Can Male Enhancement Pills Cause Infertility?

The Apocalypse of humanhood-yes, this narrative may sound too much unsettling, but the way the scenarios of infertility are hurtling towards this fanciful fate, the days are not long enough to make the doomsday happen to mankind. Infertility in men is on the rise, and this is not something which is very new and uncommon to the people of the western world.  

Couples do know about this, but they are less apprehensive about their crisis. This is what is projected by the scientists enough to make them childless and the western world a barren place with no cradles for new babies.

A study published in 2017, by the scientists of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem suggested that the sperm count of men in the West have been down by more than half in the last forty years, and is measured to be decreasing by an average of 1.4% per year. So, don’t you think that data is a clear indication of the extinction of humanity in the near future to some extent?

Although it is a chilling and alarming revelation, as per the reports of the Jerusalem study, it is only western peoples, who are on the verge of facing this crisis as opposed to individuals in developing countries.

Even though alarming for western countries, the report may appear to be a disaster for everyone. But, the thing is what triggers the drop in the sperm count, and what is there for this male infertility crisis to treat?

Despite this apocalyptic warning, many scientists out there dismissed this statement, as they believe this may be a social or biological crisis in the society.
For some researchers, this is nothing new as there have been more than 100 studies on men’s reproductive health, and many have had positive reactions onto it. However, for some scientists, this is an analysis, which needs serious wake-up call and a more effective research work into it.

The warning alarms have been long set by the World Health Organization as well, and they are of the opinion that it is due to ignorance of people about the sperm counts in men, which was also supported by the UK Medical Research Council.
Now, it is time to discover what research has said about male infertility and its connected woes for baby making?

Infertility In A Broader Spectrum
If we see it with a deeper concern, it will throw light on the dark side to our incapability of child producing techniques.
Infertility and reproduction failure have long been associated with a social stigma as well as a serious clinical problem through the ages, affecting as many as 8-12% couples worldwide.

Of all the cases of infertility, men are twice as likely to be affected by infertility by 40-50%, while 2% of the male infertility factor is due to poor sperm production. So, for male infertility, the key reasons could be pointed at the poor concentration of sperm and poor sperm mobilization. While this reproduction issue is looming large among the urban people, it is time why it is so precarious for the existence of human being?

What Is Infertility?
Infertility is a condition pertaining at socio-economic and psychological level, leading to extreme stress and mental distress and trauma due to failure of procreation abilities. As the problem is highly prevalent in the urban cities, it is a matter of concern for many. And the World Health Organization and International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology went to define this physical inability as a disease of the reproductive system that hinders one to achieve the clinical pregnancy even after an indulgence of regular unprotected sexual intercourse for a long period of 12 months. In another way, infertility is defined by these organizations as a failure of couples to conceive despite a successful sexual intercourse for 12 months without any use of birth control by women aged less than 35 years, or at a stretch for six months without any contraception by women aged more than 35 years.

Infertility Across The World
There is no certain data that indicates an exact figure regarding the prevalence of the global infertility. However, an estimated of more than 72.4 million couples are facing the problems of infertility. Whereas the data available from WHO, as many as 60-80 million couples are experiencing this global curse of a childless future.

However, the degree of infertility varies across all regions of the world, and it appears that even more fertile regions are suffering from the inability of procreation.

In a recent time, this concern seems to affect more and more couples, while 10% of couples in the United States are on the verge of loss of infertility despite engaging in unprotected sex for over months. Surprisingly, the fertility rate in younger men has dramatically decreased by 15% worldwide.  

Whereas male infertility is concerned, it is defined as men’s inability to trigger pregnancy in fertile women. Due to poor concentration of sperm counts and poor motility rate of the sperms in the tube is considered as the key cause of male infertility. While it is due to sperm counts, the quality of semen along with semen deficiency factor in male infertility is also to blame for.
What Are The Symptoms Of Male Infertility?
The signs of male infertility are quite unclear as opposed to female counterparts. And it is not noticeable until they plan to father a child.
The signs of male infertility depend on the various factors like:

  • Changes in libido
  • Changes in hair growth
  • Problems with erections and ejaculation
  • Pain and swelling in the testicles
  • Tiny and hard testicles 
When these signs are at rife, and despite your continued attempts to trigger pregnancy fail, it is time to see your doctor.
What Causes Male Infertility?
As with many factors contributing to male infertility, the matter in question is- can male enhancement pill lead to infertility in men?
You may wonder why all of a sudden this male enhancement pill is questionable as a reason to trigger male infertility.
Male Enhancement Pills
We all know that male enhancement pills are touted to be promoted as a greater enhancer of sexual activity with improved erections to foster a successful and pleasurable climax.

As per the skewed data and unsolicited narratives of the promotions, these male enhancement products are multitasking as they enhance the degree of pleasure, along with resulting in firmer erections and making the duration of sexual activity longer for you.

