Can Different Diets Help With Erectile Dysfunction

A well nourished diet is always beneficial to promote overall health, including psychological, physical and sexual health. In case of prostate health, a well balanced diet plays a significant role to keep it in checks too. In this context, it is justified to say that an improved dietary choice is essential to maintain erectile functions and its health.

So far, we have very limited numbers of studies to establish a relationship between dietary plans and erectile dysfunction. The notion is based on the effects of diets infused with red meat, low fiber, high saturated fat and inadequate numbers of fresh vegetables and fruits. It is true that consumption of this type of diet is highly linked to increasing the health risks including the erectile dysfunctions.

On the contrary, a well nourished and balanced diet with a steady flow of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, fibers, whole grains and rich in antioxidants contribute to the promotion of good health as well as ensures the nitric oxide enriched blood flow to the penis, and improves the erection capabilities.  

At the same time, when we make sure to take more foods enriched with essential minerals, vitamin C and E, folic acid, they stimulate the pathways to encourage and induce the production of nitric oxide, necessary for erectile functions.

Another key element and nutrient that induces the flow of nitric oxide is omega-3 fatty acid enriched diet. This compound is effective in stimulating the endothelium to trigger the release of nitric oxide, and encourages the functions of erection. Hence, It is essential to curb the intake of such foods that impacts the production of nitric oxide and hinders the process of erection.  
When you limit the intake of sugar, carbohydrate and fatty acids, it generally promotes your erectile health, and helps you maintain an erection during sex.

Let’s find out different types of diet that actually works for erectile health and promotes overall sexual health by curbing the effects of erectile dysfunctions.
In addition to this, to ascertain the onset of erectile dysfunctions in men, different researches have been undertaken over several periods. In order to avoid its prevalence, it is useful to keep a check with the ability to maintain an erection during intercourse, body weight, and intake of caffeine and smoking habits every four year.

Based on these parameters, a study was taken back in 1986 to collect data about the food choices and its relation to the erectile performances of participated men aged about 40-50. The details of the study were published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study discovered that men used to take flavonoid rich foods on a regular basis like that of flavanones, flavones and anthocyanins were less likely to have the risks of erectile dysfunctions as compared to those who did not. The rich source of these essential compounds is strawberries, red wine, apples, blueberries, and citrus fruits, which are popularly available in the U.S, and hence they can easily contribute to maintain your erectile health.

The overall observation of the study reported that men had 14% reduced risks of developing ED with a higher consistency of overall fruit intake, while men taking foods with flavanoid and anthocyanin resources had 10%s reduced chances of erectile dysfunctions. The study revealed that diet with proper sources rich fruits, vegetables and nutrients are capable of curbing the effects of erectile dysfunctions in older men, especially in younger men. Henceforth, it is better going the natural way to stay healthy and safe without seeking help from chemically enhanced products like ED pills and supplements.

Studies validating the efficacy of diets on erectile health
A study conducted during the year 2004, and published in the Journal of The American Medical Association, highlighted the effects of a well nourished diet on the erectile health. In order to get an accurate results and findings of the study, the study divided the participated men into two groups, while both the groups accommodated obese men with erectile dysfunction. First group were told to maintain a healthy diet along with a robust workout regimen, and the other group referred to as control group were told to follow the normal lifestyle.

The researchers examined the groups over the periods of two years, and they observed that men who changed their diet and followed a good exercise were twice more likely to improve their erectile function than the control group.
In addition, the men following the diet observed a good improvement in the overall body mass index as well as control over their cholesterol levels.
In context of the diet impacting the results of erectile dysfunctions, Mediterranean diet has been observed to offer good consequences to erectile functions. Over many years, subsequent studies have been undertaken to evaluate its efficacy on erectile dysfunction.

Mediterranean diet and its effects on the erectile dysfunction
The Mediterranean diet, which has always been associated to promote the heart health and reduce cancer risks, is now reported to improve the erectile dysfunction, and help with an erection for a satisfied sexual life.

According to reports from John Hopkins Medicine, about 52% of men aging between 40 and 70 years experience some sort of erectile dysfunction in their lives.

Another report by the University of Athens claimed the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet and to help with ED. The study observed 660 men at an average of 67 years of old and noticed improvement of ED health with an effective Mediterranean diet that included fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil and nuts and legumes. Furthermore, it was observed that only 1/5th of the total number of the participated men had ED as compared to the rest number of the participants.

The full report of the study is yet to be published but it has been presented in a conference in Munich to elaborate on its benefits.
How it helps
Since the Mediterranean diet includes a higher amount of olive oil, it keeps the penis health in checks by promoting the healthy blood flow to the vessels in the penis, and ensures the occurrence of an erection.

