Get a healthy penis

Any health issues impact your overall health, including your penis.  “A physically fit 50-year-old man is quite capable of doing sex as compared to his much younger out-of-shape counterpart, yet addicted to smoking and drinking,” says Dr. Steve Lamm, MD., an assistant professor at the New York University of Medicine.
Getting hard depends a lot on the healthy blood flow to the penis while other health and mental factors are important to healthy penis too.
However, if too much stress makes you depressed or you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and develop a poor relationship with your partner, no mechanical wonders can do magic for you to be erect handsomely.
Well, more choices are there for you to try them so that you can keep your manhood in a good health and enjoy your sex life even after going beyond the age bar.

Fall Asleep immediately after the last thrust

It is quite common to fall asleep after the final thrust. And you probably do it every time you have a sex. However, did you know that even after you get lost in the dreams right after the climax; your erections remain dynamic for around five long hours? Well, it does not remain so only to excite your bedmate but for your own good. Your penis gets activated by the flow of oxygenated blood in it while being erect after the orgasm. Your erectile tissue becomes stronger, allowing you to have a furniture-breaking sex with more nocturnal erections.
In addition to this, sex and testosterone are integrated while the hormone works as an aphrodisiac and promotes a healthy sexual life. Testosterone gains its peak in the morning for men. Hence, a good sleep is always must to keep the testosterone level in a healthy condition. Never deprive yourself of having a sound. Indulge at least in seven hours of sleep is beneficial for your health and sexual life also. An adequate sleep is the key to preventing many health conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea and including that of high blood pressure and not to mention – the quality of sexual life.  

Put it Out

Kick the butt right now if you really want to perform well in the bed. Researchers found that penises of the smokers are smaller than non-smokers. The nicotine in cigarette creates a blockage in the arteries, disrupting healthy blood flow to the heart as well as to the penile veins, and thus, causing smokers to develop erectile dysfunctions. As the days pass by, smoking tends to wreak havoc on the potency level of the smokers, making them vulnerable to have a reduction in erection sizes and loss of elasticity.

Stop ramming your penis into hard objects

Sometimes, men tend to thrust themselves on the hard objects to get the ultimate pleasure during the masturbation or sometimes with the application of the wrong sex positions. However, this act may bring a permanent damage to the soft tissues called the corpora cavernosa, the long erectile vessel running through the penis.  And it requires surgery to put everything back in place within 24 hours to prevent further bleeding and damage to the penile shaft. Even a minor tear in the penile shaft may result in pain, curvature, loss of elasticity and even permanent impotency as the erectile chambers tend to get cured with scars.
Based on the researchers, more than a third of men with potency suffer the penile issues. And in most cases, the rupture of penile shaft occurs with women being on the top. So, avoid this alignment during sex with your woman.

Walk it Off

Walk, walk and walk even if it is a holiday or you have a mood swing. Walking is the best form of exercise.  As per the study, men who take a daily walk are more likely to avoid erection problems than sedentary men. A brisk walking or jogging tends to be good for your erectile health. One study recently says that the blood flow increases with the exercise. And it triggers the flow of blood through the endothelial tissues which further helps in stimulation of these cells and thus, producing more nitric oxide-an important compound to cause erections.  It is proved that healthier men are twice as likely to produce more nitric oxide than inactive men and their erections become harder.

Kiss your Mistress goodbye

Do you have so many affairs? Downsize- Your sexual health could be at stake as it can cause poor erections to you and thus, adding to your woes. Sexologists often ask about their patients’ affair while treating their erectile dysfunctions. And this is how it impacts on their social being and make them feel guilty for their behavior. Guilt can turn out to be a downer for you and impact your erection.

Yawn More

Have you ever realized about the connection between yawning and erections? They are both controlled by the same physical mechanisms and a chemical component known as nitric oxide. Once released into the brain, this chemical activates both the parts at the same time. And when it happens; you feel a huge stimulation of your penis. On the other hand, either it charges up neuron, a key chemical compound that causes the mouth opening and breathing or activates the blood in the penile shaft by flowing through the vertebrae.  So, yawn whenever you like and allow your penis to be starved for a higher level of stimuli.

Lose your fat gut

Excessive fat has many negative effects on the health. One of the common health risks of fat is that it results in diabetes. Diabetes can bring lifetime celibacy to your life. Men with high levels of blood sugar tend to develop impotence. And the bad thing is that it affects the penis badly. With dysfunctions of the artery, the blood flow to the penile tissues slows down, making your penis insensitive to any physical stimulation. Hence, it leads to erectile dysfunction.
Prefer a healthy diet to processed food and canned food and incorporate your diet with a good regimen of exercises. Try to gain a good body weight and focus to remove that excess fat around your gut.