How do I Hit Her G-spot

Every woman is destined with a few mysterious area, capable of producing an intense sense of orgasmic bliss like no other area in the female anatomy. So, good fellas if you want to blow her mind in the first try, it is better you learn the best tricks and techniques to find her G-spot, which is the most erogenous zone to build sexual pleasure at its best.

New research also has confirmed about the presence of a secret area in every woman’s body, which holds the greatest source of pleasure.

For many women, this area of secret pleasure lies hidden, and they do not even know about its magical power related to pretty intense sensations located deep inside the vagina. There is nothing new about the G-spot, but still many women do not find this elusive region in their anatomy. So far, medical reports delivered vague analysis about its existence.

Well, much to your relief while removing your confusions, you should better get an approval from the medical MRIs and scan report that established its truthfulness. Along with this, the reports also confirm that every woman is wired to have concentrated sexual pleasure along with an intense orgasm through it.

The whole story seems equal for men too, as they also need some elaborative insights into how the G-spot functions to build an extreme sensation for women. You may think you have all comprehensive understanding about this region, and you know every tactic to please your lady through G-spot stimulation. Do not forget this secret place in the women’s anatomy has everyone going crazy after them as it remains confidential and remains under wraps.

According to research, nearly 35% of men have failed to find the G-spot of their partners, while 36% of men do not even have any idea about this region in the vagina.  

Although it is true, yet it is quite elusive; it indeed makes sense to find G-spot to arouse orgasms, rather than just clitoral sensation. When you are successful giving her a G-spot sensation, she feels an extreme and intense shuddering pleasure down her lower part, which is highly confined to that lower part of the body. Hence, why not you try hard to hit her G-spot to give her an ultimate pleasure, she is looking for. Regardless of different tools you would like to use stimulating her that secret spot, it is rather better you take some time to explore that heavenly place in the women’s sexual anatomy.
Location Of The G-Spot Of Women’s Vagina
As with many men, they are engineered to stimulating their partners with a penile penetration. However, since many women are not comfortable with penetration, they are more likely to be reliant on stimulation with something else, like fingers, vibrators or other weapons.
Therefore, the better you get to know her certain anatomy, the better chance is for you to take her to new heights of pleasure.

Located on the upper wall of women’s vagina, there is not any perfect measurement for G-spot. It may range between an inch and a couple of inches in length. It is just right above the vaginal opening built with highly sensitive nerve endings. It is expressive to touch, and triggers a sensation of sexual pleasure. A sensation through G-spot is quite intense and warm, giving a great flushing feeling running through their entire body. To an expert, G-spot is an independent entity, similar to the male’s prostate. It is called so as it is responsible to trigger vaginal lubrication in a natural way. This happens when the G-spot is highly aroused.
Now, when you know, how it reacts to certain touches; it is worth looking her G-spot.

Various Weapons To Use For G-Spot Stimulation
Have patience while embarking to find her G-spot. Have your girl lying back. Send her knees spreading and bending.
Now, it opens her vagina to you for a better view. Insert your two fingers inside her vaginal canal, while your palm facing up. Keep inserting your fingers until you can feel an end road. Keep exploring, it feels spongy to your fingers. This is the spot; you are likely to look for. However, keep on searching if there are any other sensitive tissues or not. As you keep exploring, make sure to ask her feedback. If she hadn’t experienced this pleasure zone earlier, maybe, she feels like peeing on being touched on her G-spot. Become an active listener and confirms that this annoying part is not going to take place. Remember, G-spot stimulation never triggers any urine, but it advocates for a female ejaculatory sensation. This works best for you as she is highly encouraged to return what she gets from you.

When it comes to oral sex, you can better use the best of the best tricks and techniques using your tongue to stimulate her G-spot. This is because most women love to be stimulated by tongue as compared to fingers only or any other objects. When you do it skillfully, your job will put you in the front. While using your tongue, do it slowly. Do not thrust too hard or it will create hindrance from developing a sensation. Give her stimulation with your tongue on her clitoral hood, while adding in your fingers to stimulate the roof of her vagina as well. Use variety of motions as you go and ask for her preference. Go the way she guides you.

Penile Penetration
If you do not want to use your tongue and want to penetrate her with your penis, maintain an angle. Use a pillow to elevate her pelvic bone and expose her vagina to you during her on top. If that is not enough to hit her G-spot, you can go for a reverse cowgirl for a perfect G-spot stimulator. She makes a 45 degree angle while sitting on you with her back facing you. Guide her to sink into you. This gives her a great control over her moves. At the same time, she can play with herself too, while giving you a true pleasurable view to enjoy.  

Master these skills to find her G-spot and when you know them, your sexual encounters with your partners will be fantastic you had never imagined.