Do Male Enhancement Pills Cause Back Pain

Everyone is obsessed with a bigger and larger member as they believe the bigger, the better in terms of sexual pleasure and endurance during sexual tryst. This is likely to drive many crazy to try out thousands of male enhancement pills or drugs to enhance or enlarge their genitals. But, sometime bigger can be worse, and the concept of going big can put you in severe health hazards, that may turn out to be  ruining your life.

Thousands of male enhancement products including pills and drugs claiming to make you bigger and larger turn out to be deceptive and illicit and even lethal as per reports by the FDA.
If you look into the market trends, male enhancement pills have become the emerging trend in the current market scenarios, but the U.S Food and Drug Administration has issued public notification against the use of several male enhancement pills and drugs. Despite warming, many manufactures fail to abide by the warning and keep selling their brands on the mainstream retail websites. This is even dangerous as the tainted and illicit products may affect your health largely and cause you life risks.

Why should you not use male enhancement pills?
The FDA has announced that major brands that sell male enhancement pills contain the ‘hidden substance’ that largely is found in the erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The key component is sildenafil citrate, which stimulates the blood flow to the whole parts of the body including the penis and cause an erection. At the same time, it causes dip in the blood pressure and hence individuals suffering low blood pressure should not take Viagra or any other male enhancement pills that contain the key ingredient like sildenafil citrate, verdanafil and tadalafll.

So, if you use this product, you should throw this away right now.
It is quite common for men to use pharmaceutical nitrates to combat the conditions of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease. But, while on Viagra or other tainted natural male enhancement pills, they may aggravate their health situations due to drug interactions.

Reports also suggest that when you consume sildenafil citrate or tadalafil unknowingly, it puts dangerous effects on your blood pressure and drops the pressure sharply, which is deadly.
Some urologists are of the opinion that the drug interaction between sildenafil, tadalafil and pharmaceutical nitrate can cause even death in men.

Further, the drug can even cause heart disease like myocardial infarction if taken without any suggestion from your doctor.

Yet, the online market is over brimmed with such tainted male enhancement products, and men are really keen to buy one for enhanced sexual performances and heightened sexual pleasure.

As long as the drug is meant for people with ED, it is an issue of a different level.  But, men who want to enhance the appearance of their penises, it can appear to be serious issues. Since they are driven by the unsound thinking, they are twice as likely to be an easy prey for these male enhancement manufacturers.

ED Pills including that of male enhancement pills available over the counter or different online markets without a prescription can ease the problems of erectile issues by improving the blood flow to the penis, and cause a firmer and  harder erection sufficient for a penetrative intercourse. 
They also check with involuntary ejaculation and boost sexual performance. Remember the fix is temporary, and they cannot offer long-term results for ED issues.

So many causes contribute to the onset of erectile dysfunctions in men, including physical and psychological. Psychological problems when coupled with underlying medical condition are tough to be easily addressed, while physical problems resulting in erectile dysfunctions can be treated with easy medications of ED pills.

The key ED pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra contain active ingredients like sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil respectively. These are prescription drugs and work as a catalyst to boost an erection in men. They actually work their way up to increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood, which acts like a vasodilator. NO dilates the blood flow to let in more blood to pass through the veins and travel to the penis faster, and thereby causing an erection once you are sexually aroused. Be remembered that no ED pills or male enhancement pill can work until you are sexually aroused.

However, not even prescription ED pills are safe to health as they are linked to causing mild to severe side-effects.
Side-effects linked to ED Pills

The most common sign of side-effect with all kind of ED pills is headache. This certainly happens due to the sudden increase of the nitric oxide in the blood stream after you consume ED pill. ED pills of all types no matter what its brand is can aggravate your headaches.
When nitric oxide increases in the blood stream due to the application of ED pill, it can cause you dizziness. Although, it is of mild level, it can interfere with your daily activities and cause 
discomfort. Sometimes, dizziness can result in fainting, which can turn out to be a serious issue.

Digestive issues
ED pills are more likely to cause digestive problems, and sometimes the condition can worsen when you develop diarrhea. In order to reduce its side-effects, you can take plenty of water and make dietary changes to get yourself adjusted to the chemical construct of the pills.
More often ED pills can go drastic when lower back pain along with muscle pain all throughout the body occurs to you.  

Body Aches And Lower Back Pain
All prescription ED pills can cause mild to severe back pain, but the aggravation is higher with Cialis. Cialis is known for causing back pain and muscle pain to an extreme level that can interfere with your daily activities and also affect your sexual activity.

Why Cialis Causes Back pain?
The key cause of back pain is due to cialis for PDE5 inhibition. The PDE5 enzyme actually does not allow soft muscle tissues to get harder and keep and maintain an erection. But, as ED pills restrict the actions of PDE5 inhibitor and dilates the blood vessels in the penis to cause an erection, it affects muscles and cause back pain too.

