Can you Masturbate Too Much

There is one thing common between every man, in which they have expertise- masturbation. Every guy is obsessed with this erotic and sensual sex act to suppress their sexual hunger. With so many years of hands-on experience, you think there is nothing much to know about this secret act. Yes, we can term it secret act as none of us want to share the experience of self-pleasure act with anyone or do it in the public.
It is so common, but still we avoid its discussion, and keep performing it stealthily. We do it only to explore our sexuality and please our sexual needs, which is indeed a part of our development. And masturbation provides that resource for us to relive that heavenly delight through self-satisfaction method.

While there is no bar for us from practicing this, the question is how much is too much. Or do you become too obsessed to exercise it to transcend the limits? This remains a huge concern as you do not know where you need to draw the line. Most guys find this as a fun and healthy activity, while some guys experience problems due to this, which interferes with their lives. So, when you realize, it does interfere with your quality of life, makes you ponder too much over it, you should immediately cut back on it.
If you have developed a routine to make it a point to do it every week or more often, it is time to consider stopping it.
Actually, you cannot have an exact number to perform this solo sex act as long as it does not reap you any ill-effects. However, there is a certain category and age of men who practice this as a part of their life.

As per a survey in 2009, about 27% of 30-39 year-old men perform masturbation quite a few times a month.
If there is no issue at all in your life due to masturbation, it does not mean you cannot develop any complications later. Simultaneously, you must know if it does not cause you any problems, there are some soundproof reasons why you should not perform it most often.

Health Benefits Overlooked
Not every orgasm is same. There are numerous studies that have shown the health benefits linked to orgasm through intercourse like pain management, prostate health, and healthy blood pressure.
You may think both the processes advocate for the same outcome- ejaculation, then why should not you get the benefit. There is not a very distinct answer to this; your physical response seems to react differently to the solo sex act, which is manifested clearly by the different makeup of semen. So, masturbate does not seem to offer any health benefits to you as you think it does.

Masturbation Does Pose Some Risks
Masturbation is considered the safest form of sex as it does not pose any health risks like STDs or any concerns like pregnancy. However, there are some risks of low impact health issues like skin irritations. More serious issues like penile fracture can occur due to an extreme pressure on the penis. And sometimes, a vigorous masturbation can contribute to the condition, in which it appears like eggplant, which requires a surgery.
While masturbate is rarely good for you, it interferes with your life too.  Find those physical and psychological signs as warning to put an end to this practice for the sake of your health.

Your Productivity Plummets
Maybe, you skip meeting your friends on the weekends, or you are late to the office meetings, all because you have been busy to pleasure yourself in the washroom.
It is time to notice that if your addiction to masturbation creates a hurdle to your work, social life and have sex with your partner, take expert consultations or manage your routine.

You Succumb To Injuries
Stroking contributes to build up too much pressure on the penile shaft, resulting in a skin chafing and more serious issue like Peyronie’s disease. You invite injuries to yourself through excessive masturbation practice. So, when you realize you end up hurting yourself, you should curtail your habit immediately.

Your Sex Life Is At Stake
Some guys performing too much masturbation are used to some specific kind of hand movements or stimuli to achieve their orgasms, say hand movements as shown in porn movies.

When you practice to satisfy yourself using those hand movements every time, it prepares your brain this way to respond to only those movements while getting off. As a result, when you have your partner to sex with, you find it difficult to get off easily as you cannot achieve erection properly at first. It creates a real trouble in your sex life with your partner, and hence you should consult your doctor.

It Is On Your Mind Every Time
It hovers over your mind whenever you are awake. You wake up early to do it. When you are sitting idle, you crave for those porn scenes.
All the time, you want to just watch porn videos sitting on a couch.
If you are always haunted by this, and always find ways to satisfy yourself with masturbation, you can be sure that these are really a serious problem.

Things To Do About Your Problem
It is certainly not unhealthy for you if you are a serious and an expert masturbator. Simultaneously, when you find it is harmful for you, you must treat it. There are two ways through which you can protect yourself. You should stay away from it completely at least for a few days. Or adopt a different routine by restricting your limits of masturbating. For say, do it only at night.
On the other hand, if you do not want to leave this activity to relish the solo orgasm, it can be a part of your life without causing you any harm. But, you need to set a routine for this, and you need to adhere to this. However, if you find you cannot follow this routine, you need to see a doctor as it can result in more serious psychological issue.
Make sure it does not interfere with your real sex life with your partner. As long as it does not raise any concern, you are free to do this.