Getting Head in Life

A blow job- don’t assume it is anything related to cash crunch or scarcity of money. The key here is quite close to economics and have resemblances with that of a blow job in quite a straightway manner.  Since, every economy is based on reciprocity, so does fellatio.

Let us have it in a way of academic terms, and it refers to the normal characteristics of human linked to exchanging goods and labor for mutual benefit. So, in the case of fellatio too, if you dig deep down, you can explore that the good service of a blow job ensures you return the same favor with lots of care and affection.  

Blowing the horn, fellatio, speaking into the mic, going downtown and playing the pink oboe- all these phrases point at only one pleasure thing for men, that is men really  like blow jobs done to them by their women counterparts.
The word is so sexier, which is enjoyable and sounds aroused only when spoken in a soft manner. This is how it keeps it ecstasy intact. While it is so sweet and beautiful, what makes men to like this act so much?

Studies have revealed that as many as 70% men prefer oral sex to penetrative sex. 

Another study has claimed that although men are wired to getting a blow job, women who are readily do a blow job to their partners appeared much happier and sans depression than those who do not perform.
But, how do you want to receive this heavenly bliss from your woman is entirely dependent on how you guide her or how does she return it taking cues from you.
Don’t Guide The Whole Act As It Is Done On Porn
So, if you are a regular audience of porn, you know it well how the whole act of real life differs from that of porn. Don’t expect anything similar to those scenes, where porn female artists going down on their male co-actors and doing the job in between their teeth.

If you devise it this way, this could be quite vulnerable for you. As with thrusting, remember one thing that woman really likes to please men with breathing rather than choking. So, if you try to exert to teach her some wrong moves, it will make the things quite complicated. Don’t ever try to pull her hair; it makes the thing look ugly and painful. Another thing to remember, your girl is not going to stay downtown as long as you want. So, put some really good effort to make things count.

Maintain Hygiene
Enthusiasm from both ends makes the things work and yield good results. And when you make sure to make your girl go down south for a perfect blow job, you must maintain cleanliness and also hygiene. So, when you are clean and having a refreshing shower, if makes her feel more concentrated on the job and gets her to do the way you want.

Be remembered, that if you don’t smell good and feel refreshed, your girl is going to finish the work in haste. So, it is always ideal to get a good shower after a football match. Just follow this basic rule of way to the ultimate pleasure.
It is not that you need to clear your way out of the pubic hair to make your penis look bigger. Sometimes, getting the area around your penis a careful cutting job makes it worth to be accepted widely and happily by your girl. But, it is great that you take some of your time to pay attention to your closet.

It Is A Power-Reversal
Irrespective of the physical positions of both of you, you on your back and she on her knees, a blow job is a power reversal. Yes, what you receive from your partner as a mean of eternal sexual pleasure, you are likely to return that with 100% precision. This is what a great ‘turn-on’ for women.
It really feels great to the women when they perform it. They enjoy the difference between the power of performing it and relishing the reactions of yours while receiving it. Every bit of reaction from your wide eyes to your yelling- they just look so arousing and feel incredible.

Get one thing that women love to accomplish the job they are assigned to. When they take a charge, they know how to finish it and how quickly they will take you there. It is like they do it thinking a better service could yield them good returns. Therefore, they do it with positive emotions.

Fellatio – Just A Part Of The Whole Play
Most women want to make sure that a blow job should just go for some moments, not till the last. The concept works for the most men as well. If you believe statistics, every one in ten men love to be getting off through a blow job. Another way, the blow job is done halfway as a mean of encouraging you to carry on the job onto your female partners. It is assumed that if you are getting off by a blow job, it is likely that you do not show any interest to return that favor.

Applause Is Always Expected
Although it is not all about building emotional connections through fellatios, it does not mean women do not deserve any applause for the service they are providing to you. Since, it is a mutual activity, where both of you are engaged to provide the same favor, and make best efforts to let the performance be enjoyable, you need to express how you like it. Hence, always be sure to provide an apt feedback to increase their encouragement and self-conscious. This makes them perform better on your dick and know how to improve better than your previous partner.
If anything just falls too short to explain the right instruction to the performer, it is better you share it from your experience the way you did a blow job to her.

Putting an End To The Performance
And finally, it feels simply awesome when your woman swallows to feel more sexually aroused rather than those who just love to spit. With this, when you can come to an end with a great pleasurable sounds, it feels great to them. So, keep it strong right from the beginning till the last. It makes her feel complacent that she has been successful by giving you just the right service.