How to Avoid Heart Burns While Taking Male Enhancement Pills

Sexual male enhancement is a huge market. Given erectile dysfunctions are on a rise among men older than 40, the trend is based on the number of men suffering from ED and the available male enhancement pills in the current market.
The global male enhancement drug and enhancement market want to breathe into this situation.

We all know that an inability that prevents the occurrence of a firm erection sufficient for intercourse is referred to as an erectile dysfunction or impotence. Today, this medical and sexual disorder has become common among men aging about 40 years and above. Rather than anything serious with the penile shaft, there are several underlying conditions, leading to ED, comprising stress, depression, and anxiety. In addition, physical and psychological issues contribute to this and also aggravate the conditions to become worse.

This is one of the biggest reasons why there is a steep competition among the big companies that produce male enhancement pills and supplements. Simultaneously, there has been a decline of male enhancement pills due to patent expiry, counterfeited drugs, and an increasing availability of generic drugs. Despite this, the global male enhancement drug or pill market is estimated to increase by $2.95 billion in 2023 from $1.65 billion in 2016, while CAGR is assumed to touch an approximate 6.5% during the forecast period 2017-2023.

The global market is flooded by an astounding number of sexual pills and drugs, but the leading one is the prescription drug Viagra that is recommended by doctors to help with erectile dysfunctions and achieve an erection for successful intercourse.

Viagra is highly recommended to address erectile dysfunctions by doctors, as it can help with several sexual dysfunctions including involuntary ejaculation and performance anxiety.

About Viagra  
Viagra was originally created for improving the cardiovascular conditions. It dilates the blood vessels to transfer oxygen rich blood to the heart and thereby improving the conditions of cardiovascular disease and promote heart health. Gradually, it was observed that it also improves the blood transfusion to the penis region and stimulates an erection.

With times, Viagra was observed to reinstate blood flow in the penis, and help with firmer and stronger erection.
It is recommended for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction, a sexual health condition that cause muscle rigidity in the penis and prevents from getting an erection, insufficient for sexual intercourse.
This is where the male enhancement pill like Viagra and many of its generic versions has come to foray to help with erection difficulties and improve sexual issues.  Its erection potentials urge many younger men to opt for this sildenafil citrate instilled drug to boost their sexual performance and improve endurance.

How Viagra works
Viagra or any other male enhancement pills work as a PDE5 inhibitor. The inhibitor of sildenafil citrate, an active ingredient in Viagra suppresses enzyme PDE5, and thereby restricting relaxation of smooth muscles in the penis and promotes a healthy blood flow to the penis to help aid an erection.

Rather than this sexual boost, Viagra is found to improve the conditions of diseased heart health. According to a study published four years back in the journal of BMC Medicine, it reported that this little blue pill can prevent heart muscle thickening and heart failure at an early stage. Although the substantial finding reports of the study are sensitive to a large amount of research to prove its efficacy, it proved some length of improvements. During the trial, all 1600 participated patients took doses lower than actually prescribed for ED and were found to have some level of side-effects too.

Not only Viagra, different types of male enhancement pills like Levitra, Cialis foster several kinds of health complications, which may turn riskier to your health.
It is to observe if Viagra contributes to side-effects for those with or without any signs of ED. There have been several trials that prove that Viagra does cause several types of side-effects.
How Viagra Or Other Male Enhancement Pills Affects Your Body
As soon as you take Viagra, your brain referred to as the largest sex organ gets influenced by its chemical reactions. The blood stream gets concentrated within an hour after administration, and it builds its action as an erection.

This medication is also linked to reducing the blood pressure, and contributing to the most common side-effects like redness and flushing.  
In case you have low blood pressure and weak heart health, you should not take Viagra without consultation with your doctor.

Alongside, drug interactions with Viagra can aggravate your conditions if you take alpha blockers and nitrate infused medications.

Viagra can be dangerous if you have priapism , a rare condition that keeps and maintains an erection for more than four hours and causes pain to the penis. Rather than this, if you have Peyronie’s disease, which triggers penis abnormality, you should avoid using this PDE5 inhibitor.

Be remembered, Viagra does not work unless you are sexually aroused. In addition, it does not offer you a permanent solution as it provides just a temporary fix to your erectile dysfunctions.
It also affects your brain, when you are not sexually aroused. And gradually, you are likely to suffer headache, and feel nauseated. Along with this, some more temporary side-effects like vision loss, dizziness, ringing sensation in the ear and also hearing loss.
As with many side effects like these, the issues with digestive system become very gruesome for you. Severe heartburn, followed by nausea is quite common with Viagra.

Viagra and Heartburn
As soon as Viagra is taken, very few people suffer chronic heart burn or indigestion.
Heat burn or scientifically known as GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease is a chronic digestive disorder, causing burning behind the sternum. A line of complications like the fullness of stomach, acid or bitterness in the mouth or in the esophagus is one of the common signs of acid reflux or GERD. Sometimes, the conditions become worse when tilted or lying down.

