Can Male Enhancement Pills Cause Headaches

What do you do to boost our sexual performances and improve our penile functions when hit by erectile dysfunction? Basically, we tend to follow the path of self-medicating and find solutions from over-the-counter retail outlets. This leads us to a wide range of product choices that sell as male enhancement pills. The over-the-counter male enhancement pills and even prescription drugs result in adverse side-effects with the most common being headaches.

Generally, what we understand by headache is not different from that of headache triggered due to the use of sildenafil citrate pills or over-the-counter sexual enhancement pills.

To be more specific about the feeling of the headache, it is pain in any of the region of the head. 

When you have the onset of the headache, it may stick to only one region, or may surface to the entire region of the head. Sometimes, it is region specific and surrounds to one side or sometimes both the side of the head.

The feeling of the headache is quite shrill and sometimes, the pain gets worse when it turns to be dull for you.
The persistency of the pain and its penetration depends on the physical built of the patients. If you experience it, it is likely to disappear within a day or may take less than hours to ward off.

The headache is generally of two types- primary and secondary.
Remember, headaches do not always result from any underlying illnesses and wave at any serious health issues.

The primary headache results from overactivity of the pain sensitivity regions of your head and sometimes, the chemical activity of the brain including blood vessels or nerve systems in the brain contributes to the headache.

Among different types of headaches, the most common is migraine, cluster headache and tension headache.

On the other hand, secondary headache is a type of disease, which activates the pain sensitive nerves in the head and triggers the pain. This type of pain is so severe, which is very rare to go easily with medication like that of primary headache. There are various causes that lead to secondary head, with the most possible reasons being high blood pressure, meningitis, hangovers, dehydration, brain tumor, and brain aneurysm and so on.

As far as sildenafil citrate infused headache is concerned, it relates to the primary headache type.

Headaches And Male Enhancement Pills
Till today, it is less known that sildenafil citrate the key component of the prescription male enhancement drug of Viagra or anything of that sort is linked to cluster headaches with normal and usual headache being the most common side-effect of male enhancement drugs.

Any type of male enhancement drug or pill like that of Viagra, Levitra, sildenafil citrate, and vardenafil work as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, which suppresses the effects of PDE5 inhibitor and helps avoid erectile dysfunctions.
The process of penile erection is quite complex as opposed to how you assume it. When you are sexually aroused, the male enhancement drug inhibits the mechanisms of PDE5 inhibitions, and increases the concentration of plasma GMP in the blood, that soothes the muscles beneath the penis known as corpus cavernosum. This results in an extreme pressure due to the blood flow to the penis and helps ease the process of the penile erection.

A study published during 2014 was carried out to prove the effects of sildenafil citrate to find out if it triggers the onset of a cluster headache and migraine. The study observed a man about 62 years of age who suffered from a severe cluster headache, which is a lesser known fact associated with many of the effects of male enhancement drugs.

In addition to this, it was reported that about 25% of men with ED prescribed with sildenafil citrate or other PDE5 inhibitors experience the most common side-effects of male enhancement pills the headache.

The study reported that the most common adverse effect of the sildenafil citrate is a headache, which is nearly about 25.4% among the patients who use this drug. At the same time, the occurrence of headache is associated with the amount of dosages.

Types Of Headaches That Male Enhancement Pills Such Sildenafil Citrate Cause
When you take sildenafil citrate instilled male enhancement pills, the headache it causes is of migraine type. Furthermore, with the constant use of this drug, headache becomes persistent which manifests in cluster headache bouts and last for as long as seven days. However, the chronic one lasts for even months, if not years. With sildenafil citrate, the experience of headache is quite different from usual headache, which triggers recurrent headache bouts with remission throughout the week, months and even years.
The study also suggests that the higher the amount of the dosage of the drug, the more gruesome is the feeling of the headache.

Why Male Enhancement Pills Cause Headaches? ‘
It is not unknown that any type of male enhancement pills work as a vasodilator, hence they increase the rate of nitric oxide in the blood system and dilate the blood vessel so as to facilitate the blood flow evenly all through the penile region. Simultaneously, all the PDE5 inhibitors work to increase the blood flow in the other organs and tissues of the body, and due to the increased level of nitric oxide headaches occur.  Studies till date prove that headache is very common with any type of PDE5i, especially with Viagra or sildenafil citrate.
The persistency of the headache is so chronic that it does not let you do your chore for what you are taking it right before the key sexual acts.

Cluster Headache And Male Enhancement Pills
A rare case of cluster headache bouts was reported by a man about 62 years of age.
This man had been experiencing a cluster headache ever since he had started using Viagra at the age of 40.