At the same time, the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in older age can be reduced by up to 40% with a consistent follow up with olive oil rich diet like the Mediterranean diet. Hence, with age, you no longer will need to be reliant on the prescription ED pill like Viagra to curb the risks of ED. In addition, the diet urges you to maintain a fine balance between all the necessary food servings in order to maximize the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.  

Make sure to have nine tablespoon of olive oil with six pieces of fruits of any kind, two servings of bean, three serving of fish, and 13 servings of vegetables. This is necessary to maintain the goodness of the Mediterranean diet and help with erectile dysfunction.

How The Mediterranean Diet Helps?
However, as per the experts, drenching your food with lots of olive oil does not help you prevent the adverse effects of ED. At the same time, experts are of the opinion that olive oil cannot be a preventative solution or hundred percent cure for ED.

Adding olive oil to your food and making yourself busy with sedentary lifestyle with no workout at all is not a proper way out to combat the effects of erectile dysfunctions. You need to be more proactive and take robust measurements in order to get this diet work to help with erectile dysfunction.

Make sure when you follow the Mediterranean diet, you maintain a healthier lifestyle combined with a robust exercise regimen. This will only help you with impotence, and the diet alone cannot help you achieve your goal.

The deeper observation suggests a good level of improvement of cardiovascular health too with the Mediterranean diet enriched with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, what works for heart health, the same process works to improve your erection as well. The heart becomes healthier due to the right amount of blood flow to the arteries and vessels, and the same techniques of the blood supply keeps the penis engorged sufficient to keep and maintain an erection.

Studies also prove that excessive weight can put negative effects on the erectile health. With the Mediterranean diet, you can lose a few pounds, and maintain a healthy weight. It is suggested to reduce as much as 20% of body weight of your total body weight to make this diet help you with erection problem.
Studies that proved the efficiency of the Mediterranean diet
In 2010, an elaborate study on the dietary factors of the Mediterranean diet and Erectile dysfunction was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The authors of the study suggested that that any diet, which in enriched with fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains, nuts but fewer numbers of red meat, processed foods and processed grains is ideal to promote the prostate health as well as erectile functions.

In a subsequent study, the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet was studied over erectile dysfunction. The study highlighted the efficiency of the diet in comparison of 100 men with erectile dysfunction to 100 men without ED. It was to observe the adherence to the diet coupled by physical activities under some risks factors like high blood pressure, body weight, BMI, chronic alcohol practice and sedentary lifestyle.

The study was successful to establish different aspects of the observation regarding the diet. It concluded that fresh fruits and vegetables and high amount of monounsaturated fat and saturated fat were an accurate measurement technique to trace the onset of erectile dysfunction in men, and dietary factor could contribute to it at large. .

Henceforth, anyone who opts for a healthy diet can benefit from it and avoid the risk factors associated with ED.

Another study involving the benefits of the Mediterranean diet was conducted to prove adherence to the diet by men with ED alongside type 2 diabetes.

The study had 555 participants, all of them had type 2 diabetes which is a key underlying medical health condition contributing to ED.

The adherence capabilities were adjudged with a parameter such as the presence of the condition for more than six months but less than 10 years, and to understand the efficacy of the diet on the patients, a scoring method from 0-9 was used.

Men with better scoring points between 6 and 9 were adjudged better performers to follow the diet with consistency and persistency, and found to have improved their ED better than men with poor scoring points. At last the study proved that even the existence of type 2 diabetes cannot aggravate the conditions of ED and impair the functions of the sexual activity if a better adherence to the Mediterranean diet is maintained thoroughly, and hence the onset of erectile dysfunctions can easily be avoided.

Hence, we can say that diet plays an important role to promote the ED health. And if you fail to follow a healthy diet, you can damage your own ED health, and run the risks of developing erectile dysfunctions and experience a poor performance in bed.

You can get to know about some of the unhealthy dietary choices that kill your erection performance as well as your libido and lead you to experience an unsatisfied sexual life. There are some of the poor diets that affect your ED health.

You need a lot of stamina and endurance to perform in the bedroom, but when you take bad diet, it kills your performance ability.

Eating lots of sugar and unhealthy fat can result in aggravation of the ED health, and in this regard obese men are twice as likely to suffer from ED problems and performance problems due to low testosterone levels.

At the same time, when you take a few sips of caffeinated drinks from coffee, it is a performance killer. It clogs your cardiovascular arteries and degrades the blood circulation to the penis, hence no erection takes place.

Be aware of your erectile health and limit the consumption of unhealthy diet.
The more you get mindful about your diet and adopt a healthy diet, the more you are likely to get benefits from it and improve your erection performance and avoid erection difficulties.