Enlarge Your Penis Size With The Rotation Stretch

Do you dream of a bigger penis and a stiffer erection? Do you want to blow away the mind of your partner in the bedroom? Do you want to increase your sexual stamina and have a more intense ejaculation? Are you wanting to find out a way to make your sex life more satisfying and pleasurable? And of course, most of you want to find a way that requires less time and few efforts to gain the best results.
Haven’t you always hoped to find a way to achieve an excellent result without spending a buck? It is simple – penis enlargement exercises are made especially for you then! Here a few scientific techniques and exercise regimes that have been devised to make your erections harder and firmer, improve sexual desire and stamina, and increase your penis in length and girth. You can decide what you need and what is most effective for you.

What is the Rotation Stretch?
This is a type of exercise for your penis which you can do with the minimal risk and can give you that extra edge over what you are already. It is a technique of pulling, massaging and stretching your penis in a clockwise or anti-clockwise way without causing any injury to yourself.
For people looking for some penis enlargement without risking any investment or altering the chemical balance in your body, this exercise might just be perfect.

How Does The Rotation Stretch Work?
This method works by pulling your penis outward in a circular direction in a 360-degree fashion. It actually functions by stretching the ligaments and certain muscle fibers in your penis which now hang a little lower than before, thus making it look longer.
For best results, you must apply even pulling force in all direction and consistently 5-6 times in a day for a considerable number of weeks.

How Much Stretching Should I Do A Day?
You should do 20 minutes of stretching every day to make gains in a timely manner. Consistency is the key, here. Don’t skip a day. More often than not, one skipped day turns into two, which turns into a week. After that, most guys simply give up.

How Hard Should I Pull My Penis When Stretching?
The target is to stretch your penis hard enough that the tissues are made tense and stretched but also take care that you do not inflict damage or pain. Finding the perfect midway point comes with experience. At first, gently stretch and pull your penis and gradually try to increase the force of your pulling in a few weeks.

What Should I Feel When Doing Penis Stretching?
While performing this exercise there might be a slight tingling sensation, a sense of itchiness also. If you have any of these happens, you are on the right track. There may also be a little burning sensation which is similar to the extreme heat generated by the tissues and other muscles in your body during the course of an intensive workout.

Most importantly, YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL ANY PAIN. Pain is bad. IF YOU FEEL ANY PAIN, STOP STRETCHING IMMEDIATELY– you are using too much intensity.
The rotation stretch is easier done than it sounds. This is an intense exercise which involves pulling your penis quite strongly in opposite directions and rotating it from around its base. (360°)
This exercise will stretch your penile tissues in all the directions thus helping them to gain more length of a period of time.
Tip: Make sure that you are applying the force equally from all the directions while stretching your penis to 360 degrees. You will able to adjust the grip and pace and make it more suited to yourself slowly as you get used to it.
Bring your penis to its recommended erection level.
Retract your penis’ foreskin. Using your first hand, make a not too hard or not too soft grip on the glans of your penis.
With your second hand, grip your shaft with an OK grip just an inch above its base. Pull your hand and your penis towards the base slowly.
Smoothly move your penis in a 360-degree motion but make sure that you maintain and control the intensity of the double grip.
Release your penis. Alternate hands and then repeat the process for 5 more times.

Benefits that I can expect from this exercise
The most important benefit from this exercise is the increase in the length of your penis with a little increase in girth too. The secret to this exercise is to do it regularly and on a consistent basis if possible. The advantages that can be expected from this exercise-exercise are -
Longer lasting erections
Harder Erections
Last longer in bed
Stronger orgasm
Multiple orgasms
Increase in sex drive
Increase in self-esteem
Increase in confidence
Stronger ejaculation
Increased “distance” in ejaculation stream
Healthier prostate
Better sex with your partner
Better sex for you