedy for Erectile Dysfunction, it has some potential health risks.

The regular use of this natural product may increase the risks of high blood pressure, anxiety and fast heart beat. Still, you are keen to take this supplement; you should ask doctor’s advice.
Now comes the holistic approach of Ayurvedic to address the issues of Erectile Dysfunction. Studies suggest that Ayurvedic medications may help with Erectile Dysfunction. The scopes of Ayurvedic treatment include herbal compounds, dietary guidelines and certain exercise formats.

Indian Ginseng
With Indian ginseng, it is possible to enhance the mental health as well as relieving stress. Thereby, by suppressing the effects of these two factors linked to Erectile Dysfunctions, the effects of Erectile Dysfunction can be improved.
Known as Withania somnifera, this herb is highly used in Ayurvedic medicines. It is most commonly known as Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng.
It maintains hormone levels, improves sperm count and also enhances fertility.  In order to get the most effective result, you can take high doses up to 6,000 milligrams each day.

Safed Musli
This herb with its scientific name as Chlorophytum borivilianum is popularly known as a vajikarana herb. It acts a great aphrodisiac to boost one’s sexual desire or libido. Multiple studies have shown its benefits to improve sperm counts. It also improves fertility. It is available in the form of capsule or powder form. The recommended dose of this Ayurvedic medicine is 2 grams each day.

Asparagus racemosus
This Ayurvedic species are highly used in the preparation of vajikarana mixtures to improve sexual health.  Popularly known as Shatavari or ‘curer of hundred diseases’, it is found in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Several studies have proved its benefits and efficacy for making men fertile and help them with reproduction process. Hence, it addresses Erectile Dysfunction  with care.
It is also a good Ayurvedic aphrodisiac to enhance one’s sexual desires and promotes desires for your partner.

Asparagus racemosus is available in powdered form and also in tincture form. However, how much amount of dose is appropriate is still unknown.

Cassia Cinnamon
Cassia cinnamon, extracted from an evergreen tree found in India is a kind of cinnamon scientifically known as Cinnamomum cassia. The extract of the bark of this tree is used as a cassia cinnamon to enhance sexual performances.

Do not confuse between cassia cinnamon and species cinnamon, which is a great seasoning to be used for sweet dishes. It needs your attention and careful finding capabilities, while looking for this rare herb to improve your Erectile Dysfunctions.  Be aware of taking the recommended and the right amount of doses to avoid any side-effects.

Since a holistic treatment is apt to address those underlying issues related to Erectile Dysfunctions, how the importance of exercise be left out alone. It is necessary to follow the exercise regimen in order to make the most of the Ayurvedic benefits. And when you make yoga a part of your life, it embraces the Ayurvedic treatment practice.
Yoga is a popular form of exercise comprising stretching, concentration, and meditation to alleviate the stress levels. It is a well-researched form of fitness methods that addresses every health issues of men and women. Nor does it only improve stress to enhance your erectile dysfunctions, but it promotes and maintains a healthy balance of testosterone levels also.

Risks Of Ayurvedic Medicines
The efficacy of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs has been popularized since long decades by different studies and research. However, very little is described about its exact amount of dosages and its links with other synthetic drugs. It may increase your risks as you tend to take it without a doctor’s recommendation. If you still want to self treat yourself with the Ayurvedic medicinal method, they can increase your vulnerability to different side-effects.

However, if you decide to get all natural or Ayurvedic treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, they do not act as harsh as those synthetic drugs do like that of Viagra. Besides, there are other surgical procedures, which result in huge risks, including scarring of the skin around the penis shaft and excessive bleeding post surgery. From that perspective, it is ideal to go for natural or Ayurvedic treatment options. Although minimal side-effects exist, the issue can be resolved by a doctor’s consultation.

Do not forget to ask for your doctor’s recommendations when you decide to get a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Be careful and lead a healthy and happy sexual life.