The malfunctioning of the lower esophageal sphincter causes this reflux.  It is a tubular system that connects esophagus and stomach. When we swallow food, LES helps with transit of the food into the stomach by opening the aperture. However, when LES fails to function and does not close properly, the stomach contents gets back to the esophagus and triggers sour or bitter taste in the throat and mouth, which is known as a GERD, and cause acid reflux and heart burn.
More often if your LES does not open, two primary things can contribute to the heart burn. One when you overeat that creeps back to your esophagus and causes discomfort in your throat. Another thing is extreme pressure on your stomach can lead to heart burning, may be due to pregnancy, obesity, and constipation.

Risks of heartburn
Heartburn does not stay for long, and its duration is highly dependent on the physical built of individuals who suffer it. It wears off within a few minute, but sometimes it does stay for several hours. The signs of heartburn are highly prevalent in pregnant women, and they face it once a week.

If the signs of heartburn are occasional, there is no hidden concern for it. But, if it stays for long term, it can lead to severe and serious health issues like GERD, which is earlier discussed. Know that GERD can result in other health complications such as

·         Narrowing of the esophagus, resulting in difficulties in food swallowing
·         Burning and ulcers in the esophagus
·         Cold and cough
·         Esophageal cancer
Things that worsen your heart burn
Several things contribute to the onset of heartburn, and gradually GERD, comprising certain foods, certain type of medications, beverages and also specific types of activities.

Spicy food that aggravates the acidic reactions and leads the stomach content to the throat

Citrus food, tomato based food and garlic laden food. In addition to this, anything that takes time to get digested contributes to the onset of heartburn and certainly GERD.

When it comes to sex, it is a kind of workout that triggers the symptoms of GERD, and makes the sexual intercourse quite irritable with fewer quotient of sexual pleasure.

Meantime, any men who take ED pills like Viagra sometimes confront the issues of heartburn.

It is likely to increase the onset of the acidic reactions inside your throat due to heartburn, right after you take Viagra.

Whereas the drug interaction is concerned, it is safe to take this drug alongside the diabetes drugs, and anything to dilate the blood vessels. Whatever it is, it leads to the drop in blood pressure, so it is better to avoid it without your doctor’s suggestions.

You should not take this Viagra only for recreational purposes since it can aggravate your conditions. It is recommended only if you have ED and other sexual dysfunctions.

How Viagra results in heartburn
If you are highly susceptible to heartburn due to several reasons leading to acidic reactions like indigestion, dyspepsia, you should make sure to not take Viagra, as it can only aggravate the condition of your heartburn.

Viagra causes an erection in the penis by relaxes the soft muscles in the penis, and thus bringing the blood flow to it to trigger an erection. At the same time, Viagra causes muscles to relax in the other part of the body, including the sphincter resulting in detachment of the stomach from the esophagus that closes untimely. This triggers stomach contents to creep back to the throat and cause heartburn soon after taking the PDE5 inhibitor.

However, the worse experiences of heartburn during sex can be preventative by following some of the best remedies.

How to avoid heart burns while taking male enhancement pills
If you find to be attacked by heartburn right after the consumption of Viagra, you can take anta cid right before, after or with Viagra to avoid its harsh effects on your throat, and prevent that uneasiness of the fullness of stomach during sex. Antacid like omeprazole can work better with heartburn by neutralizing the onset of stomach acidity and indigestion. You can drink plenty of water while using this drug to help with your erectile dysfunctions.

Even if it fails to work, you can stop heavy and greasy foods, curb alcohol consumption and smoking to prevent sphincter from getting relaxed as it leads to the issues to become worse for you. Since, tiling backward or lying down aggravates the conditions of heartburn, you should prefer using sex positions involve the upright postures.

Another effective method to avoid acid reflux related to Viagra could be splitting the dose into several parts. Say, you use 100 mg of dose. You can split it into 10 parts. And take every part over the duration of 24 hours. It can get you the same results as the conventional one with minimal amount of side-effects.

Sometimes, changing the brand name can help with your heartburn. The pill that contain black tinge is expected to offer no side-effects at all like severe heartburn, as though it is specific to certain level of fitness and physical built.

Heartburn is usual with other male enhancement pill like Cialis as well. When you are on certain medications, the chances of drug interactions are likely to happen. If you take oxydocon to treat your mild pain, you can take help of oxydocon, it does not aggravate your condition. At the same time, if heartburn is common with Cialis, you can prefer to take Prilosec that will help with your conditions.

So far, it is clear that male enhancement pills do cause several severe complications like heartburn and worsen your sexual experiences if you do not find early remedial escape from it.

Rather than this, many over-the-counter male enhancement supplements and pills like Extenze, Manup Now, Stiff Nights, Rock Hard Weekend, Mr. Magic Male Enhancer, Magic Power Coffee contain the key ingredient of Viagra. Consumption of these male enhancement drugs could be dangerous as they can cause several conditions like 

Viagra.  So, be careful, and do not use these drugs unless necessary and with clinical inputs from your doctors.

You need to be proactive while using this drug to not only avoid the heartburns, but severe health complications related to this enhancement pills. Become smart and use it according to your necessity.