Dos and Don'ts When Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

The internet is full of products and supplements that claim to miraculously cure ED and small penis problems. Unfortunately, just 10% of them are actually effective. The rest 90% fail to produce results: some because they are either fake or of cheap quality and others because the users fail to comply with the instructions mentioned on the label. Are you one of those folks who is struggling with poor sex life, depression and embarrassment? Are you planning to take penis enlargement pills to end these problems? Read on to find out how the tablets work…

How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

The penis enlargement capsules contain certain compounds that act like vasodilators. In simpler words, they expand or dilate the penile arteries thus, increasing the blood supply to the penis. The end result is a firm and erect penis. In short, you will experience an extremely powerful erection, the first thing in the morning!
Secondly, they boost the overall testosterone (male sex hormone) production in the body, thereby increasing a man’s libido. The hormones promote frequent and long-lasting erections.
As a combined effect of both the outcomes, you experience an improved erectile performance. However, you must remember that these effects last until the time you are taking the pills. If you want them to last for a longer time, just combine the pills with a healthy lifestyle, nutrition-rich diet, and penile exercises. Take plenty of liquids, such as coconut water, fruit juices, milk and water to make sure that you are hydrated.
If this is your first time, you ought to prepare yourself for the daily ritual! Here are the dos and the don’ts of penis enlargement pills.


Look for a reputed company with real customer testimonials and genuine reviews… There are plenty of well-established companies that manufacture male sex enhancement pills. However, you need to do a proper background check on the companies. Manufacturers that exist in the market for several years may not produce reliable products. If the companies readily publish their company data online and feature genuine testimonials from real buyers, you can try their products.

Check the list of ingredients used in manufacturing the pills… The manufacturers use special herbs and substances that improve penile strength. Most of these herbs are free from side effects, but it can’t say for sure if they may produce an allergic reaction in your body. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly check the list of ingredients present in the pills.
Make sure that the producers preserve the quality of ingredients used. The items shouldn’t just be effective, but present in safe dosages too. Sometimes, the companies don’t publish the manufacturing details on the website. In such cases, the genuine producers have customer service reps that are more than willing to share this information with the customers.

Confirm if the manufacturers have policies that comply with the standards set by relevant authorities…. Every drug, medicine or supplement undergoes strict testing in government-approved labs and complies with the national health standards set by regulatory bodies, just like the FDA in case of America. Products manufactured in safe laboratories, which undergo extensive tests and audits conducted by third parties are usually more reliable than those that don’t follow proper quality checks. Avoid using such products.

Search for a company that offers money-back guarantee…. Honest companies offer a money-back guarantee or a monthly/weekly trial on their products if the customers aren’t satisfied with the results. Those who don’t, are not reliable!

Consult a doctor and consider your health before using a product you haven’t used before… Although there are fewer reports on the adverse effects of penis enlargement pill, yet you should consult a sexologist or doctor before taking a pill. Also, make sure that you aren’t suffering from any disease or health issue like hypertension, diabetes, heart or nervous disorders.

Check the date of manufacturing… Companies selling products online often end up delivering expired supplements from their inventory. Make sure that you read the manufacturing details before using them.

Read info on the recommended dosage… Different brands lay down different instructions on the intake of their products. Some ask you to have their pills thrice a day whereas others ask you to have twice a day. Some would instruct you to have pills after a meal, and some would ask you to have them on an empty stomach. Remember to comply with the guidelines to avoid any unwanted reaction.


Buy products from a manufacturer that is not transparent about their location, background or policies… If you do not know who you are buying a supplement from, you might as well buy it from a trusted, nearby chemist store. It is better to buy penis pills from a friendlier face than a stranger on the street.

Believe fancy languages and phony promises… Companies marketing their supplements as a miracle cure are hard to be trusted upon. It is true that people adopt fancy marketing strategies to promote their products, but at the fundamental level, their claims should be somewhat closer to the reality.

Trust a company that does not provide information on post-processing, storage, and delivery procedures… In addition to production, the manufacturers are expected to follow standard practices and proper hygiene while harvesting ingredients, processing them, storing and delivering the packaged goods. In case they do not supply this vital information, there are odds that the products are adulterated.

Stick to the herbal products… It is always better to opt for an organic product, as herbs have low to zero side effects. All-natural supplements do not influence your health negatively.

Mix your penis enlargement pills with other medicines… If you are already taking vasodilators, hormone treatments, erectile dysfunction medicines or pills that control anxiety or other medical complications, you must avoid taking a penis enlargement tablet with it. Taking so many medicines together can have an unwanted effect on your sexual health.

Little Things that Speed Up the Effects of Penile Supplements…

Jelqing is the most commonly practiced exercise for improving penis health. It not just increases blood circulation down there, but also regulates blood pressure and improves the length and girth of your organ by around 1 to 3 inches. Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? It’s true!
It is a safe and healthy method of prolonging erections, with no special requirements. All you need to do is thoroughly apply a lubricant on the entire length. Coconut oil and petroleum jelly are your best bets! Once your organ is coated with the lubricant, just make an ‘OK’ sign with your hand (the index finger and thumb should join in a circle with the remaining three fingers free).
Pass your organ through you’re the circle until the index finger and the thumb firmly grips at the base. Now, move your hand up the shaft, while applying light pressure, until you stop right before the glans. Repeat this activity as many times as you can for up to 15 minutes. If you do it on a daily basis, you can easily overcome erectile dysfunction and small penis problems.
As long as you choose a high-quality product and diligently follow the instructions, you can accomplish long-term results!