The rate of illegal and counterfeit dietary supplements for male enhancement, so called as intimacy pills is expected to be flourishing speedily. With the global market for such intimacy products both over-the-counter, prescription and online retails making big bucks, it is estimated at $84.3 million during the period of July2016- July-2017 as per the reports from market research. Surprisingly, male enhancement pills or supplements earned $77.7 million from the sales alone during that period. That estimated data are enough to gauge how men are addicted to boost their sexual performance, and also heighten the pleasures of their activities. Much to your surprises, the $37 billion enhancement supplement is barely regulated. It is genuinely increasing your risks of health concerns.

While prescription enhancement pills like Viagra and its various generic versions are meant to treat erectile dysfunctions, they are not without any side-effects. Even though they are a prescription drug, and many over-the-counter counterfeit drugs promise to offer the same benefits, they come with the risks of side-effects. Now, the question if the risks of male enhancement pills amount to male infertility too.

Maybe yes. It is not hidden to any of us that even prescription male enhancement drug like 

Viagra contribute to mild to severe headaches, chest pain, blurred vision and definitely fertility.

This is something, which is hard to believe, but a study way back in 2005 proved that men who took Viagra to improve their erectile dysfunctions and sexual performances were exposed to male infertility badly with lower sperm counts and concentration.
Male Enhancement Pills and Infertility
The study concluded in a report in the journal of ‘Fertility and Sterility’ that consumption of sildenafil, a generic term of Viagra is well equipped to increase the motility of the sperm to trigger fertilization, but gradually it tends to destroy sperm acrosome reaction.

The study was concentrated to find out its side-effects on the sperm functions since sildenafil is marketed to improve erectile dysfunctions in men with fertility issues coupled with different health complications like erectile dysfunctions, psychological issues, hormone imbalance, libido complications and also abnormality in genitalia.

The study collected semen sample from 57 men aged between 26 to 42 years, who were receiving the treatment of infertility at the Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast. The infertility condition of these participated men was studied using their semen.

It was discovered that the participated men already had low motility of sperms at the time of participating. Based on the capabilities of egg fertilization, semen was divided into two groups. The first one was enriched with potential fertilization capabilities, whereas the second one had fewer egg fertilization capabilities. Now, the sperm motility had been observed after the administration of sildenafil citrate for three hours.

Results Of The Study
Both the samples were successful to trigger the motility of sperms under the influence of Viagra within 15-135minutes of administration of Viagra. However, Viagra was found to be increasing the rate of acrosome-reacted sperm by 22.1% and 16.6% in both the groups respectively.

Acrosome is a layer situated on the head of the sperm. It is filled with enzyme that fosters the fertilization of egg by breaking the outer layer of the sperm. However, if acrosome reaction takes place much earlier, it does not allow penetrating the outer layer of the egg and causing fertilization.

The same study was carried out on different types of prescription erectile dysfunction drugs with that of Viagra with the similar components like cialis, and levitra.

The study further showed that infertility or sperm count treated with these drugs cause irreversible health effects.

The reactive oxygen species (ROS) are necessary for survival mechanisms and normal physical cellular functions at low levels. However, this mechanism is restricted by the chemical reactions of Viagra compositions. Upon hindering these two key physical functions, they also affect the growth of an embryo and normal sperm function at low concentration.

Further explanation of the study showed that this type of male enhancement drugs is highly dangerous for blastocysts, and also the embryo development at the early stage after the administration. Hence, this medication is likely to trigger miscarriage.

Concerns Of The Lead Researchers
The harsh effects of Viagra are a key concern for researchers of the study. As per stats, as much as 1 billion of doses of Viagra were distributed among 23 million men, which also included men with reproductive age during that period. The key objective of this prescription drug was to boost their sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction.
Therefore, the study is quite robust to address the ineffectiveness of male enhancement pills and do cause infertility in men.

At the same time, a study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham carried out another study on testosterone supplement, a type of male enhancement pill. As per the study, this male enhancement pill is also linked to fostering infertility in men. More and more people used this supplement as a way to cure their fatigue, boost their stamina to increase their flagging libido. 

The problem with this supplement is that it affected even those who didn’t need them. According to the study co-author, it is a preventable cause of infertility in men, who try to spike their sexual activity. It was proved that testosterone is linked to creating problems for many, who wanted to father their own child.

The study report had been limited to Kansas and Alabama only, but the effects of testosterone are contributing to a higher rate of infertility in men all across the world. And further, it is recommended by the study senior author to not take any testosterone supplements until men have their own biological kids.

Although a few studies prove the involvement of male enhancement pills in men’s infertility, it is subject to a few numbers of robust researches to prove its validity. However, if there is such an alarming warning like this, we need to be careful about the use of male enhancement pills.

So, after knowing the facts about male enhancement pills is linked to causing infertility in men, what should be your first step if suggested to take them? You must talk to your doctor regarding this and never prefer taking the pills.

There are many ways including lifestyle changes, treating different ailments and other underlying conditions to treat your fertility health issues leading to infertility. Try to follow a healthy and nutritious diet to ward off the chances of poor sperm count. Be healthy and stay sexually fit to enjoy your sexual life and become fertile without the use of male enhancement pills. They would definitely pay off.