This rare case of headache was quite disturbing for the man, who suffered redness and tearing of the right eye during the occurrence of the headache. The headache was located at one side of the right head and became quite dull as the pain became stabbing. For him, the headache was so unbearable, which was sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The dominance of the sildenafil citrate was to blame to trigger these physical conditions in the patient, which was likely to stay for as long as 1.5 hours or 2 hours, and sometimes more than this time frame.  It was reported that the man experienced the cluster headache for 4 months long during each year. However, he was relieved by a pain reliever medicine known as verapamil of 240 mg daily. With the follow up treatment, he complained of no more harsher experiences of the headache.
In the study, it was observed that as long as the man took sildenafil citrate of various doses to keep his erectile dysfunction of intermittent mild type in check, he experienced a cluster headache. During the clinical trial, he was prescribed with sildenafil citrate 50 mg. He suffered the bouts of cluster headache thirty minutes post the administration of the pill. The observation of the headache was as similar as he had experienced during his medication period of ED. And the headache lasted for 30-60 minutes. The next day, he repeated the same dose of sildenafil citrate pill, and experienced the same bouts of cluster headache, but he did not look out for any medical help to get rid of this pain. However, after wards he stopped using sildenafil tablet, but the occurrence of the headache was highly noticeable with bouts of cluster headaches periodically. And it lasted for thirty to forty minutes coupled by few attacks of a chronic cluster headache.

Once the man was prescribed with a low dose of ED pill of another chemical substance like that of vardenafil of 5 mg on demand along with a daily dose of naproxen and verapamil combined, he experienced relief from the cluster headache bouts.
The study proved that sildenafil citrate instilled ED pills do cause headaches. In addition to this, many over- the -counter male enhancement pills also contain contaminated or illicit traces of these substances. Hence, male enhancement pills and other prescription ED pills can raise your risks of headaches, which can become chronic if not treated with an instant care.
Nonetheless, there are ways you can try to curb the adverse effects of ED pills and improve your sexual performances.

Ways To Reduce Headaches While Taking Male Enhancement Pills
It is usual that you want to use prescription male enhancement pills to increase your strength to help aid an erection and avoid premature ejaculation so that you can take part in the full length of sexual intercourse from erection to orgasms.
However, as soon as you take Viagra, if headache persists, you need to be careful and take some precautionary measures, or else it can lead to serious health complications such as stroke, tumor and blood clot in the brain.
However, there is no such study that has ever proved that Viagra or any other generic forms of male enhancement pills cause severe headaches that trigger blood clot and stroke.
Well, you can take some steps to ward off headaches to some extent while taking Viagra and other likes of vardenafil, levitra and many.
Reduce The Dosage Of Viagra
Headache is the most common side-effect of Viagra, and it becomes persistent with the regular use of Viagra. In such case, you can talk to your doctor regarding its dosages, which range from 25mg to 50mg to 100mg.
Work with your doctor which dosage is effective in helping you achieve an erection and avoid headache. Generally, the dose of 50 mg is found to cause no severe headache and at the same time it helps reach your goal.
Every time, you seem to increase the dose of the drug in an attempt to double your satisfaction level, it increases your chances to trigger a mild to severe headache. This is sometimes coupled by other physical complications like dizziness and sleep deprivation. In such case, you need to talk with your doctor regarding the exact amount of dosages.

Eat Properly To Avoid Headaches
You need an adequate number of calories to adjust your system to the drug absorption at least three hours prior to taking the drug. At the same time, you must keep it in mind that you need to eat properly to avoid any interaction with the drug. A gap of three hours between the drug and your meal is best to help the medicine work fully and help you perform properly.
And if you avoid meals and your stomach remains empty for long hours, the drug may trigger headache.

Avoid alcohol
The male enhancement pill cannot help you with erectile function unless you avoid alcohol. And if you take alcohol and Viagra together, it causes hangover and takes away your strength to perform properly, at the same time the action of the drug cannot be effective.

Drink Plenty Of Water
Drinking plenty of water after consuming the prescription drug is effective in reducing the occurrences of the headache. The reason is Viagra or any other male enhancement drug works as a diuretic, and hence it takes excessive water from the body and causes mild dehydration.  So forget not to take plenty of water while you take Viagra.

Take painkillers to reduce the effects of Viagra
While you are on Viagra, you should take a pain reliever, which is easily available over- the -counter. Take it when you take the male enhancement pill, and forget not to take it every four to six hours afterward to reduce the likelihood of a headache. Make sure to take maximum dose so that you can stay pain free until the next day.
The hand-on notes with experiences post consumption of the drug helps you detect the onset of headaches. So, you can be careful and find ways to avoid it while you are on Viagra and other male enhancement pills.