Erectile Dysfunction Guide

We often seem to be careless until something happens alarming to us like that of chronic health conditions. And for men, when it pertains to their penis, it turns their world upside down.  When it reaches its extremity with erectile dysfunctions, men cannot live their sexual life to the fullest potential. To be more precise, erectile dysfunctions can be so dreading that it can lead to a permanent impotence and be a growing concern for many families.

What is interesting about this men’s sexual health tragedy is that everything lies in your hands, but you really do very little to improve your erections for better sex. That’s being the reason; you keep avoiding your health and following the indiscipline lifestyle that puts your sexual health at risks.

Despite you know it affects your sexual life, you are careless, and you begin to make efforts when things are adamant to make changes for something good for you.  

Research at Yale University is of the opinion that it is not until erectile dysfunctions change the perspective of your partner about sex with you that you pay heed to this concern.

However, at the very beginning if erection is the biggest hurdle in your complacent sexual life 
and health, there are lots to do with your penis so that it can function properly.

A comprehensive guide regarding erectile dysfunctions could help you with your problem and take an instant measurement to address it so that it does not intervene with your sexual life.
At very first, there is a certain reason why men cannot achieve firm and healthy erections.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?
An inability to achieve and maintain an erection is referred to as erectile dysfunctions. If it happens to you every once in a while, the condition of Erectile Dysfunction is absolutely normal and it can be treated by following a simple and healthy lifestyle.  

However, when Erectile Dysfunction occurs to you on a regular basis and the problem last for at least three months at a stretch to prevent you from achieving a successful penile erection of sufficient rigidity to foster a satisfactory sexual activity; it is a serious Erectile Dysfunction. And it really needs serious medical intervention.

The condition is a highly prevalent disorder, which deteriorates one’s physical and psychosocial well-being as well their quality of life. The grueling experience of the condition also affects their families and partners.

According to the Canadian Study of Erectile Dysfunction, almost 49.4% of Canadian men above 40 years of age suffer this disorder, while 4%-20% of men have moderate to severe erectile dysfunctions as per other sources of studies.
However, irrespective of its prevalence in your life and how often it occurs to you on a daily basis, it tends to put some effects on your sexual relationship, and it raises concerns for your self-esteem too.

Since it is in your hand, there are lots to do with your Erectile Dysfunction. It can yield effective results for you as soon as you talk with your consultant.
Now, why such sexual deformity happens to you, preventing you from having a successful and satisfactory sexual pleasure due to lack of erections?

Reasons You Cannot Get Or Maintain Erections?
The mechanism of erections acts more like foreign car engines or a stock market that fluctuates on their own and remains mysterious, making you vulnerable unknowingly. Upon not achieving it during sex, it becomes dreading and disappointing for you.
You can blame different reasons for Erectile Dysfunction. When there is a blood supply after an arousal to the penis, it makes the penis engorged with blood, and erections happen. However, a narrowed blood vessel of the penis is the major roadblock that does not allow the blood supply to the penis and as a result, erections do not occur. This is the most common feature that happens with older men. And for most cases, the narrowed penile vessel is the leading causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

For younger individuals, it is often the issue of emotional health.  

However, rather than only emotional concerns, there are many health conditions that cause erectile dysfunctions, which are physical too.

Any health condition that could affect the blood vessel is directly linked to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, preventing you from getting an erection. The conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sclerosis can result in Erectile Dysfunction. In fact, an average of 50% of men with diabetes is most likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

For many men, hormonal issues like low testosterone level can contribute to this, especially in older men. Along with it, various medications related to prostate cancer like surgery or radiation may factor in.

Rather than physical, if you get erections in the morning or while sleeping, it is probably for other causes like that of stress, depression and anxiety that contribute to the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction.  

Medicines To Blame for Erectile Dysfunction
Perhaps, you do not pay heed to your medications, but many a time high doses of medications are underlying reasons that cause Erectile Dysfunction. The different blood pressure medicines like that of beta-blockers and anti-depressant do not allow getting an erection.
If you realize that it is your medicines that interfere with your erections, you should talk to your doctor, instead of avoiding them.
Is Age A Factor?
You cannot blame your age for Erectile Dysfunction, but this is more prevalent in older men. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 4% of men in their 50s and 70% of men in their 60s find it difficult to get an erection. Besides, almost half of the men aged about 75 cannot get erections at all.

Lifestyle Affects Your Erectile Dysfunction
Of course, lifestyle is another factor in leading to Erectile Dysfunction.
Being overweight, getting no exercise, smoking and consuming alcohol can all work together to hinder you from getting an erection. They can contribute hugely to prevent the blood flow to cause a healthy erection.

For some men, consuming a little amount of alcohol can help them spike their desires and get an edge during sex. However, too much alcohol may increase your libido, but it affects your performance.

