How Circumcision will Change Your Life

If you have been circumcised since childhood, you might think that you are missing out on something. Of course, happiness is only one of the main factors in the circumcision debate. Some people choose Medical reasons such as phimosis (where the foreskin is too tight) while another site does not have religion and hygiene factors but other people do not feel what you think it is because they have nothing to do with you? The idea of being circumcised gives goosebumps and a fear compounded by an assumption that pleasure decreases in the absence of a foreskin. But does it affect the sensitivity while having sex?
Perhaps surprising, the psychologists found that it is a choice when women prefer circumcision, more positive towards the renewable members of all sexual activity of the male. So is there anything to support this assumption that it looks good with some extra packaging? The American New Study whose sympathetic and men have met the Urological Association, in fact, the process is very low impact scientists 18 to 37 years of age of men, and four areas of touch are found in penile areas, pain penis (head), midland shaft, shaft And depending on the skin (if available) - and heat sensitivity evaluation. And they realized that even though the skin (for which it was) was slightly more susceptible to other areas, any other type of circumcision was tested on any kind of exciting type.
Regarding male circumcision, health care professionals live on the fence when parental recommendations come in. Some of the facts surrounding the penis or skin and novel paradoxical research and remedies associated with the uncertainty due to religious traditions. With the effect of its potential mental health effects on sexual function, parents may find it difficult to make the final decision about their infant's infant.

1. Reduces STD Risk
When unconscious men showed that research on the Imunodifisinsi virus (HIV) in the past can reduce the risk of infection by 50 to 60 percent, why not understand the right. A recent study conducted at Tronspershn Genomics Research Institute found that gender-bacterial community removal can be removed to be called "Maikrobim", which can be better protection against HIV infection. Tijiarai researchers circumcised as adults based on the reporting process with the volume of bacteria and bacteria in 156 people studying 33.3 percent of a year. Specific types of bacterial anchor cells were activated in the skin by circumcision. Despite being known, Langerhans cells as the first line of defense of the body, when activated, they can actually enable the transmission of HIV transmission CD 4T cells or viruses - cells targeted specifically by HIV.

2. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer
At the top of the Montreal protection, Quebec INRS-Institute researchers are found in the University of Armand-Frepiyr, circumcision is a prostate cancer that can save the risk of becoming a man. Studies based on low-level research on prostate cancer rates among West Muslim and Jewish men, based on the interview with 3208 men (1.590 which was diagnosed with prostate cancer). Compared to non-homeless men, the likelihood of developing prostate cancer in infants was 14% less. Surprisingly, the diagnosis of prostate cancer was 45 percent lesser than those circumcised later in life.

3. Risk increases with age and personal preference
Related potential risks of bleeding factors that circumvent urine infections, removal of excess skin, are difficult, and burning, is more common with age. That is why so many doctors have requested parents that procedures should be done soon if they plan to do it completely. A Study of the Health Metrics and Evaluation Institute Washington and Medical Billing Code reviewed more than 1.4 million men were taken into account. The findings suggest that the circumcision of boys under the age of 1 and 9 was as compared to 10 more than 10 years of adverse health concerns as compared to boys between the ages of 20 years. The study included the risk of circumcision among the boys, leaving behind the urethra and the very skin.

4. There is some pain associated with the process
Circumcision is usually considered a quick and easy process that does not mean that the child will be free from any pain. Like lack of pain or lidocaine, children's heart rate, blood pressure, circumcision performed without oxygen level analgesics, can cause behavior and changes at the cortical level. So many doctors have analgesia, a combination of local anesthetics or the procedure and later the inferior injection of lidocaine infant experiences, as recommended by the jade injections.
Experts said, "Personal priority is a key determinant factor." "The procedure is very quick, usually available for about five minutes, however, many pain controls, in particular, is based on the gender dependence of the lidocaine in order to process the area before it is injected. Most children after circumcision do not show the critical level of inconvenience. In rare circumstances, your child is more sedentary than usual after the procedure, UC acetaminophen is not recommended by your doctor. It could not have been let in. Once circumcised, usually takes weeks to heal. "

5. Mental health effects
Baby passes near initial trauma to initial trauma, circumcision alexithymia shows possible links, published emotions, recognition and expressing researchers Toronto Twenty Things Disposed of, 300 People alexithymia Scale Checklist Who Filled Personal History Questionnaire? Compared to uncircumcised male, compared to men without circumcision, alexithymia went 19.9 percent higher than the level and there was a problem in describing one more diffusion, most notably emotions and the difficulties of these three alexithymia factors were in recognition of the feelings.

Unfortunately, this trauma is almost always slow, because most of the medical circumcision occurs when a child is pre-oral; let it put the risk of alexithymia. The mother-son attachment to mother-in-law has been stuck because the child's mother is not available to answer her child's tragedy. Many boys are very upset with this process that they are different and are asleep. Rules also violate the non-alexithymia child's body with unethical processes that are often used for more traditional and parental cosmetic choices. This practice results in boys and their natural penis implications, resulting in low self-esteem, body image issues, self-hatred or suicide.