A clinical trial involving tadalafil found in Cialis was conducted to find out if it triggers back pain or myalgia.  It is observed that the symptoms of back pain occur 12-24 hours after the first dosing. However, this complication seems to wear off in the next 48 hours.
As soon as the tadalafil medication gets absorbed into the system, back pain and myalgia appear to be severe, yet the severity of the pain depends on the tenacity of the victim.
When the pain occurs, it affects the lower part of the body largely and causes discomfort along the both sides of the lower back, gluteal region, thighs, and also either side of the spinal region.

During the tadalafil clinical pharmacology trials, the participated patients aged about 70 and above with ED were given various degrees of tadalafil doses; say 10 mg and 20 mg. Other patients were given placebo controlled tadalafil treatments. The study showed that 9.45% of the patients that received 10 mg of ED pill were diagnosed with back pain or myalgia, while 8.3% of the patients treated with tadalafil of 20 mg also reported to have back pain, and overall the incidence of back pain was reported infrequently. However, the traces of back pain were already there.

Further observation of the study showed that patients treated with tadalafil did develop certain degree of back pain or myalgia, and there was no associated link with underlying medical conditions.

The study was conducted using positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Many trial patients also left the trial midway due to an extreme back pain.
The study reported that mild to severe back pain caused due to tadalafil can be suppressed using acetaminophane or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, even though the condition of back pain is self controlling and limiting. Hence, if you stop the use of Cialis or any ED pills concentrated with tadalafil, you can restrict its side-effects.
Non prescription Male Enhancement Pills
Since prescription pills cause different types of side-effects, sexual male enhancement product manufacturers are touting to produce all natural products with herbal ingredients like horny goat weed, maca, ginseng, DHEA, and fenugreek, and claim them to be safe for health as well as effective for sexual health. However, most of the male enhancement pills are supposedly made with the key active ingredients in prescription drugs like sildenafil, tadalafil, and verdanafil, which are PDE5 inhibitors. Since PDE5 inhibitors impact the blood circulation process, it can lower the blood pressure. Therefore, people with several health conditions like heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure taking these enhancement pills unknowingly, can increase their chances of life-threatening risks.

Side-Effects So- Called Natural Male Enhancement Pills Cause
The famous NBA player Lamar Odom collapsed while visiting a brothel in Nevada back in 2015. He was allegedly using some degree of male sexual enhancement. Later it was revealed that Odom used supplements namely Reload 72- hour strong and Libimax.

Now, it raises concerns for many who want to use these sexual enhancement pills to boost their libido and enhance performance capabilities.

This is not just about only theses two brands, thousands of brands touted to enhance libido, enhance performance and endurance contain the tainted and illicit active ingredient of ED pills. 

So, every time you pop a pill of all natural herbal Viagra, it is getting you through the dangers of life threatening situations.

Alongside, the male enhancements do not work like prescribed drug to improve erectile functions and avoid premature ejaculation, the key functions of Viagra and other ED pills.

Why Male Enhancement Pill Do not Work?
Viagra and many of the prescribed ED pills work as they contain the higher amount of doses, which is effective in ED. However, the other male enhancement pills or supplementary products do not even contain the standard dose of medication; hence you are likely to miss the most important ingredient to influence your ED issues and other sexual dysfunctions.
In addition to this, many of the male enhancement pills or drugs contain the hidden ingredients and active ingredients found in ED pills, pose a huge risk to life silently.

More often, it is found that erectile dysfunction drug can interact with different kind of medications like nitroglycerine, an effective medication to treat heart disease and chest problems.  

The use of such drug is highly prevalent among older men, seeking to treat their erectile dysfunctions, and at the same time, these older populations take nitroglycerine to keep their heart health and cholesterol level in checks.

While we already know that Viagra can even wreck havoc on your blood pressure and cause lower blood pressure, hence taking two medications together can be life-threatening.

You must know that prescription drug like Viagra can also trigger serious complications like heart attack despite being highly regulated by the FDA. Therefore, any over the counter male enhancement pills that contain the higher doses of such ingredients found in ED pills can be risky if you take them in larger doses in order to boost your performances.
In such case, consumers must have skeptical approach about what the manufacturers are saying about their products and if they work or not. Many of the product makers claim their products work as low as 30 minutes, which is a big lie in contrast to prescription ED drug like Viagra or Cialis that get working in 30-40 minutes.

If Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?
According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, no male enhancement pills or supplements have ever worked to improve erectile dysfunctions and other sexual dysfunctions.

Robust testing and research is unlikely to be carried out before the male enhancement pills are being launched into the market, like prescription drugs of ED to prove their efficacy and safety. 

Hence, it is tough to ascertain if these pills work or not. At the same time, the male enhancement makers never disclose any suggestion and risk factors like drug integrations on the label the way prescription ED pill do. And not knowing their health hazards, thousands of men tend to fall prey into their trap and put their life at risks. The prevalence is higher as these products touted to be all natural and herbal, and hence consumers think these products will be safe to use.

However, every time you take any of the male enhancement pills, the danger actually lurks into them. Be careful and take every measure decisively to determine if you really need them or you find an alternative way that does not cause any harm to your life.