Can Consuming Too Much Caffeine Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

So you have had Coke with snacks and plenty of coffee at work. In short, your burly body has lots of caffeine to process. You are all prepped up for work, brimming with extra energy, but then, you hear rumors that too much caffeine can cause problems downstairs! Is your love for coffee killing your sex life? Well, yes and no! Let us not kill the suspense yet. Read on to know how caffeine consumption affects erectile dysfunction…
Men usually experience trouble getting an erection. Though this is a temporary problem, quite common in old age, if it continues, you may have been suffering from erectile dysfunction. In a survey conducted in the United States, it was found that ED affects about 30 million men. Surprisingly, the numbers continue to grow!

The male penis does not operate in a vacuum. What we are trying to say is lifestyle, diet and the surrounding environment play a huge role in a man’s health. Sexual health, in particular, is greatly affected by the lack of nutrients in our diet and overconsumption of particular foods and beverages, such as sodas, alcohol and soft drinks.

If you are so not much of a morning person who daily rushes to his office at 8 o’clock sharp, your day must start with 1-2 cups of tea or coffee, with a few occasional extras that add to the list as the day drags on. Despite extensive research, the experts did not find any direct link between a man’s daily caffeine consumption and poor performance on bed. If you are averaging 8 cups of coffee or tea every day, your erection will not kick the bucket. However, it is not safe to assume that caffeine cannot affect erectile health.
You need to understand the primary cause behind ED in order to establish the connection between your food habits and sexual health.

What is ED and How does it Affect Male Libido?

Males get a boner due to physical or emotional stimulation by the central nervous system. The brain sends signals to increase blood circulation to the penis. The muscles in your organ relax to accept more blood. The blood forcefully rushes within the penis, making it firm and erect thus leading to an erection. Anything that disrupts blood circulation in the penis, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, fragile heart or malnutrition may cause erectile dysfunction. Invasive procedures, such as surgery for cancer of the colon, bladder, or prostate may also lead to ED.

Most of the folks are unaware of the causative agents. They believe that the older Joes are vulnerable to erectile disorders. On the contrary, the younger ones are just as prone to the disorder as the senior folks.
As per the outcomes of a study conducted by the Health Science Center, University of Texas (Houston), caffeine keeps you up in more than just one way. In other words, daily caffeine consumption reduces the likelihood of developing ED. So after having multiple cups of coffee, you end up sporting a big boner! During research, the scholars discovered that men over 20 years of age who consumed at least 2 to 3 cups of coffee on a daily basis did not experience erectile dysfunction, compared to men who avoided the stimulant.

According to Dr. David Lopes (P.H, M.P.H) and the head of the study, the caffeine/ED link was strongest in overweight guys, though it differently affects various weight groups. Co-author and M.D. Run Wang, caffeine possesses properties similar to sex drugs like Viagra. Both the stimulants trigger a series of activities inside the body which causes the arteries in the male penis to dilate. Relaxation of blood vessels leads to increase in blood circulation—which is the causative agent behind a strong erection.

In another study, it was found that men who consume up to 375 mg of caffeine every day are less likely to report ED than the folks who don’t. Though the data for this research came from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the results seem inherently biased. More pieces of evidence are needed to confirm this point.
According to the nutritionists, this trend holds true among obese, overweight or hypertensive males. However, it may cause issues in the case of diabetes and other health conditions.

What is the Truth Behind These Researches?

Caffeine, in reality, works as a vasoconstrictor. Drinking coffee over the years can cause the blood vessels to constrict. As a result, the consumer develops heart diseases and hypertension. Both diseases cause erectile dysfunction. In simpler words, caffeine won’t cause you to lose the erection, but it would cause dysfunction in a roundabout way.

Drinking plenty of coffee per day may seem an attractive solution for a few people, but one shouldn’t take coffee prior to having sex. One must hold off on the evening beverage if there is a high chance of you getting laid afterward. The best solution to this problem would be if you drink a caffeinated beverage at least five to six hours ahead of the bedtime. In short, it all comes down to correct timing! When you decide to have a caffeinated beverage directly affects the outcomes it would have down there.

If you take just the right amount of caffeine, it would outweigh the side-effects. Both tea and coffee contain an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and maintain good health. They trim down the components that cause damage to the blood vessels.

Besides including caffeinated beverage in your lifestyle, you also need to make positive alterations to your diet and lifestyle for the best health.
There are many factors that collectively contribute to erectile dysfunction. You can easily avoid medications and treatments if you make little changes in the following aspects.

1) Reduce Smoking and Alcohol Consumption
If you smoke or drink, this would be the best time to quit. Limit alcohol and nicotine consumption for some time to see if it helps. You may seek medical help if you are struggling with a substance abuse problem.

2) Check your Weight
If you are obese or slightly overweight, you need to change your dietary habits. Take plenty of nutrient-rich foods, such as bananas, spinach, tomatoes, ginger, and watermelon etc. Avoid foods having low nutritional value. Simultaneously, add physical activities to your daily routine. Consult a dietician and a weight trainer for guidance on how to shed weight in a safe manner.
On a positive note, consuming caffeine before you hit the gym may boost testosterone levels, which ultimately helps you exercise more efficiently. This will speed up your weight loss goals."

3) Keep Tabs on what You Drink
Ideally, an average Indian male must have approximately 85 to 170 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis. Space out your coffee breaks evenly throughout the day. Cut back on other caffeinated items like sugary soft drinks. It will positively influence the blood vessels in your body. If your blood vessels are okay, your erection is safe.

4) Avoid Stress
Seek psychological counseling if you feel that stress and anxiety are affecting your lifestyle.
In short, it is safe to say that caffeine does your body good. Unless you are taking it in more than the required amounts, you won’t experience any side effects, like headaches, insomnia, palpitations, and anxiety. Avoid taking caffeine pills or powder as they are potentially harmful unless they are specifically recommended by the doctor.
If you still continue to have erectile dysfunction, you can consult your doctor for treatment.