Give Her an Orgasm in 15 minutes

Hours of foreplay is not what is needed to get your partner to climax. Foreplay and the sex involved, both play a vital role in getting her to reach an orgasm. Time to pay attention because here is a guide to how you can get her there in a matter of 15 minutes.

You need to strike the right chords, and she’ll get there in no time. Instead of quickies and fumbling around before leaving for work, get her an intense orgasm that will leave her shuddering even hours after you are done. A study has shown that the average time that a woman takes to have an orgasm is after 10-20 minutes of sex. The key to this is, of course, more sex- so good news, for both, her as well as you.

Subconscious foreplay
It doesn’t classify as cheating as you aren’t going to be physically touching her. Take her to watch some live comedy or a date on a day when she is supposed to be working out. This will effectively prep her as exercises for the abs are responsible for stimulating her pelvic nerves and to add to that, take her home for some drinks later. A study revealed that red wine can work as an arousal agent for women. Not too much though, a glass or two should work just fine.

Mouth to mouth
Give at the very least a good 3 minutes of your time into kissing. It helps reduce the levels of stress, which ensures that you both get turned on quickly. As you kiss her, tilt your head to the right as that makes it seem like you care, which helps build a connection and trust between you both and gets her closer to the edge.

Don’t just spend time on her mouth, though. Studies have revealed that most women enjoy a quick peck or two on the neck as a warmup. Just remember not to do that too much, you do not want to desensitize her neck.
Next comes the time to become coordinated. As you kiss her, remove an item of clothing each time. This effectively helps deal with any body-confidence related insecurities. The more comfortable and good she feels about herself, the easier it is going to be for her to come.

You should compliment each part of her body as you undress her. It will put an end to her subconsciousness and by the end of the process, you will find her as turned on as you need her to be.

Tease maid
As you’re done stripping her, don’t hurry with the undergarments. Let her stay in them and stroke her through the fabric, building anticipation instead of just going for sex straight away.
Feeling like you’re in a hurry is the last thing she wants. Tease her for a while and then make her completely naked. To make her more sensitive and excited, consider using a scented lubricant. Preferably a strawberry scented one, as it is known to alert the senses.

Put your fingers where they need to go and start moving them slowly in a circular motion. Be sure to pay attention to her G-spot, clitoris and the PS-spot, which is just opposite to the G-spot. Simply being good with your hands can make you a way better lover.

Flex your other muscle
Using your tongue is the next step.
For starters, using one hand, pull up the clitoral hood and place fingers of your other hand below the area of her vaginal opening. Start licking side to side right above her clitoris. You’ll know you’ve hit the right spot when you begin to feel her pre-climax contractions.

Entrance Exam
Now that you’re done with foreplay, it is time for intercourse, which plays more of a part in making your partner climax than foreplay can. You need to get to some real work now.
In which position? Well, anything that avoids deep thrusting. Opt for the coital alignment technique instead. In order to perform it, you would want to begin with the classic missionary position and then pull back in such a way that the base of your penis is resting on her clitoris. Brace your feet with a fixture and begin moving backward and forwards instead of simply thrusting. This will make your penis gently massage her clitoris, which ensures you both enjoy the simulation to its fullest. It also gives you slow, pounding sensation which helps you keep control.

The fastest and easiest way to get her to climax is by getting her into a sensory overload.
The best judge to what works for her is her response to whatever it is that you do to her. So just be receptive and understand what she likes and just go in that direction, let her lead you.
For stimulating both, her clitoris and her G-spot, the best way to would be to take her from behind, and later use sex-toys if required.

Keep up the good work
By now, you must have driven her more than halfway to the edge. Now even though you may think there is a quick trick to make it happen, the truth is that women hate too many techniques being applied. It works as a distracting force and gets the arousal state back to square one. New techniques are more than welcome, but not when she is getting to the edge. At that point, she just needs you to continue doing what she likes. So stick to that and try the new stuff the next time. You don’t want all the work to go to waste now, do you? So, instead, when you feel you get a good response to something that you are doing- any position, any activity, in particular, you want to continue doing it. At the same, exact pressure and speed. Make her reach an intense orgasm just in that manner and she will be demanding another one as soon as she recovers from the very first one.