Facts about your Penis

It is more than what your eyes see in a penis. None is unaware of those familiar features of penis; there is still something which we do have any insight about. When you do discover beyond its antics, you can get to know about its sensitivity, size, pleasure and other hidden facts about this male genitalia, no matter by which name you call it -dangler, willy, todger or wang. This male genital is an odd-looking sex organ, which lends its great support for the survival of species, contributing to human existence at the same time. We can feel how it plays a proactive role to restore our generations too. While discussing about the penis, we should not forget about its role in the species survival.

Penis, by manifesting its strength of erection, proves its agility and manhood. So, no man can fake this natural phenomenon, which marks a guy’s manly qualities. While penis is so fascinating, it is worth discovering its interesting facts.
Penis Born Out Of Clitoris
This fact is quite intriguing and surprising at the same time. You cannot believe your eyes too. However, this is true. Every penis begins its journey as a clitoris in the womb until the hormones distinguish the brain of the male-to-be. The raphe is the proof of this fact. A thin seam or ridge going underneath the penis from the scrotum to anus has resemblances to its predecessor’s mark as similar as the vaginal lips.

The First Erection In Womb
This is even more an unbelievable fact. The ultrasound is a better answer to this, which shows even a fetus with a full erection. And during exiting the mother’s womb, the babies come out with erections. Many doctors find this erection a hindrance as it interferes with the process of detachment from the umbilical cord.  

As per the study, erections in the womb take place during the time of sleep or random eye movement (RAM). This takes place randomly only to check if the body functions properly.

Monkey Balls For Transplant
During 1920, we did not have Cialis- a medication which corrects erectile dysfunctions and cures impotency. However, the doctors and surgeons of that era have monkey balls to use for restoration of male genital functions. In an attempt to address the issues of impotency, doctors began experimenting with xenotransplantation which involved the process of transplantation using animal testicles like goats, monkeys and other primates. There are some solid evidences which showed that many men opted for transplantations with monkey balls to cure their impotency. However, the process failed to prove its efficacy.

Penises Are Longer Than They Appear
The penis adds to the apprehension for many men for being small in size. However, they are twice as long as you can imagine. If you take the anatomy of a male genital into account, half the length of the penis remains inside of our bodies. It may appear it is useless for you, but it must be attached to your anatomy, and hence it remains adhered to the site of your body.

The penis is sort of a boomerang, which is curved to extend till your pelvic region, appearing as a pink erectile tissue.

Nocturnal Erections
Most men seem to have 3-5 erections during the Random Eye Movement (REM) Sleep as similar as those in utero boys. This phenomenon linked to most men is known as nocturnal penile tumescence. There is no enough evidence for this to happen.  However, one condition that irritates men called as bed-wetting can be prevented by erections as they suppress urination. We can blame full bladder to stimulate the same nerves associated with erections, and trigger the sensation of erections. However, in case of women, the same ground cannot prove effective for them.

Another potential fact about the nocturnal erections is the cells that get turned off during REM. These cells key producer of nonadrenaline compounds inhibit the stimulation of the penis. So, when this inhibition can be prevented, erections become active during the night.

Erections Bid Adieu
This refers to the angel lust or terminal erections, which takes place after death. We do have erections in the womb and during sleep, but this type of erections happens due to a death resulted from an extreme pressure on the brain’s cerebellum region. Scientists believe that any death from hanging, gunshot to the head or poising which affects the brain cellular nerves can result in the final erections in most men.

Penis Can Be Fragile
This is quite surprising as you know there is no bone in the penis. Whatever it is, it still puts you at risk to break your penis while having a vigorous sex. However, most often it occurs due to a fall from the bed with a full erection. And as a result, you tend to damage your corpora cavernosa tissue covering the penis, which becomes erect when having a blood flow to it. The condition of penis fracture is known as penile fracture, which causes an intense pain, and swelling and limpness.

Take a note that ‘woman on top’ is termed as the most dangerous sex position as it occurs most of the cases of penile fracture.

Penises Are Foolish
Since there is no function involved in triggering the sense of ejaculation in men, men do not have any control over their ejaculation. It is a spinal ejaculation generator, which sends a signal for ejaculation. However, the thoughts of delaying the actions are of course controlled by the higher number of brain nerves.

No Correlation Between Flaccid And Erect Penis
We do not have any relations between flaccid and erect penises. A study conducted by the researchers said that a small flaccid penis can grow larger during erection, while even a larger flaccid penis cannot have a larger erection. On the other hand, a very small penis in flaccid can grow in twice as much length as longer penis. So, penis can have all types of length, no matter how longer it is.

Regeneration Of Skin From Foreskin
The reengineering of new skin is possible for burn victims using the circumcised foreskin of infants.