Does Alcohol Affect the Effects of Male Enhancement Pills?

Whisky dick- this is how your penis looks the moment you become heavily drunk and try to make out with your partner. If you have experienced your penis to turn into a weaker and inflexible wand induced by alcohol, no one knows better than you are, how it feels to your girlfriend, when you can do nothing about getting an erection at demand, and get on with her.

It means that even a little amount of alcohol can create a negative impact on the ability to get aroused and get and maintain an erection for a successful penetrative intercourse. While an occasional alcohol consumption can trigger such a terrific consequence, what about the impact of a chronic and persistent alcoholism on the erectile functions?

The performance problems related to the penis has never been new in today’s context; rather the existing phenomenon had its traces a few centuries back as well, and even in the novel ‘Macbeth’, Shakespeare had referenced the penis problem. He was of the opinion that drinking alcohol excites the desires, but it rips apart your strength to perform properly.

Maybe alcohol consumption appears to be a common phenomena all across the world, with chronic and persistent alcohol abuse, you tend to lose all your capabilities to achieve an erection, and perform accordingly to please your partner and yours too.
Hence, there is a correlation between alcohol and sexual performance that may increase the likelihood of relationship breakups.

What is erectile dysfunction and why should you worry about this?
Erectile dysfunction is a condition related to sexual health that prevents men from achieving an erection due to lack of sensation in the penis region caused by an insufficient blood transfusion. 

So, when the penis does not receive an adequate amount of blood flow, the vessel fails to trigger the blood in the shaft of the penis to keep it engorged. Due to the rigidity of the penis muscles, man cannot achieve and maintain an erection. Even if in some cases, men achieve an erection, but could not manage to hold it for a long period to carry on with sexual session.

Most of men at some point of time in their lives experience the impact of erectile dysfunction, but there is a difference between occasional and long-term effects of erectile dysfunctions. The occasional effects of ED are likely to go away with proper medication and robust healthy practice, while chronic one is hard to go, and it requires medical attention for a long period to get over it.  

According to Mayo Clinic, every one in four experience ED in their lives and the disorder is likely to affect younger populations rather than only older people as per the older and popular belief.

Most men older than 40 are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunctions, which wreaks havoc on their sexual lives and prevent them from having a great sexual tryst with their partners.

Erectile dysfunctions can have harsher effects on your sexual life as you cannot achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for a penetrative intercourse. This can turn out to be a huge blow to you that trails you psychologically.

While ED has several causes, alcohol is one of the reasons that aggravates the conditions of erectile functions and ruins your life.

ED and Alcohol
Alcohol dependence can ruin your ability to enjoy your sexual life due to erectile dysfunctions, leading to interpersonal difficulties and stress.

As per epidemiological studies, when you take alcohol in a moderate level, it does not cause you any physical harm, rather it is observed to reduce issues with cardiovascular disorders and mitigate the rate of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Alcohol has some useful properties, including antioxidant, vasorelaxant and antithrombin that increase the volume of nitric oxide and lipoprotein in the blood to improve the cardiovascular health. 

However, chronic and persistent alcoholism is related to trigger sexual dysfunctions, the most common being erectile dysfunctions, loss of sex drive, and premature ejaculation.

When you have difficulties limiting your alcohol consumption, and assume that you can continue this practice and also avoid its effects on erection problems with male enhancement pills, it is certainly not going to help you.  

What effects does alcohol cause on the body? 
Alcohol heavily affects the nervous system function, and cuts back on the connection between the brain and body by blocking the nerve impulses and messaging process. Speech difficulties, mobility difficulties and emotional outbursts happen due to the effects of alcoholism. Along with this, even a small amount of alcohol is powerful to put effects on the nervous system, and cause blurry thinking.

When the alcohol use becomes persistent and chronic, it causes liver scarring, induces high blood pressure and increases the likelihood of some forms of cancer.
Why alcohol slows the functions of libido and hinders from taking in a successful sexual activity
Normally, when the penis is engorged with the blood flow, it triggers an erection. This happens as the vessels in the penis closes and restricts the backflow. This is linked to the normal physical condition without any impact from alcohol. Nonetheless, when you are drunk, alcohol prevents you from executing properly and getting an erection.  At the same time, alcohol does work as an aphrodisiac and triggers a desire for sexual activity, but drains your stamina to execute properly. When alcohol gets into the system, it triggers the nitric oxide induced blood to the penis, but the vessels do not close, and the backflow causes the blood flow to come out of the penis, and restricts the onset of an erection.

Hence, it is like having an erect penis but incapable of penetration due to failure of maintenance for a sufficient period.

In the long term, the continuation of overconsumption of alcohol can ruin your blood vessels including the penis. As a result, you can experience hypertension and heart disease, responsible to raise the risk factors of ED in men.

Effects of alcohol on sexual health
We can say that alcoholism can ruin the persons taking it, and at the same it increases the personal difficulties in the society and increases your distress. ED and other sexual difficulties happen to the alcoholic due to the depressant effects of the alcohol on your system, and of course alcohol related diseases.

Alcohol can cause different sexual disorders that encompass:
Low libido- recurrent and persistent sexual deficiency and low sex drive can be on the rise with an incessant practice of alcoholism, which brings distress and tension to your sexual relationship. Simultaneously, low libido also causes interpersonal issues.

Permanent avoidance of penile performance during sex can trigger distress and rough patches in the relationship.

