Condom Sizes: The Right Fit For You

One of the best and safest methods of having sex is doing so with a condom. A condom will help stop sexual diseases to transfer from one body to another and it also helps in unwanted pregnancies by not allowing any of the sperm to be released. Condoms are one of the world's most used safe sex method.
Since condoms were introduced to the world approximately around 80% of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) have been eliminated from being spread. Condoms are easily available to purchase from most supermarkets and every medical store.

Safe Sex Or Pleasure?
Although Condoms are common everywhere, people don't tend to use them as much though. A lot of men aren't comfortable with the idea of wearing a condom and they also don't seem to like the way it feels and say that condoms inhibit their pleasure and ruins sex for them. While on the other hand, women tend to seem to really like it when a man wears a condom. Women say they love the feeling of a condom and that it also subconsciously gives them the confidence to go forward with sex because they know they are protected.

Condoms come in a lot of different varieties. They range from color to material to design. Some condoms are very colorful rather than the standard white glassy color. Some companies have even brought out flavored condoms to spice things up in the bed and some condoms have different designs on them like being ribbed or dotted for some extra pleasure.

Do Condoms Ruin Sexual Pleasure?
A lot of men around the world find this statement to be true and agree with it as well. They believe that the material around the condom doesn't allow for the proper stimulation of the nerves on the penis, inhibiting pleasure. This can be sort of true of the material is a little loose and is not skin tight.

The main problem men decide that condoms inhibit pleasure, is because they tend to buy condoms that are too big for them. When a condom is too big for the penis, it will be loose and can also cause some irritation and you won't be able to get the most pleasure from participating in sexual activities. Some men might also buy condoms that are smaller for them and this is a big problem because of the fact, that they could easily tear and break making the condom pretty useless.
Most men tend to buy condoms that are a bigger size than the one intended for them because they overestimate themselves and they could also be worried about what other people will think when they see them purchase a smaller size of the condom.

XL condom sizes are for a very few set of people in the world, around 10% of the world’s population can only fit into Xl sized condoms.  Yet still, more than 40% of men go into a pharmacy and ask for XL sized condoms.

Finding Your Size
Getting a perfect size and fit for you, there will need to be some trial and error experiments to be conducted. DIfferent condom companies can have different sizes for common sizes. For example, a condom from one particular company could have a medium-sized condom that might almost be the same size as a small sized condom from another company. Each different company sizes might differ from each other by around 2 to 4 inches.

Condom sizes are normally measured by the girth of the penis rather than the length of a penis. Now in order to find the measurement of the girth of your penis. First, you will need to get a measuring tape and after that, once you are able to gain a full erection use the measuring tape wrap it around the penis and observe where the measuring tape reaches itself again. Just a reminder that condoms that are sold in the USA are under FDA rules and regulations, which means that all standard condoms start a minimum size of 47mm. So if your girth size is less than 4 inches than even a condom that is small will be loose for you.

The best option is to always start with a smaller size condom and work your way gradually towards different sizes from there. Do try small sizes from a variety of different brands too. As long as the condom is not too tight and is snugly fit then it should be perfect.

Different Materials of Condoms
Latex is probably one of the most common condom materials and the most easily available one you can purchase. Latex is very good as it can stretch to almost 800 times the original size. And it allows for a very tight stick.

Unfortunately, there are people who are allergic to latex and that can be very harmful to them if they use a condom made from latex. For these people there are other two materials that are very similar to latex, one is polyurethane; these condoms are very thin compared to latex and they are a little bit more rigid so sticks very well to the penis. The other type of material is Polyisoprene; these condoms are a lot stretchier than polyurethane and gives a more natural feel.

There is one more type of condom which is called lambskin condoms. These are very natural condoms and are made from the membrane that lines the inside of a lambs intestines. The only problem with these condoms is that they cannot prevent the passing on of STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Be Extra Large
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