It is relatively important to know the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction so that you can take the right measurement at the right time to avoid its impact on your sexual life. Know them as it helps you determine the causes of likelihood and steps to take to reduce its risk factors.

At some point of time, men do confront this sexual problem, where they cannot get erections and have a successful intercourse. Since, it is more common in older men, younger men also have difficulties achieving erections. However, if it slowly becomes a regular problem, and the condition becomes worse consistently, it is a physical cause, and you need to identify it. There are several ways to identify this condition and make appropriate efforts to enjoy a happy sexual life with your partner, and avoid the chances of permanent impotence.

Many a time, it appears you cannot get erections despite being aroused, but you become hard early in the morning, and even achieve a firmer erection during masturbation, this signals the involvement of your mind. And it is something that could affect you physically too.  
If the condition remains the same even after medication, which you think can ruin your sexual relationship; you can call your doctor.

Don’t overlook the condition of your penis when it becomes painful while getting an erection. This condition is called Peyronie’s diseases, and may lead to Erectile Dysfunctions.
Taking the help of your doctor is definitely a better way to address your issues. That apart, you can follow some important instructions to help with erections and avoid the effects of ED.

Simple Ways To Follow To Avoid Erectile Dysfunctions In Your Future Attempts

It’s Time To Get Rid Of Certain Medicines
The mechanism of an erection and adrenaline rush is opposite to each other, and Sudafed is just the right reaction that of epinephrine- the adrenaline hormone responsible to kill all the desires of arousals. Therefore, while looking for over-the-counter medicines, read the labels carefully so that you avoid Sudafed side-effects.

Besides, medicines like antidepressants, narcotic pain relievers, blood pressure medicines and also antihistamines can make you droop and prevent you from getting an erection. Sometimes, some common cold and flu medicines can act culprits. It is necessary to talk to your doctor if any medication causes you droop to change for a substitution.

Don’t Get Over stressed With Your Office Work At Home
Of course, stress is one of the leading causes of Erectile Dysfunction, but work-related stress makes the condition even worse.  High stress jobs have the most successful men in their 40s and 50s, but these men are twice as likely to fall victim to ED* (Erectile Dysfunction) just because of their job related pressures and stress.  

Men associated with their high demanding jobs do not get spare time amid their works at the office, and hence the anxiety of the work always remain at the highest peak, making them stressed out all through their work, and at the end of the day they don’t have the stamina to play in full-throttle in the bedroom.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Getting enough amount of sleep is important. But, sleep deprivation can choke the strength of your penis badly. Even a few days of sleep deprivation can drop testosterone levels of young men and even healthy guys by at least 10 percent as per the studies from the University of Chicago.
Testosterone can be highly affected by lack of sleep, which is free and not bound by any type of proteins to act on its own, help you with your sexual activity and increase your libido. At the same time, two chemicals like serotonin and dopamine responsible to maintain the health of erections can receive negative effects from lack of sleep.  So, make sure to get a good night’s sleep for at least 6 hours, though 7-8 hours of sleep is definitely important.

Have Control Over Your Booze Addiction
Alcohol can put harsher effects on our erections. A study from the University of Washington proved that men, who had drunk on a regular basis, had put more efforts to get hard, but achieved no results as compared to their counterparts who took little to none.

Alcohol functions quite mysteriously. It does not put any instant effect on your capability of getting hard. But over the time, the practice of heavy drinking can impair your sexual performance. As per the study of the Journal of Sexual Medicines, reformed drunkards were more likely to face ED* than those who did not savor it.
Most of the incidences of bleak sexual performances take place due to heavy drinks, which makes you exhausted and drains you to exert an appropriate effort to become hard.

Therefore, you make sure to take only two drinks, that too at night. This would have less to do with your ED*.

Don’t Devote Your Time To Laptop
You may be well aware that too much heat is not good for your testicles. It kills your testosterone levels and also your sperm counts. While laptops generate too much heat, it is good to limit the use of your laptop.
You know why your testicles are outside your body? That is because the inner part of the body is too warm and the birthplace of sperms is too heat sensitive. Avoid keeping your laptop on your lap as it transfers heat directly to your scrotum and in turn, it can affect your sexual performance.
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment And Care
When this simple strategy does not work, you need something else; more stringent medical supervision likes that of penile implants, ED* surgery, ED* vacuum devices and testosterone replacement therapy.

A penile prosthesis is a treatment that relives the complications of ED*. The surgery implants prosthesis inside your penis to help with erections. It takes only an hour and you can assume your sexual intercourse after 6 weeks.

However, it is not without some risks and safety remains an issue. After the complication arises, you require re-operation due to heavy bleeding, erosion, infections.
Other ED* treatments have too many risks as well. In such situation, you should take into consideration if you should go for any ED* surgery or not.

When everything is out of hand, you have very little to do. But, if you are little careful, you can do a lot to your ED*. Don’t neglect the primary signs, and get an immediate treatment for your ED*.