Problem in erection- no matter if it is persistent or temporary, erection problems prevent you from achieving a successful result, while you fail to maintain it till finishing the sex act.
Orgasms difficulty- alcohol impacts your orgasms as well. Yes, when you are drunk, it prevents you from achieving the climax even though you set yourself to the sexual excitement phase.

Premature ejaculation- it happens to you when you and your partner do not want it to happen too early. But, with no control over this mechanism, you ejaculate as soon as the stimulation takes place.

As per reports, alcohol abuse triggers the incidences of sexual difficulties of varied forms, including the higher rate of impotence among men. Among the various causes of impotence, alcohol abuse is the leading cause that triggers erectile dysfunctions.

It is quite usual for men obsessed with alcoholisms to not achieve an erection occasionally, and it happens every day to them. The prevalence is quite higher when these men take more than three units at a standard level.

According to a study carried by Van Thiel and Lester, 61% of participated in patients experienced sexual dysfunctions at a higher level, the most common types of these phenomena are erectile dysfunctions and low libido or reduced sexual desires.

The broad spectrum of the study focused that all aspects of the sexual responses in human are affected by the alcoholism. Furthermore, it is observed that sexual dysfunctions, the most common being erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive are integral to each other and they coexist with each other.

The effects of alcoholism on the sexual aspects remain for as long as 12 months with a persistent and chronic alcohol practice and the sexual disturbances are characterized by low sex drive, erectile difficulties, and involuntary ejaculation.

While prescription ED pills can work to improve your erection to some length, it in unlikely to work when you combine it with alcoholism.  

There are different types of ED pills that help with erectile dysfunctions such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.  Be mindful that alcohol is an aphrodisiac that excites your romance, but it works only when taken in a moderate proportion. At the same time, male enhancement pills also fail to work unless you maintain moderation in alcohol consumption. 

However, it is reported that alcohol induced sexual dysfunctions can be reversed with abstinence. Yes, it is true. So, are the effects of erectile dysfunctions.
Male enhancement pills and ED 
Although research on male enhancement pills and alcohol is insufficient, it is not clear if there is a link between Viagra and alcohol. Research has failed to prove any adverse effects of male enhancement pills combined with alcohol on erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the risks of alcohol cannot be aggravated by Viagra, and there is also no link between red wine and Viagra that could put ill effects on your health. 

Nonetheless, just because Viagra  has no effects on alcohol consumption and causes no interactions, you can go wild with alcohol abuse while on Viagra. Alcohol itself has adverse effects on sexual health and aggravates the ability of the penis to achieve an erection at demand. 

Can you take male enhancement pills and ED together? 
Viagra is a popular male enhancement pill to help with erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, alcohol causes you to suffer from ED. To some length, alcohol helps recover from anxiety, but it also adds to your woes by affecting your erectile functions. 

Drinking alcohol decreases your ability to achieve an erection as because it lowers the blood flow in the penis, and you fail to get  harder during sex. Simultaneously, like alcohol, Viagra too lowers the blood pressure. According to a few studies, Viagra and alcohol can interact and cause mild to severe side-effects like dizziness, fainting, headaches and even heart palpitation. 
Maybe the side-effects are not that harmful, but drinking alcohol along with Viagra does not improve your performance. 

Be mindful that you must limit the intake of alcohol while on Viagra or any kind of male enhancement pills to get them working. 

And if you do not control your alcohol abuse, it can be counterproductive to taking Viagra, which simply cannot work as expected for your ED health. 

Although it is study specific, the adverse effects of male enhancement pills can worsen while taking it with alcohol. 

How alcohol ruins your sex life
As with many other causes that result in ED, some causes are there that you can control, while others are out of your hand, which you do nothing about that. Nonetheless alcoholism is one of the reasons that you can control and fix your ED issues. However, when you are in a persistent and chronic practice of alcoholism, you are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunctions of various forms like that of erection difficulties and premature ejaculation. It is likely that many men take one or two drinks to accelerate their performance and feel aroused before getting on with their partner. But, whenever, the level of consumption becomes too high, it does not allow you to take control over your action, and you cannot perform as expected.

Get many shades of alcoholism levels that put an effect on your performance behavior.
Moderation is key. Yes, this is true and when you limit your alcoholism to a moderate level, it rarely affects your performance and you can get the best out of your performance.

When you do not follow that moderation path, and take more than the validated amount of alcohol, you tend to experience short-term effects of erectile dysfunctions. The temporary condition is going to stay for a short time, and the feeling is not as same as the true erectile dysfunctions.

During this condition, alcohol works as a depressant on your nervous system, and impairs your psychological functioning to take corrective steps necessary for sexual activities.
It is necessary for your brain, the largest sex organ to receive feedback from the nervous system to get into action. But, when your nervous system is not functioning properly, you fail to perform. 

For the best part, the action is temporary, and you get your feedback from the nervous system once the action of the alcoholism wears off, and you can perform better.

Well, when you become addicted to alcoholism, the effects of alcoholism impact your sex life badly, hinders you from achieving a harder and stronger penis necessary for a penetrative intercourse.

It is true that over time, with an excessive practice of alcoholism, there is a steep drop in testosterone production. With inadequate level of testosterone, your sexual urge reduces and as a result, you fail to get excited. And alcohol induced nerve cells cannot process communication with the brain, and finally with the genitals. 

Due to this, you cannot get and even maintain an erection.

So, when you know that alcohol is damaging your nerves, and hindering you from experiencing erection sufficient for a successful penetration, you must limit your consumption. 

The moderate level is 3 drinks per day and it does not interact with ED pills as well. Maintain this. And if you want male enhancement pills to work, you need to be responsible and limit your consumption.