Exercises to Improve Sexual Prowess

Sex is amazing. Not only does it boost your adrenaline, rushing past your heart to foster that orgasmic bliss to you and your partner, it does yield many health benefits as well. Yes, it is true and science has vouched this too. During sex, you are likely to secrete serotonin, a chemical responsible for boosting mood, sleep and also your appetite. At the same time, it releases cortisol hormone to alleviate your stress levels. This is one of the reasons, why you feel relaxed after the enjoyable and steamier session, and fall asleep immediately.
So, isn’t it nice to take it as a great combination of sexercise? Rather than these usual health benefits, you should go for more sex on a regular basis to heighten your sex life with improved moves and functions. Meanwhile, researchers have stated that burning as little as 200 calories a day, helps one improve the erectile functions, and get rid of any further risks of erectile dysfunction.
The only way which can boost your moves and attitudes towards a great sex is the best combination of workout programs. These workouts are not meant for expressing best gym caliber, but to improve your sex athleticism. With a range of workout moves, you are likely to improve your movements and flexibility of muscles in the core regions like spine and hip erector muscles, abdominal muscles and also the glutes. Every training movement and action is designed to bring flexibility and extension to the key muscles linked with sex. In addition, by exercising cardio and strength training, they are likely to help you try different positions during sexual performance, and make your experience even better.
If you are really determined, and want to make a difference in your sex life, this is a must-have for every man.
Learn the best of the best exercise forms to boost your sex life as well as your health.

Don’t frown your eye brows assuming this workout form is meant for girls only. They can be beneficial for men too.
Before you go for this, first learn the technique of interrupting your flow of urination in the bathroom. Doing this help you be acquainted with the pelvic floor muscles. So, when you get to know them, your first goal will be exerting squeezing while performing Kegel, while maintaining the intensity and repeat the number of reps until you become tired. While performing them, you should not hold your breath; instead breathe out while tightening your stomach, buttocks and glutes. Do five second squeezes for 10-20 reps in between each contraction.
The workout is good for improving your erectile dysfunction by improving endurance and strength of the pc muscles.

Upper Body With Plank Pose
The upper body work is the best form to improve the strength of your whole body along with your hands and legs. The longer you can balance your body, the more pleasure you are likely to get from it. You can perform the upper body workout using a plank or Swiss-ball. So, when you unleash your whole body weight on the plank, it helps boost your stamina and endurance in the bedroom. The more you practice, the more powerful strength it provides you with, enabling you to hold on for long during missionary positions or other women-on-top positions. It aims at improving your core so that you can apply a great level of thrust during penetrative sex, and balance your back.
Take a pose with a push-up posture with two hands wide apart at the shoulder length. Assume your body as a wooden plank. Being in that position, draw your whole body with your inner thighs and butt cheeks together down to the ground, and press back with your heels upright. This will flex your feet. Be there for at least for 20 seconds and do it for 2 minutes.
Lower Back Lie Down
This form of workout involves your lower back and abs. Lie down with your feet on the floor. Bring your knees close to your chest and hold them with your hands behind the knees. While there, be in this position for at least 30 seconds. To strengthen your muscles of your glutes and hips, you can repeat it as many times as you like.
This form can be best applied for the sex position like the full-court press, where your girl will rest her legs around your shoulder.  
Hinge Bow
This particular exercise form helps you achieve more sexual athleticism, while improving your hip flexibility to ease your movements and strengthen your leg muscles.
Get a mat and kneel down on it, making a 90 degree angle with your knees. Maintain an upright posture with your back and thighs and remain in a line. Hold onto this position for 2-3 seconds and repeat it if you wish.
This works best for the aerobix, when she arches her back with you kneeling down in front of her upright.

Hip Flexor Lunge
Step forward and bend so as to keep the feet a meter wide apart from your other knee. Extend your pelvis from that position forward until you feel a contraction. Do it for at least 30 seconds and then change the position. This is great for exerting T-bar sex position standing at the edge of the bed, while your partner lying across it.

Lying Gluteal Bridge
Perform this workout for endurance and strength for your glutes and hamstrings. The moves involved in it, helps your muscles engaged in sex to not quit so early.

Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Lift your back, squeezing your glutes off the floor and hold onto this position to form a straight line. Do it for 3 seconds.
This works great for the sex position like the classic carnal and bent over. So, when you stand in front of her, while she lies across the bed, it enables you to exert a great thrust.
Hone these skills to achieve more stamina and vigor for a heightened sex in the bedroom.