A Guide to Sex With your Ex Girlfriends

Maybe, you have moved on in your life, and there is no time to look back once again, while you are busy with your new girlfriend. However, as you live in a cramped city, on off the chances, you stumble over your ex every now and then. The days spent with her felt luscious while making out with her, keep coming back into your minds, after your eyes make a contact with her every time you pass by her. Sometimes, you make sure to bump into her in a bar or on social media to keep a check on her so that you can have that essence of the allurement of her. You do not want to admit it because of your current relationship status though, you love to recall that graphic details of your love making. The oomph sounds that she made, the submission on her face, and how she looked in bare-it-all attire. It is just too tempting to try the whole thing once again.
However, there is still something, which hinders you from venturing on it, considering how would she react since you broke out of the relationship.
If confusions are there, and you are not sure, have it from the licensed clinical psychologists, who are of the opinion that going at it with your ex once again is nothing more than reliving those exciting and kinkiest sex with so much of perks in the act. It is as familiar as satisfying for you while bonding over with your ex.

It also advocates for having sex with your ex, if you are yet to be in a relationship, but still finding ways to satiate your sexual needs. To fulfill your demand, it is likely that you meet your friends’ friends at a party or remain busy on the online dating channels; though it becomes boring after some exciting sessions are over. At the same time, in the long process, if you cannot have a string sex everyday you are looking for through your connections; it may turn out to be an expensive and a time-consuming process. In the end, you will get nothing but fraught, and anxiety, while trying to make a successful session with a new one in the line. But, bonding over with your ex with this purpose rather than getting away with some stranger, the whole process will remain safe, and also there will be no more hard work to play safe. That’s because connecting with your ex does not follow those barriers as involved with a new relationship such as incompatibility, lack of confidence, and also embarrassment. And when you know the things to turn her on and also she knows the same, you will have no more confusion.  

So, while rekindling old relationship with your ex girlfriend, it makes sure you get more sex and of course how more often you want.
But, approaching her all over again takes some tactics and adeptness from you, which needs a strong degree of practice. Here go the tips to approach your ex.

Do Not Call Her
When you cut off from your ex, you are allowed to do anything but call her. If you do it, it sends a wrong signal to her, and she supposedly thinks you are still interested in her, except some sexual advances. So, if you think the connection is once again going to work, bump into her or let her call you. And considering your intentions to get intimate with her depends on the random opportunities.

Let the time to eclipse Years
When you are once again considering connecting with her for sexual advances, think what made you part your ways from her. Wait for only a few months, it has been a mutual break-up. However, it was for emotional scarring, it is better to wait for a longer time. Chances are still there to end up bedding with her, but do not open just yet about your intentions.

Have A Clear Approach About Your Intentions
Since, women are emotional beings and so crafty, you must take an assertive approach to respect her emotional feelings and social strata. For many, it is a mutual agreement to find sexual solace from your ex, but it takes tougher stands to manipulate or even change her thoughts about this. Make sure to build that understanding between you, convince her that you are going to maintain it only for some fun. She on the other hand, will accept it as a pure bliss of eternal gift.

Do Not Share Any Stuff About Relationship
Remember, women are sensitive and delicate creatures. So, even a small amount of old day’s memories of your relationship has a spark to rekindle a new hope through reconciliation. Do not try to involve any of those traces in your communication and stick to only those sexual memoirs.

Sex Is The Ultimate
If you are seeing her once again, make sure you are doing it only for the sex. So, stick to only your stance about having sex only.

Set An End Date
When you are into it, make sure to have an end date so that you cannot revive that old flame into her, and encourage her to take things seriously.
It happens due to a secretion of chemicals in the brain after sex, and she takes things seriously. So, be aware of it and if you notice something like that cut if off.

Get Everything Under Your Grip
While making out with her, rely on your terms only. Let her know that that you are seeing someone else too. So, this helps, send her driving away from your place quickly. Don’t pay heed to her calls when you have meetings with your buddies. If you do so, it increases her expectations towards you. Reject her request.
On the other hand, it is better to make an arrangement at her place.
Get the fullest potential while making out with her. But, keep it casual and honest, and in the end you can have a hot sex with your ex.